The Peril of Magnificent Love – Emma Magenta


“A small girl called Magenta seeks love with a three-eared bunny and pursues a course to win him. Much to her chagrin she discovers the path is fraught with illusion and disillusion. Perhaps dancing will help?”


When I first read this book it was about a year or two ago and I was in the middle of a not very interesting class at college. A girl I knew pulled out this book saying she bought it over the weekend, and soon enough a small group of us gathered around to read what looked like a very cute picture book.

The Peril Of Magnificent Love follows a young girl named Magenta as she tries to get the attention of a three eared bunny she’s in love with. Sounds pretty sweet, no? It’s 100% sweet but it’s also completely surprising.

At just under 100 pages the story is simple but the language is beautiful and lyrical. The illustrations are childlike but completely clever and at times metaphorical. The characters are ADORABLE, in particular Magenta’s favorite tree which she decided to leave behind to pursue her magnificent love. But love, Magenta soon finds out, isn’t always as it seems and sometimes we see people only how we want to not for what they are.

Even though I first read it so long ago, I had to get a copy for myself. The Peril of Magnificent Love will sneak into your heart with its childlike illustrations but it’s very grown up message about the love that’s around you that we don’t always see and the love you need to find within you. If you’ve ever been deceived in love by one too many ‘foxes’ then you’ll definitely appreciate this.

I loved this book more than I can express and I can’t help but smile every time I see it on my shelf.

Pages: 96
Publication Date: October 2004
Publisher: Random House
Challenge: n/a
Rating: [rating:4]

Teaser quote: “Overcome by these new delights, she made an invocation of gratitude to the supreme deity for creating a situation where her biggest love,
deepest secrets
and superb eccentricities
were soon to be understood by a perfect other.”


*Look out for other books by Emma Magenta which are similar in style – The Gorgeous Sense of Hope (which I bought the other day, loved it) and The Origin of Lament.

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