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July 28, 2009 posted by Nikki

A Great and Terrible Beauty Movie SQUASHED!

Author Libba Bray announced this week that all negotiations for a movie adaptation of her popular novel, A Great and Terrible Beauty, are now officially canceled. Libba wrote a very detailed explanation about the reasons why on her blog.

Click here for more information.

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  • Honestly, I am a little bit relieved. I’ve seen movies that destroy the book, and I fear this would be another.

    • Omg that is my favorite book ever and I rely want them to make the movie!!!!!!!

  • I was looking forward to the movie, as I loved the book so much but I agree with Malissa A., it would be a book that a movie could ruin.

  • Ok, well i think that they are making a HUGE mistake in not making A Great and Terrible Beauty into a movie. It is also one of my favorite books! If Twilight was so successful, i think that AG&TB would be too– it would raise recognition for both the movie and the book!!

  • i completely agree with kathryn. twilight was an amazing book and i thought the movie would be horrible but its really not that bad. all 3 of the books should be made into movies. i think people would love the movie and that would make them read the book, too. i think not making this movie wasnt a very good move. a great and terrible beauty and rebel angels are my 2 favorite books!! (i just started a sweet far thing but im sure i will be hooked!) -a big thank you to libba bray for writing such perfect books!!

  • No movie could be as good as the real thing (books) but I anm still so disapointed I can imagine how the movie would be!!
    At least we have the booksto cherish forever and ever! They’re some of my favourite and Libba Bray is an awesome author like u say Frankie- she is awesome!!

  • Are you sure its off? On, they haven’t said anything about it being cancled. It says that AGATB movie is still on

  • well i think they’re stupid not to make a movie out of A Grat and Terrible Beauty….it would’ve been better than twilight….they coiuld’ve done alot with it

  • I’m kinda depressed, i had seen the mini video thing from barns and nobles for the sweet far thing and i was like OMG it looks really good. and now i find out the movie has been crushed, bit of a let down. =( but on the up side at least they wont totally rip it apart like twilight.

  • TWILIGHT WAS A HORRIBLE BOOK!! The writing was childish, the author and editor are terrible at their jobs, and the idea that it could be compared to AGTB is ridiculous! I do wish they would make it into a movie, as long as they don’t butcher it.

  • Hey, if you type in “A Great and Terrible Beauty” on google, and click on the IMDB link, it says it is in pre-production for 2010 now. There is no cast listed as of yet, but there is a screen-writer and director. I’m not sure if this is for real or not, but it’s been updated, and I would love it if anyone had any info on this!


  • I was really hoping to see a movie and I think that they are making a HUGE mistake by not giving it a chance. It’s their loss; they are the ones losing money on it. One of the best books i’ve ever read. :) Libba Bray is my role model.

  • I found this series digging through a pile at a vintage/used bookstore. Disgruntled as I waited for my slow boyfriend as he picked through books on geeky video tech. I begrudgingly said, this one looked interesting, payed for it, and walked it home. This series doesn’t compare to Twilight. The character’s are more colorful, the relationships within them deeper, and the magic of the fantastical dip of another world into a historical commonplace is thrilling to my imagination.
    I thought Twilight was horribly done as a movie although somewhat entertaining to read (I said somewhat….The Host was so much better). I think placed on the big screen it was not something I wanted anyone to show me. The story of the two lover’s was too personal. None of the character’s could measure up to my imagination.
    I think A Great and Terrible Beauty would be a beautiful cinematic experiance and I dearly wish a talented person with a sprawling imagination would pick it up and READ IT!!

  • i love this book so much i how they make the movie

  • I agree and really wait for the movie! Althought I’m too afraid to read the 3rd book when Kartik will die by sacrifice himself to save Gemma. That’s a tragedy :'(

  • I cried the night I finished the 3rd book and went to school crying the next day. My friends thought I was crazy for crying over a book till they read it and cried for days as well. LOVE AGATB!

  • Just finished 3rd book last night, i didn’t get into any other book nearly as much as i got into these, i cried when i finished it and i really wish they would make it a movie, i believe i would like it more than the twilight sagas shockingly, i liked these books more than twilight too. i just wish i could see what i saw in my head on a screen. it would make me very happy =)

  • I was really hoping there would be a movie. i’ve read the books so many times just waiting for the movie. I’m really dissappointed but i guess it’s ok cuz movies are ruining books now.

  • The new update of the AGATB movie on is that it will be out in 2013. Hopefully it has been un-squashed!

  • I think making a movie would be a great idea! The Twilight Saga movies were so butched, I would rather read the whole books over again then be tortured. The good thing about making a movie out of a novel is being able to visualize the characters and places we readers imagine in our minds. If a movie is to be made of this book, it has to be developed with a careful, open, creative mind. I can not stand to see another book made into a movie ruined by money crazed producers and cash tainted authors, whether one likes to admit it or not money changes a lot of things. There has to be a way this movie can be beautifully made!

  • i picked this book up one day bored at school when i was told i needed a book for my english class never have i been so into a book it sparked my imagination and i was excited the next day when i checked out the next book in the trilogy i couldnt put it down i got in trouble in all my classes because i wouldnt stop reading it. i was sad when i read the last book and so terribly wanted more i could see the cheracters and feel there emotions with out seeing them it would be a shame if it was not as great as my mind had imagined it to be if the characters didnt look as i pictured them. But at the same time i would love a movie because it would give me a chance to see the storie in a different way not just read the words but actually see and hear them. if in the future they make this wonderful trillogy into a book i will be the first in line to see it, and probably also re-read the books to refresh my memorie.

  • I have only read 2/3 of the books and am looking forward to reading it today if I can find it in my library… 😉 Wish me luck, more like Gemma. And does the third book REALLY end it? Should there be a 4th book? What do you guys think?


    • I Deffinetly Thing There Should Be A 4th Book.! :)

  • This Sucked Cuz The MOvie Sucked And It Conpletely Destryed The Book.!
    I Liked The Book Wayyyyyyy More And I Was Sad After Watching The Movie

    • the movies out. blah. im gonna watch it anyway. 😀

  • i think movies like the twilight saga and harry potter were successful, and some people don’t like to read and would rather watch the movie. so either way you read the book you don’t it’s gonna get publicity beacause sometimes the book is better but really it’s in your own personal choice…

  • i feel whether the film will wreck the book is entirely up to the actors/actresses the director,producer the script…the book was a great sucess maybe the film will be one too…

  • I really wish they would continue and make this into a movie. I loved this book, it was so very powerful and for once the main girl character wasn’t perfect. Gemma is very flawed, and so is Kartik. But thats what makes them so perfect together. The movie would be a success, because unlike Steph Meyer, i don’t think Libba would take crap and let them mess up her book. libba is very outspoken and i think she would have had a lot of say so. The twilight books were a lot better than the movie! AG&TB should continue and be made into a movie! I will never give up hope that it wont.

  • I loved this book and I would have been happy to see it as a movie. A lot of comparison has been going on on this post. People are comparing AG&TB to Twilight. They are both great books and Twilight was a fair movie. It is not the adaption or the simple fact that it was made into a movie that made all of the book lovers practically hate it, it was people’s reaction to it. Twilight Book Lovers were all saying it’s going to be bad, lets not see it. Other people got sucked in by the great story that it is and others were sucked in by the cast. It was the people sucked in by the cast that went around screaming that they love Twilight and buying posters of the fake “Edward Cullen”. As long as they make Kartik ugly, there won’t be that problem!! But that is impossible, Kartik is beautiful (in my mind) 😉

  • i read all 3 books and they are amazing, mind blowing, the story line is like no other, there are many other great books out there written by some of the world’s best authors but libba bray’s great and terrible beauty, rebel’s angel and a sweet far thing were just genius…i am not a judgmental reader saying what sucks over the next, i love good writing and good is good, great is great, and such are these book, do have patience ms bray the right producer, the right moment this will be made into 1 of the greatest movies ever made….i love the trailers< please do not let them turn your hard work into another wasted movie, do chose kirtik and ann well, i wish you the best of luck from the bottom of my heart


    • relli dat wld be awesome

  • luv dis book

  • I still haven’t read this book but it’s on my list! That’s disappointing they didn’t go through with it though. But I’m excited to see a lot of YA books being optioned these days. Say what you want about Twilight but those movies opened doors for more YA books being turned into movies.

  • I want this book to become a movie. It will eventually because hollywood always gets what it wants. I personally believe this would make a great movie if casted properly.

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