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August 22, 2009 posted by Stephanie

The Mortal Instruments Movie — OFFICIAL

Yup, you read correctly, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare has been optioned for a movie. Cassandra Clare announced the news today at the Bryant Park Event with other news as well– a 4th The Mortal Instrument book; this time it’s about Simon. Read more at the mundiesource twitter page:

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  • OMG!!!! i cant believe there’s going to be a movie. Oh god, please, Cassandra Clare, choose an experienced director and producer, or it’ll turn out like the twilight and eragon movie, which btw, is so much more crap than the book. and to think the books were soooo good. a complexed book like the mortal istruments, twilight and eragon, should be made by experienced movie dirctors, producers and actors. please, please, please dont make that mistake!! no offense, but such a great book shouldn’t be made into a crap movie. i really, really hope that wont happen.

    • agreed but i wish they could make it almost exactly like the books and not miss out really good bits like they missed out the creature bit in harry potter!!!

    • I think it said its going to be “optioned” for a movie so its not 4 sure. But they really should i love the books and just got the 4th.They really r wonderful. but The twilight books are way better than movies so please dont judge them by the movies.And have you heard another great series the hunger games are becoming a movie but they picked horrible actors. But i really hope they start picking good actors and directors for movies that r books. also i do sgree that it should be exaclty like the books for all movies that have books first. because all the books are 90% better than the soon to be movies.exibit A: twilight p.s look at my blog about books up top :)

    • I LOOVE hunger games, twilight, and mortal instruments ๐Ÿ˜€ And I can’t wait until all the movies!!!

    • I really hope this movie turns out good and btw eragon was not a bad movie:)

    • the eargon movie was so much shit. they killed the razac in the movie and that movie was based on the first book. in the books they dont kill the razac till the third book.

    • Actually, the Twilight movies were amazing. Probably my favorite movies next to Harry Potter. Also, I’m pretty sure this movie is going to probably be amazing as well considering the awesome story line thanks to Cassandra Clare. So please don’t hate on the Twilight movies. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are pretty much a bad ass Bella and Edward.

    • Twilight was done really well. Stupid hater.

    • Twilight Is shitfest. sorry/

    • Twilight is just as cool and brilliant as the Mortal Instruments

    • Im super excited for the movie to come out but I would have loved it if Alex Pettyfer played jace, Jamie cambel Brower is a great actor but its not the role i would like to see him play, i would prefer if he played sabiastian.

    • alex pettyfer is just soo hot don’t ruin the movie because of Jamie Cambel Bower, he was okay for Camelot but not the Mortal Instruments.

    • me either i am so i’m love with these books!!!!

    • ๐Ÿ˜› i think twilight movies were pretty good except new moon which everyone appeared too pale ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I hope they do use a good director like the director for the fast and furious movies or the director m. night shamalayn or however yuu spell his name, or tim burton, or steven spielberg. those would be directors for the movie series.

  • I can’t believe they’re making a movie! Gah! This is so amazing! After thinking that A Great & Terrible Beauty was going to finally be made into a movie, only for it to fall through, I was totally depressed (still hoping though). But this so makes up for it! As long as the screenplay is written by Cassandra Clare (and is therefore awesome), and the right actors are picked, this could be amazing! =)

      AAAHHH I wish they would become movies sooo much :(

    • Thirded.

    • fourthed ๐Ÿ˜‰ (sorry this is what happens when you are bored in class, you turn to the blogisphere…)

  • I totally agree with you guys. It better be amazing. Better than Twilight or Eragon. And Alex as Jace! Oh, and I forgot to mention that the 4th book about Simon is called City of Fallen Angels!

    • sadly its not Alex Pettyfer that will be play as Jace…. I read that Jsmie Campbell will be.. . . But I’m really hoping that it should be Alex…

    • Ugh I was hoping for Alex for jace but then I saw a pic of Jamie Campbell and well I started drooling and then read about jace again and he’s perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i dont think so i think Alex should play jace!!

  • I really want to read the book… Actually I think Im more excited for the book than the movie. Is that wrong of me?

    • No it’s not, it’s perfectly fine!! I’m really excited for the book too but not the movie. I really don’t like the fact that they are turning some of the books into movies, it destroys my image for a character i like or the whole movie itself.And it depends on what directer it is. :(

    • They shouldn’t have turn this into a movie, the only thing that they’ll do is ruining my image for the characters!!!
      Lily Collins shouldn’t play as Clary she is way to old (22 years-old). Alex Pettyfer another one (20 years-old). they have actors that are too old then they should be for the characters the are playing as!!! And if this “movie” turns out to bad, I’m going to criticizes it all the way down no matter how much i love it!! Same thing happen with Percy Jackson, they killed it!!! The only book that i read,love and turned out to be good is the Harry Potter’s movies! <3

      And another thing:
      Adam Lambert as Magnus Bane is just an insult!!!
      Mangnus is way hot to be played by him. Plus Magnus is part Asian!!! Adam is just BLAH!

    • You say that you don’t want them to cast 22 year olds yet you also say that you like Harry Potter….?

      Hello? Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson aren’t exactly teenagers anymore. They’re like 21 and 22 and yet they seem to be able to pull off playing 17 year old roles pretty damn awesomely.

    • That’s probably because they’re totally used to play Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I mean, they’ve acted as them for so long they know the characters perfectly.
      However, the Percy Jackson film was a total WRECK. Not only did they mess up the age thing, something that really bothered me, but they also skipped really important parts and changed it enough that it would be impossible to make the sequel.

    • I agree with u!!!

      In Percy Jackson…they shoulda brought in Clarrisse and….they are making a second…2013 though.

      Wonder how…they killed Luke!!@

    • Couldnt agree more i hate when books i love are turned into a movie it ruins what i think about it then if i read the book again the charcters become like they are in the movie. I plan to refuse to see it.

    • Adam would be perfect to play Magnus! he dresses like him every day!

  • Alex Pettyfer = Jace Wayland!

    • Alex is the only one that could possibly be Jace!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • I so totally and 100 percently agree with you . HE is sooooooooo HOT.

    • YES. yes. Hell YES.

    • Alex Pettyfer as Jace Wayland all the way!!!


      i was really annoyed when the picke jamie cambell bower over alex!!! jamie doesnt resember anything like jace! (and his teeth bug me)!

      you know when someone should be a character when you TYPE IN JACE ON IMAGES ALEX COMES UP NOT JAMIE!!!

    • Bad news guys. I heard Jamie Campbell will play as Jace and thats really terrible. It should be the one and only ALEX PETTYFER right so I’m still hoping that they will change it.

    • Seriously, NO ONE is going to be happy with who they choose to play Jace. Alex can’t act worth a shit and Jamie doesn’t look the part. Jace’s PERSONALITY is what makes him so hot, not just good looks. So it’s probably better that they chose Jamie over Alex.

      Honestly, I didn’t like the idea of Jamie as Jace at first but he was cast like a month ago! Maybe more! I’ve had enough time to think and actually realize that this could still turn out to be a good movie.

      Jaime is one damn good actor, not to mention he’s British (no one ever said Jace was American). So, I think he’ll be able to pull of the part just fine and for those of you who say you “won’t see the movie now”….What kind of fans are you?! Seriously!

    • Jamie is pretty hot

    • Is it too much to ask for avril lavigne to be Isabelle? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • yeah probably!

    • OMG totally avril lavigne… only if she died her hair

  • i totally agree with you Jennibear8504. the books are always soo much better. i haven’t heard of one book turned movie where the movie was better. well, except for harry potter. but then again, im not a fan of harry potter books. are the movies better?

  • I think the HP movies are good, really good actually but not better than the books…

  • Alex Pettyfer – he is the only Jace Wayland.

    • you r the smartest person

  • omygosh!! i am so excited!! I hope the actor that would be portraying Jace would be as hot as his description in the book! RAAAWR!! I LOVE JACE! HAHAHA

  • OH MY GOD. This is amazing! I hope they don’t fail us like they did Twilight. Alex Pettyfer HAS to be Jace or else its over for me.


    • i love it too espically the kissing part sexxy ehh yeahhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh

    • Well they sorta already ruined it for me cuz they cast lily collins as Clary

    • I totally agree she’s too old, and ruined my image for clary…Lilly is such a horrible pick…..

      ALEX PETTYFER 4 EVER :):):):):)

  • no way!! not alex pettyfer!! peter from the chronicles of narnia!!! William Moseley!!!

  • I personally think they should hire the director of harry potter for mortal instruments. it works because harry potter was done by warner bros and so will mortal instruments. they need to hire skilled actors that noone will recognize otherwise it will end up being compared to the other movies that those actors were in. all in all this could be a very successful movie if they keep it accurate to the book unlike eragon. they just can’t fuck this up or i will be pissed this is the best book ever nothing else compares. long live the mortal instruments series.

  • i also think magnus bane should be played by adam lambert. take a second to imagine that. adam lambert with blue spiked hair = PERFECTION!!

  • omg, adam Lambert would be perfect for Magnus!! I have only read the first 2 books (so far) but i am totally more addicted to them than i EVER was addicted to Twilight! I hope that Catherine chic or what ever her name is, doesnt direct the movie like she did for twilight and like she is doing for Maximum ride. I CANT WAIT!!

  • is it true that Stacey Farber will play Clary? i think that could work out well! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! city of angels?!?!?!?!!! so hot! i love the way jACE LOOKS!

  • stacey farber? you’ve gotta be kidding. hello, she’s 22 yrs old. clary is supposed to be 16 and she’s small so she looks younger.

  • If I recall correctly, the company that helped produce the Lord of the Rings movies will be working on this movie! Note to producers: if the movie strays from the book, you risk a lot. If they can pull this off correctly and awesomely, this is going to be one EPIC film! ๐Ÿ˜€


  • OMG!!!!!!!!! So excited. U know I think that the worst Clary ever would be Miley Cyrus. Well she is short and almost red haired it would be terrible. Go Alex Pettyfer! U Rock

    PS:More Books Please

  • if the producers of lord of the rings are doing this then we’re in the clear. no adam lambert, gag me with a freakin spoon, but deffinetly alex for jace. i’m holding my breath, this better be good.

  • pleeease no not alex! I know he is hot and would be ok, but he is dfntly NOT as hot as I imagine Jace to be. Well I guess no-one can be as hot as jace is, cuz jace is HOT. They better not mess up this movie i love the books too much!

  • cant wait for the 4th book!!!!!

  • I think they should cast Molly Quinn from the show Castle as Clary. She’d be perfect. She’s a great actress and I believe could really portray the essence of Clary’s character, as well as being a beautiful red head.

    • I totally agree with you! She is petite and gorgeous, perfect :)

  • loved the books! i hope alex pettyfer gets to play Jace. he’d be absoluely perfect, because jace needs to look smart but hot at the same time. and a bit arrogant too. <3 they better not eff this up like they did to twilight. im holding my breath for a good cast and movie.

  • DAMN!!!!! Alex Pettyfer should reallly be Jace!!!!
    If ur going to pick another, pick someone who is worthy don’t do the same mistake as twilight. Edward should be HOt not like a GAY HOBO

  • ok so i just finished the second book yesterday. I LOVED IT!!!!!
    im totally agreeing with yall bout Alex. he’d be PERFECT!
    i think Clary should be Emma Roberts (expecally when she’s in this pic)


    and alec-–large-msg-1192665819871.69364_49565ba5d353c.jpg

    simon- ricky ullman (kinda, but he can use some work)

    and i think luke should be Matthew Davis,
    (i sall him while i was watching a recorded re-run of the vampire diaries, he’s ‘uncle zach’, and thought he’d be perfect!)
    Jocelin- Kate Walsh
    Simon- David Archuletta
    valentine- Daniel Craig
    sorry if i have bored you with my almost ‘perfect’ cast, and sorry it’s so long geeze it’s like a whole book in itself lol.

    • oMg BEST CAST EVA!!!!!!!! the only one i was not shor bout was Simon- David Archuletta i think the 1st 1 would be beta!!! with work!!

  • OMG I LOVE this book. I literally Laughed out loud when i found out the main character had the same name as me!! I even have red hair! Funny huh? Anyways im totally psyched about the movie! I think that the person who directed the New Moon movie or maybe another director like Daniel Yates? Can’t wait! Hope it comes out a day i can see a midnight showing of!! Fingers Crossed for everything to go great!

    • WHO WILL PLAY jACE????????

  • no friggin way! are you serious? definitely NOT a director of the twilight series. the movies are friggin CRAP!!

    • It was! no it is! i think the director of Harry Potter should make this movie.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, they can;t ruin this series like they did with Twilight. It just wouldn’t be right and would be such a let down ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Alex Pettyfer has to be Jace.

  • ok sooooooo best books ever!!!!!!!
    molly quinn has to be clary and alex is as close as we can prob. geet to jace soooooo he has to be the one

  • OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill from tokio hotel NEEDS 2 b Magnus. It is that simple.Clary – Alexz Johnson
    Jace – Alex Pettyfer

  • I have to agree with Adam Lambert playing Mangus, he is who I thought of when his character was introduced. As far as the others, well….
    Clary – Molly Quinn
    Jace – William Mosely or Alex Pettyfer
    Alec – Thomas Dekker
    Isabelle – Abbie Cornish
    Simon – Skandar Keynes or Anton Yelchin
    Jocelyn – Ayelet Zurer
    Luke – Sam Trammell or Dominic Purcell

    • I love all your choices… except Adam Lambert ๐Ÿ˜› This has to be as perfect as the books. And Luke is a hard one cuz he has to be “homey” but strong kinda character

  • I have to agree with Adam Lambert playing Mangus, he is who I thought of when his character was introduced. As far as the others, well….
    Clary – Molly Quinn
    Jace – William Mosely or Alex Pettyfer
    Alec – Thomas Dekker
    Isabelle – Abbie Cornish
    Simon – Skandar Keynes or Anton Yelchin
    Jocelyn – Ayelet Zurer
    Luke – Sam Trammell or Dominic Purcell

    • I totally disagree with Molly Quinn playing Clary Fray. They already know that Lily Collins will play Clary. but shockingly I can see Adam Lambert playing Mangus. He has that bad boy kind of look and attitude. But Isabelle has black hair and Abbie Cornish is a natural blonde. Alex Pettyfer is perfect for Jace. When I was reading the book, I could totally see how Pettyfer is perfect for Jace. I have seen every Pettyfer movie since Alex Rider: Operation Storm Breaker. I’m NOT going to miss this movie. But if Thomas Dekker, cleans up a bit, I could see him as Alec, a gay shadow hunter who has a thing for Mangus. Anton Yelchin is totally Simon. The other kid, I saw him in the Narnia movies , and thought he was awful. He’s also British. Is Simon British? Dominic Purcell as Luke isn’t a good idea. I heard he got into prison and broke out. That’s kind of terrifying. Sam Trammell is a good choice but I think Timothy Olyphant is the best choice possible. I also can’t see Ayelet Zurer playing Jocelyn. I could see someone else like, Natalie Portman or something like that. Clary and Jocelyn should look related and they do. So here’s how I think it should lay out…
      Clary- Lily Collins
      Jace- Alex Pettyfer
      Isabelle- Selena Gomez or Emma Roberts
      Mangus- Adam Lambert
      Alec- Thomas Dekker
      Simon- Anton Yelchin
      Luke- Timothy Olyphant
      Jocelyn- Natalie Portman

  • OMG. a great and terrible beauty was going to be made into a movie and they didn’t do it?!?!? are you kidding me? that book is genius! and i just started reading cassandra clare’s series and she’s already one of my favorite authors :)

  • yes!!! finally someone who has the right idea!! jace = William Mosely!!! <3
    clary = Molly Quinn!! molly looks small enough to be clary and perfect. she’s got red hair, pale skin. perfecto!!

  • uh, virginia?? clary’s supposed to be 16 not 23!! plus she’s small for her age.


  • no way!!! she’s toooo old!!! urgh. the movie would suck if she played clary.

  • well i think she’d be fine or they could have molly quinn play her is that better?

  • well i think she’d be fine or they could have molly quinn play her is that better?

  • molly quinn i think would be better. and she’s the same age as clary right?

  • YESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Best new ever!! and i agree that molly quinn would be good for clary but you know what I don’t care who they get for anyone as long as they can act the part because then i will probably forget that they don’t look like how i pictured and fall in love with them. But hopefully they will get young actors cause i hate when they have like 25 year olds play 16 yr olds. it just looks bad. But if i had a choice for simon it would be Logan Lerman, and Alex Pettyfer does look like jace but jace can’t just be pretty,so they need a good actor or the movie will suck.

  • well i think a movie would be great coz the books are sooooooo good but i dont want them to make a movie coz i like imaging the characters myself and i dont want them to stuff it up like so many movies that are origanally books

  • if they are going to make a movie yer i agree molly quinn would be a great clary

  • i agree with you. i like imagining the characters for myself. if they make a movie with the wrong actors, they’ll totally ruin the book, just like they ruined twilight!

  • Every time i read about Magnus Bane I always see him as Russel Brand. Spikey heair excentric… a little bizarre lol

  • Yes! Me And my friends are crazy bout the book and Now its going to be a film!

  • Okay I am sooo excited!!! woot woot!! ๐Ÿ˜€ but omg i hope that its gonna be more then one movie- you know not all the books cramped in one movie…. other then that I PRAY THAT THE EFFECTS AND ACTING WELL BE SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THEN TWILIGHT!!! BECAUSE I LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES AND I WOULD BE SOOOO FURIOUS IF THE MOVIE(S) IS SUCKY…. other then that Im soooo excited ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Is it weird for me to say that I dont think I want a movie out? I mean if they get great actors and a good director but stil …
    Twilight was ruined for me cos of the terrible acting. I mean Kristen Stewartt was rubbish. But I love these books and if the movie/s ruin them then … I will seriously cry.
    Also, William Mosely or Alex Pettyfer do not cut out to be Jace. I think that having actors in a movie take over from a book changes the way you see the character. I do think that Sam Trammell or Dominic Purcell could play the part of Luke though – it fits perfectly.

  • If they manage to pull it off though … I will be pleased!! I mean how awesome are the books!!

  • OMFG!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant wait!!! this is my favourite book series!
    I love Jace!!! For Jace i think that the guy who played in the original starwars (anakin/darth vader)should play him! or Alex Pettyfer. They’re as close as anyone could get to Jaces hottness

  • Here are my top picks for Jace:
    1.Alex Pettyfer
    2.William Moseley
    3.Hayden cChristensen

  • I am always nervous when they decide to make a book I like into a movie. I disagree with all these lists, a lot of good movies even fantasy (LOTR, Harry Potter) or sci-fi (Star Trek)types are really good and I think it is because they choose people based on talent not on popularity.

    Twilight made me cringe, Kristen Stewart is an emotionless zombie, Robert Pattinson is just bad, oh god he is a bad actor. No one with any taste could actually say the movies are good, I tried because I loved the books.

    I like Mortal Instruments better than Twilight so I hope they really search for good talent and devote a lot of time into making this movie amazing. I mean Peter Jackson spent a year making Hobbiton just so the movie could be perfect.

  • i read the books over and over but the film scares me… i really hope they have open auditions for this film because i don’t want any actor i’ve seen before – it would ruin it for me and i’m sure for a lot of other fans.

    i think alex pettyfer would be a good jace but i think that the “real” jace is out there but he’s just an unknown actor. that sounds weird but the worlds a big place ๐Ÿ˜‰ same with all the other characters and i hope they look for them properly otherwise i’d be devostated! hahah!

  • Jace Wayland played by Alex Pettyfer it has to be he will be the perfect person to play him please consider him

  • Omg!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Alex pettyfer can’t be Jace!!!!! Jace is Hot with a capital hhhhhhhhh!!!!!! And, no affence but Alex looks like used toilet paper!!!!! If Alex plays Jace I will freaking die!!!!!!! It’s my favorite book!!! Please don’t ruin the movie!!!! Please have some smarts when picking out the cast and the directed!!!! Don’t be like twilight!!! I need good news after hearing the worst about maximum ride (which has the director of twilight as its directer)

  • I agree, known actors will ruin the movie for me. No offence alex fans – I’m one too, he’s gorgeous! But he’s not Jace :/

  • Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! The perfect sparkleboy!!!!! Aka magnus bane!!!!! Bill kaulitz from Tokio hotel!!!!! Look he’s freaking perfect!!!!!

  • I SOOO AGREE THAT ALEX PETTYFER SHOULD BE JACE!!!!! god talk about exactually what i pictured when i read the books!!!

  • I also agree with adam lambert or bill kaulitz. they would both be a great magnus….. but i think adam would be more confertable with the part then bill cause bill isnt gay. expecially if they do the 3rd book as a movie….. because if you read it you know. lol

  • I heard somewhere that they are going to smash all three books into one movie. I hope they don’t!
    Not to bash Twilight, but they are less action-filled and a simpler plot and they were made into separate films. I hope they don’t because of the whole brother/sister storyline, I guess that twist could gross out nonbookreading movie goers.

    Just hope they do the effects and casting well!

  • OMG!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!
    wait.. when’s it gonna come out?

  • i hate how every book that is being made into a movie is being compared to Twilight…i dnt even think most twilight fans have ever even heard of this book! >:( But i’m soo excited about who is going to be playing who!! ๐Ÿ˜€ (as long as no twilight ppl are in this movie >:(

  • Okay… im a Twilight fan all the way and I know this Heather girl shouldnt be saying what she said about how Twilight Fans is doing whatever- cause I know the books and Im excited about the movie… but people like this heather girl shouldnt be talking about what Twilight fans should or shouldnt do– certain things need to be kept unsaid unless you want to a mouth full. ANYWAYSSS im excited for the Mortal Instruments movie as any other fan is ๐Ÿ˜€

  • i totally think that kellan lutz should play jace!!!!! finding someone to play clary will be difficult. but valentine should be played by corvinus (from the second underworld movie. he plays marcus’ father. TERRIFIC!!) i’m so excited! i barely got into the series last week and have already read all three books, could’t put them down!! i’m telling everyone how freakin sweet they are. spread the word!!

  • okay ppls heres what i think some will like it and some wont
    Alexz Johnson – clary
    alex pettyfer- jace
    bill from tokio hotel as long as his hair doesnt look like cher’s – magnus
    Dominic Pucell – luke
    anton yelchin- simon
    abbie cornish – isabelle
    i picture alec as someone that doesnt look emo or goth i pictured him more as a prep cuz he’s trying to hide being gay to his parents
    i pictured jocelyn as being amazingly gorgeous like Ayelet Zurer but more bad ass looking
    valintine needs to look creepy but handsome at the same time so we’re know hes a bad guy but we can see why jocelyn would fall in love with him almost like jeff goldblum
    but as long as they put some one who can act in there and stick to the story for the most part i’ll be one happy chick
    and oh god i hope it turns out way better than twilight
    i wish every one the best of luck and try not to screw this one up please

  • K, you guys Alex Pettyfer is really good looking but he is so not Jace! William Moseley 4 Jace, Molly Quinn for Clary and Adam Lambert for Magnus totally!

  • I REALLY don’t think that Alex Pettyfer is good for Jace (then again who is?) but Molly Quinn as Clary would be awesome! I’ve been watching Castle for ages and it’s weird ‘cos i never thought of her as Clary but she’d be great. They wouldn’t have to dye her hair and she’s a really good actress.
    Oh god please don’t let it turn out like Eragon that movie seriously sucked. And I hoe it doesn’t turn out like twilight either.
    and it’s being turned into a movie directed by catherine hardwicke…oh crap :(

  • Noooooo. Alex pettyfer would succk. Not saying he is rubbish or anything. :]
    I hope this film will be good or it might like ruin the whole thing. It can’t turn out like twilight or harry potter :(
    Pleaaaase make the film gooood!lol.

  • OMFG!!!! I’m like soooooo totally excited! I can’t wait for the movie! Alex Pettyfer would be the perfect Jace!! He’s been who I had in mind for Jace the whole time! Molly Quinn or Alexz Johnson would both be good the play Clary and I reckon that Isabel should be played by Megan Fox or Summer Glau. I am also a Twilight fan and I know most ppl tht have posted comments are saying how bad Twilight is and all tht, well I have to confess tht Catherine Hardwock was a CRAP director if only the New Moon director directed Twilight then maybe it would have been better, but to be honest it’s not tht bad!!!

  • YESSSSSS! Alex Pettyfer = Jace Wayland, all the way. He would be perfect for him. I am so excited for this!

  • AHHHHH!! i really hopee they makee this book into a movie ive got likee 30pages left of city of glass and will be very sad to have finished reading it.. but also happy i havee.. i also agreee as Alex Pettyfer = Jacee and Lukee should be Brian Krause or Sam trammell :) i really cant wait too see if it gets madee into a moviee :)) xx

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i absolutly LOVE jace. I can’t wait to see if its a movie. I feel like SCREAMING…… I CAN’T WAIT….. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    its going to be awesome. i hope alex pettyfer plays as jace. I have a feeling the books will be better but i still want to see the movie be made. i’m on city of glass now im so glad i got these books for christmas. ANYONE WHO HASN’T READ THESE BOOKS HAVE TO. THEY ARE WAY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • not alex pettyfer..!! they shud audition for the cast and get the perfect people because no already famous would suit any parts..except logan lerman for simon ๐Ÿ˜›

  • omg omg i have onlt red the first book and i am i love with jace and the seires .i have a friend who tells me MOST of wat happens soooooooooooo the seires are RADICAL

    Jace is awesome !!!! i spent the day in my pj’s reading the city of glass almost finished yesss

  • they totally should have the director for the hp3 direct this whoever that was did a great job keeping it like the book

  • i think they should do open auditions too to get new faces :\

  • Alec Pettyfer = Jace
    Emma Watson = Clary

    Regardless of who the actors are – I’m excited for the movies and loved the books.

  • I AM SO EXCITED! I waited for so long for official news of a movie & finally there is some!
    I think Alexz Johnson would be perfect as Clary, but next to Alex Pettyfr, he’d look to young & her too old. Although both wouldbe pretty good at it. Isabelle HAS to be Abbie Cornish, black hair of course though. I haven’t seen anyone who fits the part for Alec or Simon though.
    Thankyou guys I am SO glad this is coming out as a movie & it CAN’T be wrecked like Twilight & harry Potter!! Twilights effects are SO FAKE! Like them running and stuff! We’re not 3 year olds watching teletubbies already!

    And yeah, i want the books into seperate movies, but i am worried about it being ditched if not enough people are into after the Brother/Sister thing. Its kind of gross, i almost stopped reading, but not quite. I hope that doesn’t wreck it, because its a absolutely AWESOME series! MOVE OVER TWILIGHT!

  • Love, blood, betrayal and revenge โ€” the stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels. Simon Lewis is having some trouble adjusting to his new life as a vampire, especially now that he hardly sees his best friend Clary, who is caught up in training to be a Shadowhunterโ€”and spending time with her new boyfriend Jace. Not to mention that Simon doesnโ€™t quite know how to handle the pressure of not-quite-dating two girls at once. Whatโ€™s a daylight-loving vampire to do? Simon decides he needs a break and heads out of the cityโ€”only to discover that sinister events are following him. Realizing that the war they thought theyโ€™d won might not yet be over, Simon has to call on his Shadowhunter friends to save the day โ€” if they can put their own splintering relationships on hold long enough to rise to the challenge.

    That was for City Of Fallen Angels; sounds great doesn’t it!? We have to wait until 2011 thogh, sucks so bad. -.-

  • omg ok now i,m on the 2nd book (city of ashes) twilight is gonna get it when the movie comes out witch i hope a movie does come out !!! my bestie just finished city of glass and she was crying then she told me what happens i’m just like noooooooooo but i couldn’t help myself i had to listen !!!oops !!! its the utimate place i’d love to live with alec ,izzy, and jace and be a shadow hunter !!!

  • matilda i read your comment then went on to google images and typed in “alec from the mortal instruments movie” and there was this picture of this guy that i think might suit him its the 3rd picture in the second row see what you think :)

  • I really think that THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES are way way way better than TWILIGHT and im SOOOOOOOOOO exited to see as a movie!!!! i hope they pick the right actors for the movie!!! TEAM JACE!!!! if you didnt read the book you SHOULD!!!!

  • OMG!!!! I’m a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments, I’m obssesed w/ it. I soooo love Jace and Clary 2gether!!!!! Love it!!! Soooo xcited. xoxo

  • yeah. i have found a photo of someone i think is absolutely perfect as alec, but (idon’tknwoanythingaboutactors) dont know who he is.
    thats the address for the pic

  • @matilda: i checked out your photo and he looks so familiar but i can’t place him!! he’s almost alec, but not quite.

    as for william moseley as jace… he’s too cute. jace is supposed to be more arrogant and i can’t see will’s face delivering the lines that jace does.

    and if ANY of the directors from harry potter/twilight (excluding chris columbus who did a fantastic job at the first two harry potters) are even considered for a mortal instruments movie i will have a fit.

  • Alex Pettyfer = Jace
    scout taylor-compton = Clary
    Josh hutcherson = simon
    Hanna Beth = Isabell < thats her if you don’t know how she is.
    Alec = Adam gregory
    Sabastian = Tom sturrige
    Luke = gerrard butler
    Joceleyn = judith hoag
    Valentine = Daniel craig
    The inquisitor imogen = michelle peiffer

    These are just my opinions.. sorry if you got bored haha.. :) cannot wait till (possible) make of this film.. I also hope they hold open auditions.. I would lovee to audition for the part of clary.. :) x

  • omg i finished city of ashes yesterday and wow can’t wait to gget my hands on city of glass MAKE A MOVIE PLEASE !!!! =)


  • OMG i so hope they dnt mess up this film like they did twilight… its horrible trying to re-read it when i have robbert bloody paterson stuck in my head…he was so not the edward i imagined tbh

    anyhoo aslong as they have decent actors to the play the roles im alrite and they must have them as seperate films no one large one because u cnt possibly fit all the series into one

    But!!!!!….. Magnus Bane must be played by Bill or Adam Lambert…. GO THE HIGH WARLOCK OF BROOKLYN!!! hes my fave char

  • also i agree that whoever that person is who people think could be alec is a good choice and i agree ๐Ÿ˜€

  • :) YES! I was soososoo happy when I heard this! I’m really hoping they get a good director who will do the books justice.
    Jace = Alex Pettyfer or (if he has to) William Moseley
    Clary = Alexz Johnson or Molly Quinn

  • OMFG I cannot belive this!!>I am only on city of bones and am already addicted!..Can’t wait for the movie to come out!.Hope it works out and Will be first to see it!!,,<3 <3 LOVE IT!!

  • for simon i think- logan lerman (percy jackson), skandar keynes (edmund,narnia) or luke pasqualino (skins) u should check them out..
    and alex pettyfer for jace big NO NO.. ๐Ÿ˜› and clary needs to look younger bcoz all the ones people have listed here look too vicious and old for her.. i could be clary except for the fact that im asian with brown eyes and black hair..but i could always stick some paint on my body, dye me hair and get contacts and bag myself a simon and jace..simples! :p

  • the director of new moon or lord of the rings should do the films because they’d stick to the books more.. harry potter films are crraaapp :( they ruined them! they went off on their own little storyline.. on cassandra clares blog i think she wrote that the lord of the rings guys might be directing or producing or whatever -ing the films!! cannot wait for it honestly.. its going to kick twilights sparkly ass ๐Ÿ˜›

  • oooomg this is so awesome ! i love the book. ive read it all in two days cause i just couldnt stop. i wanna see it ! <3

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE… your books is really good

  • OMGGGG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE… BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!! I finished City of Glass ages ago, I’m seriously going to read them again!!!!

  • I love these books so much!
    I haven’t finished City of Glass yet though :(
    Get a good director too! Not someone who’ll totally change the film and ignore the book!
    I love Jace Wayland (L)

  • Oh my goodness, ! I love these books so much! I cannot wait for the movie!

  • isabell needs to be hot and i just finished city of glass at first i expected clary to be ugly

    i wanted isabell to be megan fox but she is to old for isabell she should be hanna beth and i agree that valentine shoulde be daniel craig

    this series was totaly stoked so yea this series rocks go mortal instruments

    make this movie good please i hate how when you picture someone in a book and the movie they are so diffrent.

  • if you think twilight was a total ripoff say i

  • my faveroite one is citty of glass clary and jace are like made for eachother


    me and my friend are screaming as we read this…WE ARE SOSOSO EXCITED!!!!!!

    totally luvs the mortal instrument series and can’t wait ffor another BOOK!!

  • Clary- Emma Watson
    Jace- William Mosely
    Luke- Luke Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Isabelle- Blake Lively
    Simon- Kristopher Turner
    Valentine- Daniel Craig
    Magnus Bane- Adam Lambert
    Alec- Ben Barnes
    Jocelyn- Ayelet Zurer

  • ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JACE YOU HOTTY! i wish you just some character :( YOU ARE AWESOME !!! HEHE

  • omg its toooo awsum..juss started the series thnx to book club and its like ugh juss drags me into a diff world. I wud def spend all day in bed reading it..cnt wait for more!! and yeh i thnk that Alex Pettyfer wud be good and molly. totally…ooh this book is awsum bangtastic!!

  • ah!


    this is so OMG moment thanx so much 4 making this a movie well i hope u make it 1.

  • ooooooh, Alex Pettyfer should be Jace, when I read the books I imagined Jace looking exactly the same as Alex.
    And Molly Quinn CAN NOT BE CLARY she sucks, and I do not want to offend her fans but she is not as clary

  • when is there going to be any new info about this movie. I’m dying over here lol.

  • If Molly what’s her face is playing clary I will scream!!! Alexz johnson is soooo much better to play clary! Alex pettyfer is hot enough to play Jace. Love the books!

  • D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so freaking hyper and excited lol!!!
    If Miley Cyrus ever gonna be Clary
    I swear I would end my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the guy Alex Pettyfer is pretty cute…
    But I still don’t want him to be Jace. >.<
    But anywayz, please for realz, I don’t want
    this movie ended up like Twilight even
    though I am a fan of the movie Twilight…. ^-^

  • I def agree with bells… I don’t think any popular actor quite fits the characteristics of a lot of the characters from M.I. I think they’re going to have to dig deep to find the right people, like they did with Harry Potter (who were basically unknown actors). Alex Pettyfer is very good looking, but Jace has a certain edgyness/cockiness and underlying vulnerability to him that Alex doesn’t have, Alex is too pretty in a sense lol

  • does anyone know where is going to be the casting?

  • OMG! I just finished City of Glass not even 5 minutes ago (i borrowed City of Bones from a friend so i would have something to read on a long car ride) and i never expected to love it sooooo much! im soo aggrivated that i finished the series becuase now i want more! Please make it a movie Cassandra your work is B-E-A-UTIFUL! ^.^ And please people keep updating to when the movie will be out! im dying to see it! xD as for casting goes… just please dont screw up Jace<3 … I was soo excited to see Twilight til i saw the previews and was like “The the heck is that ugly thing thats claiming to be edward?!?!?!?!” (no offense to anyone that likes him.. but i do like taylor lautner<3sexy<3 ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

  • yeah i agree lol!!!! I am so excited i would love to dee these movies come to life and i honestly believe that it can happen! But we must have a good director and great actors !! and clary better not be ugly!!

  • if adam freaking lambert gets casted as the amazing magnus i will personally hunt his butt down. hes such a creeper he doesnt deserve to be in a movie based off of cassandra clair!!!!!!!!!!

    Besides I get that part anyway!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • O.O! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! IM SSOOO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!! I think Jace should be played by Alex Pettyfer, but does ANYONE care about Alec?? NO!! I TOTALLY think he should be played by Nicholas Hoult….YUMMY ^-^

  • r they really going to make a movie eek!!!!!!! cant wait but …. when is it going to come out though i cant wait ay longer T_T

  • OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG plzzz hurry up making this movie I have to watch it with my bestie, but im moving, and WE HAVE TO WATCH IT TOGETHER, we are the bestest frinds and the #1 fans, loveee you jace (you little hotty!) ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sigh. . . . . love you peeps!!!!!

  • YES!!I loved city of bones!I still have to read the last two tho!I hear shia la bouef is supposed to play simon.I really hope not.

  • I LOVED the mortal instruments and i sooooooooooooo hope it becomes a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • This is one of my fave books of all time and sooo DESERVES to be a movie. Cassandra Clare is an amazing author and deserves to be honored with the opportunity of making them a movie!!!!!!!! So PLEEEEEEEEEEZ make it a movie-ASAP!!!!!!!

  • OMG! its the only series ive ever read! (im not a reader) my friend kim and i would KILL to see this movie! im sooooooooooooooo excited! and a 4th book?! wow! cant belive its gona b a movie!! it very much would deserve to be!!! ive read every book 3 times!!!

  • OMG!!! I love the mortal instruments!!!!! I hope she does make a 4th book!!!! I am almost done with the second!!!!! Lexi<3 Jace!!!!

  • I so cant wait for it to become a movie. The books are beyond amazing. I love the books. They better pick the right actors to actually play the characters. I hope that it turns out to be a great movie. If the movie is as good as the book then everybody should love it. I’m so excited for them to become movies. Let’s just all hope they do become movies.

  • I LOVE these books, like im so addicted its horrible, i just finished the second book, can’t wait to get the 3rd ! and im stoked for the movie, but then everyones gonna go into a friggan craze and be like twilight all over again, and it’ll be really annoying..

  • And i would SO Be down for playing Clary, ehehe i’m just as stubborn, and strong-headed. but at the same time spontaneous and loving. and im going to be a red head soon!
    Just message me if you need me, i’m available

  • Alex Pettyfer is the peeerrfect Jace.
    & f Miley cyrus is in the film at ALL, I’ll cry
    & I will be so depressed if i see her in it.
    Idk whod be a good Clary but Meghan Fox would make a reeally good Isabelle.
    OMG, I REALLY hope these books become a movie!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • i am amazed by the books!!!!! i can’t wait to read the fourth one they ARE TOTALLY AMAZING!!!! i say that william moseley should be Jace!!!

  • Clary is meant to be small and delicate with red hair (not auburn) and freckles. Ergo not Alexz Johnson. Molly Quinn would be best.
    And for Alex, I think Moseley’s face is too soft. Pettyfer has the sharper features Jace is meant to have.

  • OMG deffinitly for Jace- alex pettyfer(messed up hair!) SO HOT!!!!
    and for clary- Emma Roberts(i think)because she looks small and delicate and they go together soo well. OMFG cassandra clare you are a genious!
    i can see it now TWILIGHT VS THE CITY OF BONES!!
    ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG i bet the mortal instruments series will be WAY more popular when it comes out as a movie…….
    (sigh!) just dreaming to myself! haha well cya i hope you all agree love ya jace xxxoxo

  • These books are legendary!! But I really think for this movie to work there needs to be completely new actors or little heard of ones because I don’t want them compared to anything!! I would love to be an actor and I have red hair (naturally) im 14 but tallish so I think id be perfect to play clary!!! I feel that I really relate to her!!

  • woah, i have just.. so many ideas for this film.
    i agree with @loveit! it would be great to have new actors in the film, give the chance for this film to REALLY be the fans own as much as i do love some of the people have listed.
    although, i have to say… would a film be the best way forward? with the twilight books, i was HOOKED. the films have dissapointed me though, no film can live up to a book, i’m sorry, but it’s true. in a way, imagination is the best way forward.
    also, wouldn’t introducing a film add more fans? more screaming fan girls? more fights between twilight fans, potter fans and our own mortal instruments fans?
    just a thought!

  • I agree with @Holleh, the Twilight films were kind of a disaster. I’m a little worried about the Mortal Instruments turning out that way. But I think what has me a little more confident about the Mortal Instrument movies is that they have the same producers (or something like that) from the Lord of the Rings working on them. I don’t know about you, but I thought those films were amazing with great special effects! And why does there have to be a rivalry between Twilight, HP, and TMI? They’re all GREAT books, and can’t we all just get along!?

  • ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH pooch: we agree the twilight films SUCKED but the books were soooooooooo awsome we arnt big nfans of twilight but i no 4 a fact that robert paterson & the speical effects ruiend the movie. Lala: OMFG i am gobsmacked at how cool this will be! ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!!! but im still praying that they DON’T stuff it up, cause the books are soo cool!!!!!!! pooch aggrees!!!!!!
    Lala: love ya jace xxx

  • OHMIGOD!!!! I AM SO EXCITED THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED! I already knew about the book I have already written it down in my calender, Im so excited even though its a year away! I CANT BELIEVE THERES GONNA BE A MOVIE!!!!! THESE BOOKS ARE GENIUS DONT LET ANY ONE TELL U OTHERWISE!!!! :):):):):):)

  • omg …ITS GONNA BE SOOO WIKID alex whats his name shhould soooo be jace !!!!!!!!!! love the books love cassandra love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!! POOCH XXX haha :):):D

  • I also hope they do good with the movie I love these books just like I love the twilight books but the movies were bad. If they get the one who did Percy Jackson and Harry Potter 2/3 I think it will turn out great. I saw alex pettyfer for the 1st time yesterday and right way I thought of Jace let’s hope.

  • awww i wanna be in it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    i would so watch that.

  • PLEASE no Alex whatever he’s called. No offence to all his fans n stuff, but he kinda sucks. I think new actors would be best, some that are good at what they do but totally unknown.

  • Jade is right… accept on the alex pettifyer part. I beleave a new and unknown actress would be best. They should have open casting calls!

    Also, I DO NOT like Molly Quinn! Her look, to me, is all wrong. I cannot see her as Clary. DON’T CAST HER!

  • How about the chic from Secret Life -Shailene Woodley as Clary

  • i really really hope they make this into a movie!!!

  • ok, getting the right actors for this movie is imperative!! i know a lot of u would like alex what’s his name to plaf jace, but let me tell u right now that he is not the right guy. He looks way to young and he’s not buff enough. i think the perfect guy for the job would be haden christenson look him up, he’s hot! lol
    anyway, we also need a good actress to play Clary. Emma Stone i think, looks the part and if not her maybs bryce howard…but still, i have a good feeling about emma stone. i really hope this movie doesn’t turn out like twilight :/ cuz that movie waz a bunch of B.S.!! haha Don’t let me down Cassandra!!

  • DO NOT CAST ALEX!!! HE’S THE WRONG GUY! HE’S NOT EVEN HOT!! plus, he looks way too much like a little kid. Clary needs a strong tough guy who is rarely touched by emotion…A.K.A Hayden Christensen! also, as for clary, she has to be small and delicate..and maybe a little flat-chested lol

  • Does anyone else think that Comatose by Skillet would be a perfect song for the movie? or even Hero by them… If you haven’t heard them, you should definitely listen.. they are perfect!

  • Molly’s actually TALL… she goes to my martial arts studio and dance studio, and TOWERS over me, and I’m 5’3″… xD She’s around 5’7″ or 5’8″. But she IS a great actress, and she’d be amazing as Clary. I love my Molly<3

    Oh, and if any of y’all don’t believe I know her, I have pics to prove it. Just sayin… lol

  • @giggles25 Hayden christensen is so not the right guy, and he’s way too old. I’m so fed up of seeing late twenty/thirty something guys playing teenagers.

    Now I don’t know what photos of Alex you’ve been looking at, but he certainly doesn’t look like a little kid. If you’re seeing photos from his Stormbreaker days then, sure, he did then — but that was four years ago! Look for photos of him on the set of Beastly if you want to see what he looks like now, definitely not a little kid.

  • Lauren, i have seen other pics of him. i just don’t think he’s the right guy; and u may be right about Hayden but who else, if not him, would be a good jace. We can’t just search for looks here, he aslo has to be a good actor. That’s kind of important..

  • i have a couple people here listed that could possibly play Clary. Tell me what you think of them.

    Emma Stone
    Emma Roberts*
    Molly Quinn
    Racheal Hurd-Wood*
    Bryce Howard

    I stared the ones i thought might be really good hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Does anyone think that a young Stuart Townsend would be a perfect Jace? <3

  • stuart is pretty cute but he’s too old now :/

  • perect cast!

    Jace=Hayden Christensen, Jeremy Sumpter, or Alex Pettyfe?

    Clary=Emma Roberts or Molly Quinn

    Simon=Kistopher Turner

    Isabelle=Megan Fox

    Alec= Adam Gregory

    Magnus bane=Adam Lambert

    Jocyllen=Bryce Howard

    Luke=Gerard Butler

    Fariy Queen=Rachel Hurd-Wood×564.jpg

    Rapheal=Orlando Bloom

    Valentine=Jason Isaacs

    haha it’s a little long but here it is ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jace-Alex Pettyfer
    Clary-Molly Quinn
    Sebastian-Tom Sturridge
    Alec-Nicholas Hoult
    Simon-Kristopher Turner
    Izzy-Sophia Bush
    Luke-David Boreanaz
    Magnus Bane-Bill Kaulitz
    Raphael-Steven Strait
    Valantine-Daniel Craig
    Jocelyn-Julianne Moore

  • OMG!!! Alex Pettyfer=Jace!!! <3 that would be SOOO amazing!!! anyone who says otherwise should look up his picture and see Jace immediately!!!

  • I would have to say that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond of all times..;`

  • I would have to say that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond of all times.“`


  • OHMIGOD! Fave series- can’t wait for the 4th book (City of Fallen Angels) And the new series! (The infernal Devices) Check out this link for moore deets-

  • Okay, if the same company with LotR does it, than this movie is going to be amazing. If not, ah hell. I think most of you guys are spazing a little too much over Jace. . . ^_^
    Like someone said before, the actors and actresses need to be new, somebody no one can identify. And for God’s sake, no Adam Lambert!

  • If I had to chose between ALEX PETTYFER and WILLIAM MOSELEY…I’d chose WILLIAM MOSELEY…though Bradley James could be a good choice too…OMG I could see Kevin McHale as Simon….

  • Okay. I *know* Giggles25 has read my mind!!! Adam Lambert is PERFECT for Magnus Bane!

  • Ohkay i have alot of stuff to say but this pretty much sums it up . . . .

    Pure Genious
    Im sure you all agree, then there is nothing else to it!

  • ok a few comments up people said something about james bond i think you have the wrong website!!!!!!!! anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ omg can’t believe that there is a better seiries in THE WORLD than the mortal instuments could jace sound any more hotter?! i agree with lalal PURE GENIOUS !! (can’t spell genious!!!heehee)

  • OMG!!!! I am sooo excited about this! I agree this series was much better than Twilight! And for Jace??? DUH OF COARSE IT SHOULD BE ALEX PETTYFER, BECAUSE HE IS HAWTT AND SO IS JACE, WHICH IS PERFECT!!!

  • heehee jess! we are sooo obseesed we need to get a life!! lol nah i could NEVER forget about this series i recon i will still be reading these books when im like 30! i really dont care who they pick for jace (as long as he is still smokin) and he fits the roll then ill be good!

  • same her(laaala!!!)i love this series mt favorite series of all my favorite lines is……………………..clary:is this the part where you rip your clothesn up to bind my wound………………..jace:if you wanted me to rip my clothes off you could’ve just asked…………………….i love it….cant wait for next book and the movie!

  • haahaaa my favourite part it where jace wants clary to nurse her back to health and give him a bath, dressed in a nurse outfit! I hate to mention this but (yes, i no its only a story) but im kinda jealous of clary and i wish sooo badly that this was a true story but i was apart of it. thats my opion anyway! lol cyaaa xxx

  • omg lala ure such a nut !!!! yep love the books ily

  • hahaha i recon bt u’ll have to deal with it beacause im ur bestie! lol ily

  • OMG! Just finished series up to number 3! Can’t wait till City of Fallen Angels…My cast for the movies are deff:

    Clary: Molly Quinn
    Jace: Alex Pettyfer or William Moseley
    Jocelyn: Bryce Dallas
    Alec: Nicholas Hoult
    Sebastian: Toby Hemingway
    Imogen: Tilda Swinton
    Aline: Katie Leung
    Luke: ?
    Simon: ? (this one is killing me…)
    Maia: Jessica Szhor
    Valentine: Daniel Craig
    Maryse: Demi Moore

    Thats all folks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xD <33

  • Lolz, Amber.

    Where’d you get THOSE ideas? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree with all of them (Lolz, well yeah.) and I know we can find Simon. Just know it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please note that for Jocelyn her full name is Bryce Dallas Howard.

    That’s all,
    ~ Alice. :)

  • OMG! I love the books and as a movie….. I cant wait!

  • Okay first off Cathrine Hardwick will not be directing them(from what I think and heard) she is directing my OTHER favorite book series Maximum Ride which are being turned into moves. So she’ll fuck up one of my favorites of course. and Yes alex Pettyfer as Jace/ Emma as Clary/ Kaya Scodelario as Isabelle/ Nick Hoult as Alec/ Chad Michael Murray(I have no clue why but when he has a buzz cut i see him as) Valentine… XD hey look me up on youtube. I vid TMI i’m leytonluv03

  • heehee i no thats y i love you lala !!!!!!!!! anyway the books love them !!!!!!!!!! :)

  • heheeee i no! Yes the books are excellent (omg i sound posh!) okay! how bout this? OMG i love the books cause they rock the world round! lol

  • heeheee hey kayla !!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha yesa the books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goood !!! drool !!

  • hahaaaa i no! . . . double drool! :) heheee

  • So, I agree with Molly Quinn for Clary. But I see Maryse more like Bebe Neuwirth than Demi Moore…. And Chad Michael Murry is too young for Valentine. William Mosley or Alex Pettyfer are both decent choices for Jace, and yet not quite there yet…. and I do not see Alec in Nicholas Hoult in any way, shape or form. I just don’t really have an alternative suggestion at this time. Bryce Dallas Howard as Jocelyn is good. Chris Massoglia as a possible Simon… but there’s another boy I can’t recall his name, unfortunately…. I’d love to see Bradley James in here somewhere too… Tilda Swinton would be perfect as Imogen :) That’s who I actually visualized as I read the books. And of course, Adam Lambert as Magnus Bane!!

    Clary – molly c quinn
    Jace – Alex Pettyfer
    Simon – Logan Lerman/Scott Mechlowicz/jake thomas
    Alec – Travis Michael Garland/Gaspard Ulliel
    Isabelle – Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Odette Yustman
    Maia – jessica Szohr
    Luke – Alex O’Loughlin/Dimitro Lekkos
    Jocelyn – Brea bee/Darby Stanchfield
    Valentine – Sean Bean/ Daniel Craig
    Magnus – Daniel Henney

  • My cast?
    Clary: Alexz Johnson, Zena Gray, Emma Roberts, Emma Watson, Stacey Farber, Molly Quinn, and a musician, whose name I can not remember. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Jace: Alex Pettyfer.

    Simon: Kristopher Turner, Logan Lerman. (; (Kris is my better pick, but I definitely LOVE me some Logan Lerman. (;)

    Isabelle: Odette Yustman, Megan Fox.

    Alec: Nicholas Hoult, Garrett Hedlund Eragon days. Am I the only one on here who liked that movie?

    Maia: Jessica Szohr

    Luke: Matthew Perry, Gerard Butler, Scott Cohen, and the guy that plays Sam on True Blood. I love him. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Jocelyn: Melinda Clark, especially if Alexz Johnson plays.

    Valentine: Paul Bettany. I love him. Sofreakingmuch. (:

    Magnus? Magnus needs to be an unknown. If they can’t find an unknown, definitely Bill Kaulitz. ๐Ÿ˜€ Or Oliver James. SO HOT. (:

    Hodge: Not sure.

    Maryse: Carla Gugino,

    Robert: David Boreanaz

    Max: Unknown. Maybe the kid from Knowing or the son from 2012.

    Raphael: Avian Jorgia or whatever his name is. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Inquisitor: In my head, I had Lisa Kudrow. But Imogen is supposed to be older than that.

    Sebastian/Johnathen: Mitch Hewer. (; I know a lot of people say Jace for him, which would be good, but all I see is Johnathen. Johnathen is supposed to have dyed black hair, and light blond natural hair. They could make him wear a wig or something, and then the blond comes back later on. (:

    Stephen Herondale: Not even sure. But someone attractive. Probably Paul Walker. (:

    Amatis: Courtney Cox.

    Celine: I’m not even sure. Someone like Brittany Snow.

    I keep thinking I’m forgetting someone….hmm. Oh well. It’ll be fine. (:

  • Check out Hayden Christensen in teh movie Jumper. He was amazing and should be Jace. Alex Pettyfer, no offense is doing beastly. If he did Mortal Instuments as well, it might kinda kill a lot of mature film options towards him.

  • when are there going to be auditions?
    does anybody know?

  • i LOVEEE LOVE LOVE this book series! i was in love with twilight, until the movies came out and were definitely not as good as the books. but as soon as I read the city of bones , twilight was doneeee for me. haha, jace has to be amazing looking! not like robert for edward. and I like Alex pettyfer but hes not beautiful.. and all the actors for the upcoming movie, need to be around their early teens. like 16 & 17ish, not the old people who are like 20 now. i want to audition for the part of Clary though, so does anyone know when there will be more details?! thanks =)

  • Definately Agree on some of the cast.. That would be amazing expecially Jace and Clary.. (o:
    Clary: Molly Quinn
    Jace: Alex Pettyfer
    Jocelyn: Bryce Dallas
    Alec: Nicholas Hoult
    Sebastian: Toby Hemingway
    Imogen: Tilda Swinton
    Aline: Katie Leung
    Magnus bane=Adam Lambert
    I hope they cast them so close to what you would think they would visualize.. (o: Im certain cassandra has a image of each within her mind.. (o:

  • i dont care what they do with the movie as long as they dont change it too much and they cast Alex Pettyfer as Jace Wayland, cause Alex is the only JACE then it cannot fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is how it should be. correction: HAS to be
    jace: alex pettyfer
    alec: alex evans
    magnus:adam lambert
    clary:lilly cole
    isabelle:megan fox
    simon:logan lerman
    dont screw up people.

    • MY ADAM LAMBERT AS MAGNUS BANEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL XD

  • i love David Boreanaz in the TV Series bones, he is really a great actor.-,`

  • Me either!! i really hope alexz johnson is clary!! love anyone who agrees i do not hate ppl that dont. also alex prettifer as jace he looks great in beastly!!

  • holy crap jace sounds soo smexii! dont u agree! im reading the WHOLE series (sigh) again!!! im up to “the city of glass” yay yay yay! cassandra clare ily u genious love all ya mortal instruments lovers you guys rock as much as me!!! twilight is soo gonna suck when this movie comes out! and fingers crossed its the best movie ever made! if sooo im gonna be 1 of those funny funs that cry over everything (probably not but u never know) ill be the fan loving these books/movies/jace FOREVER and nobody could eva make me forget the series. . . because they rock and every1 who have eva read it will know that this book will rock the world…. we r the lucky fans that love the book not the movie, no matter how bad they stuff up the movie we have our beautiful imaginations to fix it back up, and make these books what ever we want them too be! i wish i could tell you all how much these books mean to me but i cant put it into words, i will always treasure these books and they will ALWAYS have a place on my bookshelf! plz agree with me, i cant get my feelings into words, all i can do is keep writing but i have to go, try understand, if u think im some crazy fan, because these books have been some of my very best friends, and i have been through soo much im the past year and they have always been with me.

  • i can almost guarantee you, these books will be destroyed because of the movie. i loved the twilight books, well written, good plots. the movies destroyed everything everyone is so obsessive over it and the movies were completely changed compared to the books. i admit i liked these books better than twilight and i would hate to see what has happened to that happen to the mortal instruments. we all know they are going to put these well known actors in the movies so they can get publicity, they need fresh new faces who can portray these parts as magnificently as they were written.

  • I really want this to be turned into a movie, but if it turns out like Twilight did I’m going to be upset. In Twilight they left out vital parts from the books in the movies, and the camera work was awful.

  • ok i loved the books of twilight and i do admit i do watch the movies to but i hope the mortal instruments dont turn out like it only becaus ei dont like the feeling of twilight you can tell the films were meant to be indie films no one though it would be so big i hope the mortal instruments has a more newer age feel to it…. here is who i think the cast should be played as

    jace-alex pettyfer
    clary- molly quinn or the chick from secret life could work to…sorry all you alex lovers but i just imagine clary as fragile and i dont see alex fitting that
    alec lightwood-gaspard ulliel
    izzy-i think should really be played by a nobody because there is no one in the biz that i think can pull that character off
    simon- he was tricky but i think logan lerman would be a good pic
    Sebastian Verlac-to tell yout the truth i got nothing help?!?!?!?!
    ralf-ben barnes
    mia-idk wow i am bad at this haha well there are my picks for the actors

  • some of u guys are sooo negative about the movie . . .THINK POSITIVE!!! u have no idea that the movie will suck it could be the turn of the century! Lol just stop thinking the movie will suck because it might not . . STOP THINKING NEGATIVE!!! plus i wasnt a big fan of twlight but i think the movies turned out okay . . at least a good majority might like it even if they have read the book . . . . cya xx

  • omg. i cant wait.! im inlove with these books.
    they better have a good director and good actors. they better not ruin this like they ruined twilight. i loved it, untill i saw the movie.
    OMG! cant wait. im soooo excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I totally agree that Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel Would be an awesome Magnus and if they do the third book as a movie with the whole kiss thing… Then suck it up. As Isabelle would say: “It’s just a kiss.”

    Gaspard Ulliel looks perfect for Alec. Ihope they don’t ruin it like Twilight. (Curse the screaming fans who think those are good! >:( Lol jk! But seriously the Twilight movies are bad.)

  • Omg, please, please, please don’t let Hollywood jack up another good series! Twilight deserved better than what it got – which, btw, was cheesy acting and a bunch of cut out scenes from the book – and I think I’ll cry if that happens to the Mortal Instruments series. Or I’ll protest and demand a remake. lol jk. But I do hope the MI movies are better than the Twilight ones.

  • omg, storm i so agree with u !!!hahahaha.

  • <333 OMG They have GOT to make the movie!!!<333
    <333 also, I found a picture of a guy who <333
    <333 would be PERFECT for Alec, too bad hes<333
    <333 just a random emo boy :(( alexz johnson<333
    <333 for Clary, all the way! Damn she's HOT!<333
    <333 anyways: here's link for Alex (minus the<333
    <333 rings)<333–large-msg-1192665819871.69364_49565ba5d353c.jpg

  • O.M.G! I’m so excited it’s going to be a movie and a fourth book is coming out!!! I hope they pick someone totally HOTT to be Jace! Jace has to be perfect!!!

  • I think most of yall are so wrong….Jackson Rathbone should sooo play Jace he is soo cute lol or Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp should soo be Magnus Bane he would be soo perfect hes cute and plays weird parts in almost all of his movies. My friend sooooooo agrees with me they are like totally HOTT.!.

  • or Draco Malfoy can play Jonathan Morgenstern and Dracos dad can be Valentine PERFECT!!!

  • i so say that tyson houseman should be simon and nicholas braun(idk if i spelled it right)or cameron bright should be alec and i already mentioned some others and max lightwood should be played by Zachary Gordon or Allen Alvardo
    valentine should be played by draco malfoys dad and isabelle should be megan fox or selena gomez and luke should be played by james marsden or (bellas dad off twilight) maia idk but raphael

    R YUU ALL MAD!!!!

  • Okayy i takee tht back i jus saw Alex Pettyfer in one of the book trailers nd he did look perfect 4 it!!

  • Okayy noe he ain’t,
    He has the body bt the face aint ritee

  • OMG
    if he does play jace they hav 2 makee him look goood

  • (jess its meee !) imma on dads laptop. .
    okay to start offff i deffintiley think some1 new has to be jace . .u no some 1 who has neva eva been heard of . .they need to have auditions or something . . coz i know there is some preeety hot guys in my grade who would deffintley make the best jace . . but if they have to have some1 every1 loves then alex whatshisname. ARE YOU CRAZY !!!! the guy who plays jasper in twilight should not be jace . . (im really sorry if your taking this offensive) but i looked him up on google and he just isnt the best 4 it . .. i no i might seem like a control freak but i just dont want my favouritest book in the universe being turned into a stupid movie .. . .. omg maybe the dude who played peter pan (fav movie (sometimes ) could play him although he is probably too old or too young or something . . .

  • where do you guys live ???? i live in qld and i wonder how far the book has travelled . .. it wud b AWESOME its ALL mortal instruments fans could meet up and fanticize haahaahaaa ( omg i hope im not the only one hahaaa ) okay who else fanticizes about the books/ jace/ movie/ clary ?? . . . . . . . sigh haahaaah

  • David Boreanaz and that girl from Bones would really make a great a couple.*;;

  • rnt we all in love with these books and espeacially jace !!!! i feel lyk there is sooo much more that we can do to help other then bragging on how much we love the books and how much cassandra clare rocks and how hot jace is . . .i feel so ummmmmm idk what i feel lyk . . .AHHHH i just feel like i could be doing more then this . . . its driving meeeeeee insaneeeee

  • Really? that’s good… I’ve read the books and it’s beautiful.. I hope Clare will make a good choice in choosing a director and cast of characters. I hope they’ll be able to make a splendid movie just like in the Harry Potter series. Please make that movie a good one, because the story really amazed me, I won’t hope a well written novel will end up in a disgusting movie.. :-) I’m so excited…

  • wow . . . .i totally agreeeeee with jan roxanne haahaha ur soo calm about this, every1 including me r all screaming for this movie and u seem soo cool calm & collected (omg my english teacher says that !?!?!?) hahaaaa well done in not going crazyy !!! haahaaa :)

  • I absolutely LOVE the Mortal Instruments series but after seeing how little justice movies like Harry Potter and Twilight have done to the books I’m not so sure about the movie…please Cassandra don’t make the same mistake!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!The Mortal Instruments is my favourite series ever!!! It is so epic at the end with Angel Raziel, it made me cry! But as a few people have said already, do NOT let this amazing series look bad by choosing a **** director. I always thought it would make a fantastic movie but only in the hands of a very good director like Steven Spielberg or David Yates, i reckon they could make a good movie out of this series. One time i went to Canberra in Australia and bought a book called the Hunger Games which became my favourite books. they were my favourite and then went on to buy the next two, but then i went back to the same shop maybe half a year later and bought city of bones and absolutely loved it, and bought the next two, it beat the Hunger Games by far!!! It was truly amazing. If it becomes a bad movie, i will be wrecked, absolutely wrecked.!

  • i would be SOOOOOOOO suprised to hear of some1 who read this book / series and hated it !!! every single person who comments on the series : I TOTALLY AGREEE WITH YOU ?!?!?!?!?! haahaa i get an e-mail everytime someone makes a comment and i love ittt !!!

  • omg!!! is it really turning into a movie ive been waiting for this news like 4 eva yaayayayayayyayayayayay i cant wait to see it

  • Jace should be hot.

  • Ooooooh, I’m so exited! Magnus Bane should be played by a Eurasian guy though, like in the books:)

  • YES Alex Pettyfer is SO DAMN HOT he would be PRFECT for Jace, I want it to be like so DAMN detailed! No Eragon stuff that skips all the good parts, something long like Lord of the Rings! Make this movie EXPENSIVE!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ D:

  • i want chase Crawford as jace…

  • we magnus to be portrayed by johnny depp.. Elizabeth Reaser should portray clary’s mom megan fox for Isabelle Lightwood..

  • i borrowed the books off a frend and i COULD NOT put them down!!! i loved them.
    molly quinn or emma roberts for clary i reckon and kellan lutz for jace (PLEASE!!) if alex pettyfer plays him i will be soo upset :( i mean i like him and all but i dont think he fits the “description” of jace.
    magnus should soo be played by adam lambert,,, who ever came up with that is a genius,, he was the 1st person i thort of once the book described how magnus looked :)
    anyways…. OMG YAY i cant wait til this is a movie,, and please make it great, not like twilight – i mean that was good but c’mon make this better!!!
    anyways i cant wait:) should be the best ever!!!!

  • So excited I’ve read these books like a bagillion times! God! Please do not use Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Their correars are headed downhill from here. Love you all!

  • Yes me too I think that Alex Pettyfer his the only Jace Wayland!:) And for your information they will have a 5th and 6th book!! But I don’t know if it’s Clary or Simon who will tell the story… ANd I fell in love with the gorgeous Jace Wayland! I’m so happy they’re making a movie about the mortal instruments xD

  • Adam Lambert should have been the winner of American Idol, such a great talent “

  • I am reading the whole series again for the 4th time !!! haahaaaa im agreeing with … miley !! i have gone head over heels for jace ! lol it happens everytime i read these books ! lol cant wait for the nxt book to come out !! in about 20 days or something ! EEEEEEE haahaaa CANT FREAKIN WAIT !!!! but im the tiniest bit sad that its not clary’s story but its still okayy with simon’s …… SCREEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM, seriously i get to maths or some boring subject at school and daydream ! haahaaaa i sit there like sigh ! this is one of the reasons im doin not so good in maths AHHHHH HAAAAHAA okkkaayayyy love you alllll soooo muuuchhhh !

  • i justtt nowwww found out about them making this into a movie!!! ahhh ha yay!

    heres my choice of who should play them

    clary – molly quinn
    jace – TAYLOR HANDLY. not this alex guy nooo ew
    simon – jack carpenter
    isabell – hilary duff
    alec – Max Thieriot
    magnus – adam lambert
    hodge – leam neeson
    joclynn – Marguerite Moreau
    luke – (pending)
    valentine – Richard Roxburgh

  • if alex pettyfer is cast as Jace it’s guaranteed to be one of the worst book adaptions because he’s the worst possible actor that could be chosen.

  • yesss thank you! NO alex pettyfer. i think the guy TAYLOR HANDLY would fit jace. look him up you’ll see! :)

  • Omigosh!! I love the series!! I read it twice. Ever scince I found out there was going to be a movie I keep oking for possible actor sand yes Alex Pettyfer would be perfect for Jace. But when I look at everybodys commets there is never a good Alec. Just because he has dark hair, blue eyes and he’s gay does not mean he’s EMO. So I found the perfect guy. Aaron Johnson from “Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging”. Look him up he’s pefect.<3 :) and Juno Temple MIGHT be a nice Clary if she dyes her hair but it's a big might.

  • I also think they should make the movie like 3 hours long like Avatar or the Lord of the Rings. Who cares if it’s long they should fit every little detail so that no fan is dissapointed. COME ON RICH PEOPLE MKE ME A GOOD FRIGGIN’ MOVIE THAT I ACCTUALLY WANT TO WATCH AND THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH TO BUY AND WATCH REPIDETLY. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGIAN… THANK YOU :)(:

  • Hannah Beth as Isabelle and Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Simon thes are big maybes but there options! :)

  • andee you should look up taylor handly. i honestly think he would be better for jace than alex

  • haden pennteair i thinks thats how you say her name would be perfect for clary just a little red hair dye and bang

  • i dont care who the actors are as long as alex is jace!

  • Gosh, I’m so excited! I haven’t finished City of Glass yet because I didn’t want the series to end….then I find out Cassandra Clare is writing 3 more books, Yay!!! (except waiting) Here’s a little bit of my cast ideas…just an idea:
    Clary: Holland Roden or Alexis Bledel (maybe a bit old, but she might be able to pull it off) or even Stacey Farber?
    Jace: Alex Pettyfer (gorgeous, just like Jace <3)
    Clary's Mom: Debra Messing
    Simon: maybe Aaron Johnson?
    Luke: Eric Bana
    Alec: Gaspard Ulliel
    Isabella: Odetta Yustman
    Those are just who I pictured, but I'm so excited, I can't wait for the new books or the movie ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I agree that Alex would make a good Jace, however if Travis Van Winkle was a little younger he would be perfect. I think Molly Quinn
    would be a good Clary. I think Munro Chambers would make a good Simon.

  • Also following a degrassi trend Jordan Todosey with longer hair would make a good Clary

  • JORDAN TODOSEY. ur kidding right the girl’s like ten.

  • This is the best series EVER!!! After reading them i got all my friends 2 read them and they LOVED them. Harry Potter and the Twilight saga was totally ruined when they made the books into movies. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ DONT LET ME DOWN BY LETTING THIS SERIE B A FLOP!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Todosey is 15 bro..

  • omg i am drooling over the series again !!! 5th time reading it and still am in love !!! haahaa OMG im sooo pumped over the clockwork angel coming out in …………. get ready for this (its shocking ) 4 DAYS !!!!! SCREAM !!! i no right and i will be lining up to buy it. I no its not clary and (sigh/drool) jace but its still cassandra clare whos work i adore, she hasnt let us down so far and I know now that she won’t let us down this time either ! CASSANDRA CLARE U R AWESOME and deffinitley have inspired to write my own storie :)


    Jace: Alex Pettyfer
    Clary: Zena Gray!!

    the others please watch this

  • Wow scullen ….. did you make that youtube video coz if you did i loved it !!! (it got e-mailed to me ) if u didnt make it well done for finding it and sharing it with us except the mangus bane one looks more like a girl then a man …. but it doesnt matter ……

  • I’d posted earlier those whom I thought would be well cast for specific roles – but the part of Simon gave me pause… Now I remember who it was I always pictured when reading! It was Dan Byrd. You might remember him as Hillary Duff’s bff in Cinderella Story.

  • i think the idea of them turning it into a movie isn’t all that great considering they ruined twilight, but maybe if they have the right cast they can pull it off.
    Clary- Alexz Johnson/Molly Quinn
    Jace- Alex Pettyfer or (preferably) someone who isn’t currently a celebrity that has shoulder length blonde hair and a nice body
    Simon- Kristopher Turner (he plays Alexz Johnson’s best friend on Instant Star, he is a PERFECT Simon!)
    Magnus- Adam Lambert or an unknown person that would suit the role.
    Alec- Nicholas Hoult, unknown person or Gaspard Ulliel.
    Isbelle- Someone that looks like Katt Von D, but without all of the tattoo’s (gotta have space for the runes) NOT MEGAN FOX, GOD PLEASE NO.
    Valentine- Peter Facinelli
    Hodge-Anthony Stewart Head
    no idea for Jocelyn and Lucian

  • i think that peter jackson should direct the movie because he is a reall good directer

  • OMG!!! I haven’t been thinking about the movie or the series latetly cuz I’ve been reading so many good books. and because I have such CRAPPY internet I haven’t been able 2 check the coments. But now that I have access 2 the internet I had 2 come here 2 write 2 u guys. I have nothing 2 do so I’m just gonna say random stuff. OKAY? ‘Kay I was watching TV when a comercial for BEASTLY came on. I was like WTF. are they making a mortal instruments movie? the reason I was wondering was because the in the first few seconds you see alex pettyfer in the shot and I litterely thought it was Jace. then there was a whole bunch of random shit and then the title popped up for BEASTLY and I almost cried because it wasn’t what I thought it was. YEP. :) Anyways. ……. THE END!! :) :)

  • emma roberts as clary. would be amazing.
    and peter from the chronicles of naria would be perfect for jace.
    man. im soo wicked pumped for this. i hope it happens!!! =]


  • OMG really I cant wait

  • omg!!! love these books hope the movie is supper good!!!who ever plays jace better be super hot!!!!

  • Argh, absolutely in love with these books. I so so so hope this movie doesn’t turn out like Twilight and Eragon. I will be majorly depressed!

    Check out Matt Barr for a potential Jace? What do you guys think? Alex Pettyfer is really good though.

  • Check out Henry Cavill for Jace! He’s a little older, but whatever he’s super hot! Just imagine him with some blonde curly locks!!

  • Check out Henry Cavill for Jace!

  • i can see where your coming from with Henry, but i just can’t get around his oldness lol…but he does have a nice chizzled body ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I was watching Jenifer’s Body and I saw this actor named Kyle Gallner and I thought “Magnus Bane!” I mean he looks perfect for the role!

  • they should make it like a three hour movie! everyone will love is sooo much better :)

    p.s. no alex for jace

  • i think they should choose julio chavez to be alec, hes soo cute and has all of alecs characteristics, hes evan gay and hott!!!!!
    with no doubt julio will do alecs paper very well

  • I’m not sure about Emma roberts for clary? I just imagined her different :S

  • Lol you know what? Nevermind.. Emma would be really good :)

  • *squeeeeeeeeee!!* I RLY want to see a mortal instruments movie!!!!!! But so help me if they rly do cast Alex Pettyfer as Jace (as a lot of fans want) I WILL VOMIT. Pls no, he’s not the right age (at least i don’t think he is.) and he’s so….bleh. I admit he does hav the ‘jace look’ but i’d like someone else for the part.
    On the other hand I would like to say that Hyde is the perfect as Magnus!!!! (not the rite age i kno but wat ev.)
    Will be keeping my crossed for the movie! Pls make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3!

  • I love this series! all i want to know is when is it coming out cause the trailers r there and the actors/actresses are picked. it has all been produced and everything but they are keeping us in the dark about when it will come out. if any one knows please tell me! ps find me on facebook under Ashleigh Da

  • I really hoe they follow through with these movies because one i read these all i could think of was that they had to make a movie!!

  • soo i hear there only talkin about makin it a movie so is really guna be made or is made????

  • I think that Chase Crawford should be Jace and that Adam Lambert should be Magnus Bane.

  • i think that Daniel Craig is only second to Pierce Brosnan when playing the role of James Bond-‘`

  • i bet that when they get the cast no one will like who they pick.

    then all the girls will be like oh jace your soo hot blah blah blah!

    ha ppl make me mad

    but its wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than twilight for surreeeeee :)

  • OMG!!! i love these books sooooooo much, I’ve read them like a million times. i think that Alex Pettyfer should definatly play JACE and that Alec should be playked by Chace Crawford and Adam Lambert would be a great mangus bane. I really hope that the movies turn out good and not like twilight. before the movie came out i used to love the twilight books but once i watched the movie the books were just not the same for me. i think that the directors of lord of the rings should make the movie…

    i really hope that they do not stuff this movie up because i love the books…and especially JACE he is every girls dream of a they had better not stuff him up in the movies otherwise ill be very dissapointed. and i cant wait for the 4th book, its gooonnnna be maddd

    ILY JACE <3

  • BTW it was maant to be JACE <3 not just his name…but anywayz i love him!!!!

  • baahaa im the same with meagan its like grrrr when you think the movie will come out and ppl that havent even read the books will instantly now everything about the whole series … i just cant wait to show them how much we know compared to them :) we will always be the fans that matter to cassandra clare :)

  • YES!!! WHOOHOO!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • alex pettyfer better play jace. william moseley is hot, yes, but he could NOT portray jace’s attitude correctly. i hope this doesnt get ruined like twilight did.

  • I love that it is going to be a movie reading these books is my secret love hehehe I can not wait ALEX PETTYFER must be jace :) I LOVE JACK WAYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the best voice i have heard is from adam lambert, he would really become more famous ~’-

  • alex pettyfer looks too old for jace.I think bradley james would play jace better

  • Bill Kaulitz is sooooooooooooo Magnus Bane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  • adam lambert= magnus bane lol
    but he fits the part… hmm

  • Daniel Craig is bigger and better than Sean Connery. i like him as the new james bond:’*

  • @Infrared Camera:

    Seriously? 1. This has nothing to do with James Bond 2. Daniel Craig is the Caffeine-Free Diet No-Name Cola of James Bonds. Everyone knows Sean Connery was the best 007.

    Hey everyone, look for “Adam Lambert for Magnus Bane” on Facebook!!

  • ALEX PETTYFER ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! I love Jace Herondale :)

  • CASSANDRA CLARE….OMG…aha heres the movie, aha heres the movie (^_^) soo excited. A MOVIE. A MOVIE!!!!! Cassandra please i beg u please get a good director for the movie. Mortal Instruments is going and will surpass the Twilight by Stephenie. Twilight was ruined. It suck big time. The books are better than the movie. But I do love the characters. Team Jacob go go. But my favorite will be and allways be TEAM!!!!!! JACE!!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM and Clary too ofcourse and Simon, and Luke and Maia and a lot of more love ya peace

  • OMG i really truelly agree with most of these people plz plz don’t let it turn up like Twilight Those were sucky movies though i personally LOVE vampires the movie came out crappy it left out great parts about the book that i loved and putin useless CRAP i love books to the deepest grain of my soul and when they get screwed up in tv shows and movies i get pretty pissed off like percy jackson got ripped off ,twilight ,vampire diaries and probably much more so donbt let them one of my favorite books of all time please don’t i trust you bye

  • I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I just finished reading thru them again for like the 5th time. They just seem to capture me over and over again. I am also a fan of the Twilight series, but I seem to be always choosing to read The Mortal Instruments before I want to read Twilight again. I’ve been dying to see if they were going to make this series into a movie, I just hope they dont screw it up. As for all the actors they would choose to play, I dont think I even know who I would see as being a good choice. I’m sure that everyone who read these books has there own pictures in their minds of what the characters actually look like.

  • I’ll approve of Alex Pettyfer only if he starts working out more and gets an acting coach to teach him how to be both an asshole and a tortured youth like Jace.

  • is it still being made into a film? and when? x

  • YES! It is still being made into a movie. And now it has a director too!!! Cant wait

  • First off, Molly Quinn, She sucks. She’s just not right. I imagined her with curly hair or wavy. Racheal Hurd-Wood, would be okay,not the best becuase she’s pretty in the wrong way. but Molly Quinn is TALL. Not Clary.
    Jace has golden hair and tan skin. not some Light fair kid like Alex Pettyfer or whatever.


    No Molly, or Alexz, Or Emma Stone or Watson.
    She has to be unknown, or else it just won’t work because of thier preconcieved cuz of acting history.

  • I agree with kelli on the whole golden jace thing and ya, molly sucks/
    I kinda think one of the olsen twins would be cute for clary, just look at this pic. and they’re small and cute like clary

    and dude, a series would be cool.

  • 3 THINGS…

    1. Just because someone is already a well known actor doesn’t mean they are the best fit for the part. There’s billions of people in the world, i’m prety sure we can find someone better than alex pettyfer to play jace.

    2. Just because an actor is in their twenties does not mean they can’t play a 16 year old. (Look at all the harry potter actors).

    3. Please stop comparing these books to twilight. there is NO COMPARISON!! harry potter….maybe. BUT NO TWILIGHT!!!!

    Okay, with all that said, I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!! I love these books pretty much the same as i love harry potter. If they screw this up i will DIE!!

    And Adam Lambert for Magnus please……just had to throw that in there ๐Ÿ˜›

  • 3 THINGS…

    1. Just because someone is already a well known actor doesn’t mean they are the best fit for the role. There are billions of people in the world, i’m prety sure we can find someone better than alex pettyfer to play jace.

    2. Just because an actor is in their twenties does not mean they can’t play a 16 year old. It’s hollywood people. seriously. (Look at all the harry potter actors).

    3. Please stop comparing these books to twilight. there is NO COMPARISON!! harry potter….maybe. BUT NO TWILIGHT!!!!

    Okay, with all that said, I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!! I love these books pretty much the same as i love harry potter. If they screw this up i will DIE!!

    And Adam Lambert for Magnus please……just had to throw that in there ๐Ÿ˜›

  • This is greeeeat – as has already been noted – but Whatever! I just have to say it again ……………. AWESOME! Am I right or right? I’m late on all the news though so does anyone know when the movie is coming out? I really think that t’ll be good but boy will i be mad if it becomes like twilight! Also, although i am SO excited about city of fallen angels, i will miss Clary’s view on things and all the Lightwoods. With simon it will probably be about Maia. But you know what? Who cares because Mortal Instrument series is awesome!!!!!

  • And btw it would be so LOL if Adam Lambert plays Magnus – but in the good way.

  • 3 THINGS…

    1. Just because someone is already a well known actor doesn’t mean they will fit the part best. There are billions of people in this world, i’m pretty sure we can find someone better than Alex Pettyfer to play Jace. (Yes he’s hot, but he can’t act to save his life).

    2. Who cares if someone is in their twenties?! It’s hollywood people, they can make a 30 year old look like a teenager. And besides, 20 year olds tend to act WAYYYY better than teenagers.

    3. And finally, please for the love of god STOP COMPARING THIS SERIES TO TWILIGHT!! There is no comparison! Twilight sucks, Mortal Instruments rocks, it’s as simple as that.

    Now, with all that said…I can’t wait for this to be made into a movie. Just pleeaasssee don’t eff it up.

    Oh and Adam Lambert for Magnus…..just had to throw that in there ๐Ÿ˜›

  • But whats so wrong with the alex pettyfer guy? He might as well be Jace. Or not, its not like he actually is. Whats the big deal? Just coz people like him hes hated?

  • Thats ironic ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Matt Barr (Dan from Hellcats) would be perfect for Jace!

  • Mitch Hewer – Jace Lightwood. PLEASE! Don’t choose Alex Pettyfer he is SO ugly and SO not Jace! xx

  • OKay so, i absolutely hate that blonde guy that want to be Jace because he does not look bad ass and attractive at all. If it HAS to be a blonde guy i think it should be Landon Liboiron. I believe Adam Lambert should play magnus that would be fricken amazing. Demi Moore should play Maryse Kristopher turner should be simon Lena Headey should be joc Daniel craig should be valentine. I swear they better not ruin this movie. i have afeeling they will and i will be very upset this is an amazing series.

  • OMG Logan Lerman= Simonโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ
    Emma Roberts= Clary
    Alex Pettyfer= Jace Wayland
    Michael Sheen= luke
    Leah Clearwater= Isabelle
    Kate Beckinsale=Maryse
    Adam Lambert= Magnus
    Kyle Gallner= Alec
    please!! please!!! dont ruin this series with a crappy director and a crappy cast โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  • These books are my favourite books.Cant wait till the movies come out but they better not mess up the cast.I dont agree with emma roberts as clary she is to old. Clary is 16 but supposed to look 14.

  • Okay, these books are great and better not get ruined because the director/producer decides to mutalate the movie and make it to their liking. LEAVE THE MOVIE LIKE THE BOOK! and the actors/actresses need to fit the charactor, i mean don’t put someone who is way to old to play the part because they have been in more movies, or because you know them personaly. Make the movie just as good as the books please.

  • just going to comment – if they cast leah clearwater as isabelle, i may have to shoot myself in the foot.
    just an opinion. and really, guys, though twilight was one of the worst movies of the 2009 – present era, and the actors were crap, it’s not that fair to compare a gorgeous book series to garbage like sparkling vampires and flesh-eating babies.
    oh dear, did i get carried away?c:

  • i think that….

    hodge= hugh laurie
    magnus bane= adam lambert
    luke= ryan gosling
    alec or sebastion= gaspard ulliel
    isabell= megan fox
    jace= Taylor Kitsch
    clary= Margarita Levieva
    simon= dan byrd

  • i am aware Taylor Kitsch is a wee old for the part buuuuut he fits it really well, he looks ood blonde, and looks bad ass

  • I totally agree with Taylor. I’d prefer having someone who might be a little bit too old play the part but can still pull off the attitude.
    If they can’t pull that off then they can’t play jace and alex can not pull it off. He’s not bad ass enough….just sayin.

  • even chris riggi would be an amazing alec!!!!

  • Stephanie Leonidas would make a better isabell then megan fox!

  • OMG!!!!! *deep breath* ben barnes! he is perfect for Alec!

  • i love alec, and i want to rape his sweet little ass ๐Ÿ˜€

  • the sigh of said bottom in a pair of well fitting wrangler jeans would be rather mouth watering.

  • william moseley would make the best jace i think. he’s just got the whole jace vibe. alex has the hot yet arrogant feel though.
    as for clary, molly quinn would be perfect. she has the hair and the eyes, she’s got the right build i believe, and she’s a good actress. she’s be great for clary

  • William Moseley is too book worm/ prep.Taylor Kitsch is perfect other then he’s a tad older, but some good make up work. Molly Quinn fit’s well though.

  • i cant what till it comes out the only problem is the actress playing clary they cast lily collins SOOOO STUPID i mean she is WAYYY to old to be clary i mean have they even read the books
    and she has brown hair clary is a RED head even if they die it it will not be a good enough red they should have cast a red haed or a blond

    o well imma see em anyway im also going to read her other series… its a play on the mortal instruments

  • OK just so you guys stop wondering there are six books in the mortal instruments series…
    1. City of Bones
    2. City of Ash
    3. City of Glass
    4. City of Falling Angels
    5. City of Lost Souls
    6. City of Heavenly Fire

    and in the prequel series(Infernal Devices)
    1. Clockwork Angel
    2 and 3. to be desided
    if you r wondering about the searies it is set in the 1800s and is about early shadow hunters and clary’s ancesters

  • lily collins? FAAAAAIL!

  • i love Bones and David Boreanaz, he is good looking and i can say that he is talented **-

  • actually, i like the body of Daniel Craig. wish i could have a body like that ::’

  • Omg i’m so excited please get a great director and producer so the movie doesn’t go to crap and don’t let them change anything the book was soooo good! :) oh and Alex pettyfer would be the perfect Jace he looks pretty much how I pictured Jace

  • alex pettyfer would be good if we were watching his abs not his face. i’m voting taylor kitsch is best

  • Did you guys know they cast Lily Collins as Clary? What do you think about that?

  • I love jace he’s so hot i’m so happy it’s becoming a movie!!!!!!

  • Lily Collins has been cast as Clary.just check the mortal instruments imdb page and you can see for yourself.and Cassandra Claire Said that they casting people will have to see what alex pettyfer schedule is.

  • YES MUCHLY EXCITED, neeeeds to not flop like Twilight or Eragon, because this is such an amazing series. I wish everything much luck and can’t wait… btw i’d do an excellent Isabelle ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I think Who ever plays Clary needs to be small,have red hair,freckels (optional),and green eyes

  • Yep I Agree .But Lily Collin Dose Make A Great Clary.The Casting People Rock :)

  • ok so this is the cast that i imagined would be the best for the job

    Clary=Moll Quinn
    Jace=lex Pettyfer
    Jocylin=Bryce Howard
    Luke=Gerard Butler
    Simon=Stephen Mcqueen
    Alec=Adam Gregory
    Isabelle=Megan Fox
    Magnus Bain=Adam lambert
    Fairy queen=Rachel Hurd-Wood×564.jpg
    Rapheal=Orlando Bloom
    Valentine=Daniel Craig

    well there they are lol i could only find a link that was short enough for one of the pics but you can just go to google images for the rest. :)

  • i think…..

    hodge= hugh laurie
    magnus bane= adam lambert
    luke= ryan gosling
    alec= ben barnes
    sebastion= gaspard ulliel
    isabell= Stephanie leonidas
    jace= Taylor Kitsch
    clary= Margarita Levieva
    simon= dan byrd

    because they are all epic actors wh fit the descript!

    • WHOA!!

      I like your cast….Taylor Kitsch, Ben Barnes, AND Adam Lambert?!!

      That would be like my dream cast :)

  • I wonder if I can take a part in the movie even though I’m not an American and I’m not perfect in using English… I wish I could…

  • This is my cast

    Clary-Alexz Johnson
    Jace-Alex Pettifyer
    Simon-kristopher turner
    Alec-Alex Evans ( I know he’s not a actor but he look’s like Alec in my mind)
    Isabelle-Nina Dobrey
    Luke- Daniel graig
    i dont know any one else

  • alexz johnson should so be clary and alex pettyfer is the ideal choice for jace!!! i’m so excited but down becos cassandra has chosen lily collins to be clary. it says on her updated blog

  • Cassandra doesn’t pick the characters. The people making the movie choose the cast. Cassandra just agrees that lily would fit the part. Which personally I don’t think she’s that bad.

  • My ideal cast would be….

    Clary-lily Collins is ok but I would have preferred shailene woodley
    Jace- Taylor kitsch
    Alec- gasped ulliel
    Isabelle- Megan fox
    Jocelyn- ……I haven’t thought of one yet..
    Luke- either Eric Bana or Gerard Butler
    Valentine- Daniel Craig
    Sebastian- the one and only…..BEN BARNES!!!
    Maryse- Juliana Margules…..she’s okay.
    Magnus Bane- Adam Lambert
    Simon- Kristopher Turner
    Hodge- Gary Oldman

    I think that’s everyone…..or all the main people at least.

  • no one ever thought to think of jeremy stumper!

  • Okay so i have warmed up on the idea of putting Alex Pettyfer as Jace. Hes good I guess… But one thing i will fight for until the end! Simon MUST BE Ricky Ullman! MUST BE! and Alec could be Logan Lerman… idk. Hodge has gotta be Gary Oldman ( i mean we could already see how much of a good job he did in Harry Potter soo…) Jocelyn has to be.. HAS TO BE Kate Walsh. For Clary… um… well i guess Alexz or Quinn could be good but i just dont know…. maybe even Emma Roberts. Well thats as far as I got….
    please. Please. PLEASE dont fuck this movie up! I love these books with burning zeal! It must be good! this series is like the new twilight (u kno with the mass fame and all…) Please dont let the people who directed any of the Twilight movies or Percy Jackson or even Eragon to direct this movie! get Christopher Columbus (director/producer of Harry Potter) or some one else but some one good!

  • author has no control, once they sign saying it can be a movie then the movie company takes over and they fit the roles as they see fit with the actors and actresses they have access to…. stupid i know but still the way it happens to work. j.k rowling was the one of the few authors who had say.

  • I’m wit Genny all the way. agree with her completely on the cast
    and the whole..authors having no say thing, sucks

  • I don’t think Alex Pettyfer would be a good Jace. Maybe when he was younger, but he is just too old looking now. It won’t work.
    I hope they won’t fuck it up, like they did with for instance Twilight. I never saw Eragon, but that was because I thought the poster was disturbing..
    It will, of course, never live up to the books, but there is a difference between a good try and an utter failure..

  • Next to that (no I’m not done yet XD): There is no way in hell that Emma Roberts will ever be a good Clary in my mind. I’m a redhead myself and I was so glad when I read the books that there was finally a cool main character with red hair and Emma Roberts doesn’t have red hair! It’s maybe strawberry blond or something.. They’re not going to dye it.. That would just suck.
    Okay I just had to say that.
    Also, Genny said that Ricky Ullman should play Simon. Well it wouldn’t fit him with the short hair, but maybe if his hair would be a bit longer, since it curls.. But even then. Simon is supposed to be a vampire and all and I don’t think Ricky Ullman would make a good vampire at all..

  • honestly, alex pettyfer sure looks like jace (in my head at least), but jace is such a complicated character to play. Maybe he wont pull it off that nicely..?
    i mean jace is tough and hard and all that, and soft at the same time ๐Ÿ˜›
    LOVE Lilly collins for clary btw, looks pretty much as i could picture Clary in my mind. Perhaps a little more rounded facial features, idk.
    They speculate on putting the guy who directed this one
    as a diector i think. Feels kind of reassuring to me =)

  • lily colins is a good choice right? I mean no one it going to be the perfect clary. er, she doesn’t really look the clary in my head though. ๐Ÿ˜› Hey doesn’t that alex pettyfer guy star in that beastly movie? I think that’s him… he looks young in that :L

  • Lily Collins is going to play Clary! Can’t wait! xx

  • I dont understand how some of you guys have posted your dream cast with people who are almost 30 yrs old playing 16 yr olds. I mean Taylor Kitsch for Jace? he will NEVER pull it off. Im not tryin to be mean. i understand someone who is 21 b/c there are no more 16-19 yr old actors who can pull it off unless we want Zack and Cody But come on? 30 YEARS OLD :) lol i would have liked molly quinn but she may not have wanted the part. and the directors have to go with what they have.i like lily though Who knows maybe they will pick an awesome Jace who is not Alex pettyfer. Personally i dont think he could do well. he looks too mature, not old. he is only 20. Just Jace and everyone are still kids. I just hope it’s not like robert pattison in twilight. I loved Kellan Lutz as Emmett and Ashley Greene as Alice. But i just dont like the rest of the cast. Kristen Stewart wasnt girly enough or something. and Robert was just not as hot enough. He could have gotten some abs or something.

  • i just started reading these books ,on monday and i can see taylor lochner(?) as jace.

  • cant wate 4 the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read all the books that casandra clar has ever written!โ˜ปโ™ฅโ˜บ

  • OMJ its me again…. I couldn’t help myself but to yell at someone…. jessie, NO WAY IS TAYLOR LOCHNER ALOUD TO BE JACE!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY????!! ARE YOU FREAKING INSANE???! NO… no… no.. sorry if i offended you but– i had to be the one to call you out on that…. no offense

  • WTF?!! Really, Taylor Lochner?! Wowwwww, yeah umm that’s a terrible idea…no offense. But seriously. Whether we like it or not they’re probably going to cast 25 year olds. Guy actors are always older than their characters. BUT this can work out cause older guys act better and they look more mature and manly…therefore hotter. That’s my opinion at least.

    And also, I’m now officially 100% against pettyfer playing jace. He didn’t age very gracefully (he got ugly as he grew up). And also, I saw the trailer for the new movie he’s in and his voice just doesn’t sound right. Jace is supposed to have that arrogant, sexy voice……alex just doesn’t.

    I think I covered everything :)

  • ((FYI: It’s Taylor Lautner, not Lochner)

    And no. Just no.

  • i don’t know how to feel, sure, it would be amaaaazing, i hope .. but i’m worried for the fact that it will become mainstream and it will loose its appeal.
    Twilight had the same problem. It too was a good book, and to the fans who read it a long time BEFORE the movie’s came out, all the try hards acted like they knew everything about them and had always been a fan.
    My point is, Mortal Instruments may become the same massive phenomenon that Twilight obtains. And it may loose its appeal to its true fans.

  • Clockwork Angel is also amazing! Personally I found it better. If that was a movie wouldn’t it be amazing?! Will or Jace? Or Jem? I saw Jem and Will. But it is going pretty far – there’s jewelry, and a graphic novell. But i am not surprised, as Clary loves anime and stuff.

  • say* ;P

  • say* ;P And no. No Way would I ever not like city of bones!!!!!!

  • Taylor Lautner? seriously? really ? omfg wtf he is uglyyyy and he is super tanned doesnt have blonde hair and he is uglyyy and he is a shit actor….i hate him (well that’s my opinion) i cant beleive someone actually suggested that like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! ‘

    P.S no offence well maybe a little

  • Hey guys,,
    i love this books, they are legendary. i think that if they had to be made into a movie they would be better off with some new, or little known actors for most of the parts. i just dont think they should be compared to anything else, because these books are simply amazing! i am a young actress with red hair ;)i would love to even be considered to play the role of Clary. i cant think of anything i would be more thrilled to do then help bring these books to life the way they deserve to be.

  • wow!! im more excited 4 the book tho. lol. i just wanna read them all!!! :)

  • Ok so from reading one of the comments that said the movie would be made with The first three books together… Noooooooooo!!!!! That would be horrible!!!!! Since she added three more and a prologue series (โ€ข ^ โ€ข||)…. it’ll be like how they ruined the unfortunate events….And I hope they don’t ruin the characters….The fact it may ( will eventually the movie comes out) become mainstream.. Good for more fans but I hate how some people think they know it all (- x -||)

  • OMG ! Lily Collins has officially been cast as Clary for the movie! Omg ! They don’t have a Jace yet, but she said theres been talk of ALEX PETTYFER but no official Jace yet :) Omg, I am so psyched.

  • I love The Mortal Instruments, which is super amazing. They’re my favorite books. (I have to tell you, my favorite couple is Alec/Magnus. I’m not gay, but they’re too cute.)

    A lot of people are gung-ho for Alex Pettyfer while others are not. I’m in between those groups. If they cast an unknown, awesome, just make sure that person can play Jace and has the same physical characteristics. If they can’t, Alex is all right. Something about him is off, however. Now I have another option. His name is Joe Brooks. Joe is a UK acoustic singer/songwriter who tours in the US, as well. I know Joe is really slender, but he’s so cute. If he doesn’t fit the part, oh well. I love his looks and voice regardless. (Look him up if you don’t know him. Jace or no, his music is lovely.)

    Clary is cast, so I won’t state my opinions of who she should be or not. Lily Collins will do just fine (in the looks department). She was a good actress in The Blind Side.

    Not a lot of people seem to be interested in Alec here. Which I do not understand. Seriously, Alec is so awesome. I love his character in the books. My cast choice for dear Alec is Gaspard Ulliel. Look him up, he is amazing. Gaspard is French (can talk English. Think Hannibal Rising) and totally gorgeous. He even kissed a guy for one of his French movies. What more could you ask for when you see Alec? Gaspard Ulliel is the only face I can ever picture being Alec. For whomever that likes him, you deserve ten million cookies. Go Gaspard Ulliel!!!!

    Magnus strikes controversy. He should match up with the character description that Cassandra Clare gave…But I never pictured him as such. I personally can agree with the Adam Lambert lovers. Take a look at him…Gay, glitter, confident, the hair…Score.

    People seem to like Megan Fox for Isabelle. Why? She doesn’t fit for me. I would like to see Odette Yustman. Or I’ve seen some nice pictures of Kate Voegele that proves she matches the description of Izzy. But I like Odette more so.

    Simon…Hm…Logan Lerman, I would have to say. He’s not the perfect casting choice, but he’s young, cute, and glasses-worthy. I’ve seen Kristopher Turner as a choice. He’s good, too.

    Sebastian is harder for me. I don’t like the idea of Ben Barnes, even though he is a popular choice. But He does fit, with him having the longer dark hair. How about…Sean Faris? He’s not the best, but he is lovely eye candy.

    I’ve seen some good suggestions for the adult characters. I agree with Kate Beckinsale as Maryse, Famke Janssen as Jocelyn, Eric Bana as Luke/Lucian (well, sorta. He’s okay.), and Gerard Butler for Robert…My say on Valentine is that he should be blond, and I’m not a fan of the popular Daniel Craig. But I don’t have my own opinion for who should be him, so I guess he’s okay. And the other characters I left out, you guys can have fun with them :)

    Well those are my opinions. If you do not agree, sorry.

  • Lily Collins will be playing Clary Fray

  • i reckon Takeshi Kaneshiro would be great for playing magnus bane he is rather hot

  • FINNNNNNNNNAYLLLLLLLLY people are agreeing with me not to have Alex as jace!

    and pleeeease for the love of book gods dont let megan fox have anything to do with this!!

    as for my choice for jace, Taylor Handley, or possibly Garrett Hedlund.. hes a lil older.. but might be able to pull it off! <3

    there hot either way!

  • Meagan I agree. Sigh…I wish Garrett was Jace lol. I don’t think anyone realizes how sucky movies from this era are going to be when we look back and all we see is Alex P. He is good looking in his own way, but my god! Those crazy fangirls want him in ANY book turned movie where there is a hot blond guy. No offense but the dude is getting older and looks like a Calvin Klein add more than teenage boy of a book. And so…anyone new out there that can play him? At this point I’ll even take Zac Effron as a blond lol.

  • Okay, a couple of years ago I would of loved Alex for Jace, too, but he’s WAY too old now. At this point, I’m leaning toward Mitch Hewer.

  • i don’t really care. as long as they are attractive to the teenage eye. this is going to be epic.

  • Hey everyone you should check out my link. I’d like to play Simon Lewis in the mortal instruments movie. Do you think I could be Simon? Check out some pics!

  • yeah!!!
    so excited for the movie.. i really hope it wont disappoint the fans…the book was totally awesome!!!

  • No not Alex Pettyfer! If they are going to make this a movie Max Theiriot should for sure play Jace!!!!!!! ahhhh i cannot wait for the movie!!!! recent pictures of Max for sure look like everything I pictured Jace to be and more!!!!! ahhhhhhh that would be sooo awesome!!!

  • I am soo in love with this series!!! i just couldnt put it DOWN!!! i really hope that they take their time casting people and make this movie AWESOME!!!! ahhhh im soo exciteddd!!

  • I really wish people would stop comparing this series to Twilight!
    The story line is COMPLETELY different and the writing is so much better!
    I’ve read the whole Twilight series backwards and forward and I used to be a huge fan. Then I read the Mortal Instruments series and I like it SO MUCH BETTER!

  • I 100% agree. The same thing happened to me…..I was a twilight fan…then along came the Mortal Instruments. Aside from maybe JK Rowling Cassandra Clare is one of the best authors out there right now….in my opinion of course.

    • cant agree with you more!


  • i luv jace in it. except the person playing the two main characters clary and jace don’t look like them so i hope they do a great job in the movie. Please don’t miss anything from the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i luv jace in it. except the person playing the two main characters clary and jace don’t look like them so i hope they do a great job in the movie. Please don’t miss anything from the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope its dat gurl from castle. hope the director is soooo talented if not the movie probably wont b dat great.

  • really want Max Thieriot to be in the movie, he’s awesome

  • ZOMG….and were is this movie?>>>? never heard anything?…OMG i hope they pick a sexy jace

  • I was watching Ellen and she showed Alex’s picture and so I went to IMDB and looked at his profile and saw that he is going to be in this movie!!!!!!!!!

    I am so glad that my cousin has introduced me to this series and now I can’t wait for the movie!!!

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! . please get a great director and get great actors to play alllllll the characters.

  • Alex isn’t going to play Jace as i’m sure several of you have just found out. If you go onto the site Face of the Fan, they are having casting calls for the roll as of yesterday. It sucks I know. Also, I would absolutely love and think I would do a good job playing Alec but that’s just my opinion.

  • Charlie Hunnam = Jace !!

  • Just so u know guys they have already found their Jace and Clary… if you look on the IMDB you will see that for most of your happiness Jace will be Alex Pettyfer and Clary will be Lily Collins.

    They have yet to find the other characters ๐Ÿ˜€ so they better find a dicent Magnus Bane or else i will scream xD

    But wooo hoo the car is rolling!!!

  • Just so u know guys they have already found their Jace and Clary… if you look on the IMDB website and type in The Mortal Instruments you will be glad to see for most of you that Jace will be played by Alex Pettyfer. Clary will be Lily Collins as well.

    They have not yet found any of the other characters by the looks of it ๐Ÿ˜€ so they better find a decent Magnus Bane or else I will scream xD haha

    But wooo hoo the auditions have commenced and by the looks of it the Director is pretty decent so hopefully it wont get fluffed up like twilight was ๐Ÿ˜€

  • its offically on IMDb that Alex Pettyfer is playing Jace! ahhhhhh lol and Lily Collins is playing Clary.those are the only 2 theyve cast as of feb2011

  • *sigh i feel like i can almost feel the dissapointment lol this had better not turn out crap!!! like avatar the last air bender eragon and twilight did >:( OMGOMGOMG sumtime i wish i was a movie director lol but any way still pretttty stoked :)

    Jace- Mitch Hewer (from skins guys please!!!)
    Clary- Molly Quinn (ahhhh yes!)
    there we have it.

  • OMG i cant believe they are makeing these books into movies i hope they dont screw this up tho and i really hope that adam lambert plays magnus bane as soon as this character was described i instantly thought of him and i think that the penmple who made lord of the rings wuld be gud to make this movie as they did a gud job wid what they had on the lord of the rings

  • Ok this movie looks good 1 they have alex pettyfer who is SO freakin hot!!! 2 it’s a great book

    This time Simon sucks popcorn

  • OH MY GATOS !!
    I have been praying for them to make these books into a movie for soooo longgg !!
    Andd just saying, if they don’t cast Alex Pettyfer as Jace Wayland/Morgenstern, i am going to cry myself to sleep for YEARS !!
    He would make the PERFECT Jace !! <3

  • Gaspard Ulliel has been cast as Alec Lightwood. I think he’s cute!

  • Alex Pettyfer is also in the upcomeing movie beastly, which looks pretty epic

  • KATE MARA AS CLARY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! & OF COURSE ALEX PETTYFER AS JACE buh their already thinking bout dat so i shuldn’t worry bout it cuz im almost positive dat alex is gnna play jace!!!!!


  • hi think the perfect jace is MAX THERIOT

  • Alex must be Jace. He is perfect for the role. I can’t see anybody else doing it.

  • jace looked this in my mind!/photo.php?fbid=181531645202365&set=a.172499472772249.34745.112934382062092&theater

    hes freakin sexy

  • Adam Lambert as Magnus Bane?!?!!? really people?! Magnus is Asian and Sexy not like Adam who, no offense, is not that sexy!

  • OMG! cant wait for the movies! they need awesome actors and actress though or it will be bad and a good crew too not only cast. By the way, i would be happy for playing any part! (got 3 years of acting exprience from school drama).

  • OMG! cant wait for the movies! they need awesome actors and actress though or it will be bad and a good crew too not only cast. By the way, i would be happy for playing any part! (got 3 years of acting exprience from school drama).

  • I have no idea where he would fit in but, they have to get logan lerman in this movie. (I just like to look at him lol). I think Alex would be an awesome jace btw XD

  • I have no idea where he would fit in but, they have to get logan lerman in this movie. (I just like to look at him lol). I think Alex would be an awesome jace btw XD

  • Jace should be played by.. Mitch Hewer :)
    He is amazing.. but if not him then Alex :)

  • OMG i FRIGEN LOVE THESE BOOKS lol and i cant wait i am sortof kindof a twilight fan but i have to agree with the ppl who hate when ppl comer books to those and i also agree with the alex pettyfer fans that he should soo be jace and even my reading techer said he should be.he soo hot and soo is jace and he would be PERFECT :).

  • Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel or Adam Lambert
    would make the best Magnus Bane <3333333

  • yes i agree that adam lambert would make a good magnus bane lol

  • omg they need to find a really pretty readheaded girl to play Clary, and I think Alex Pettyfer would be amazing as Jace, and if he is in it I am so watching it. Can’t wait hope if they do make it, it will be done fast. Ha:)

  • omg they need to find a really pretty readheaded girl to play Clary, and I think Alex Pettyfer would be amazing as Jace, and if he is in it I am so watching it. Can’t wait hope if they do make it, it will be done fast. Ha:) well can’t wait. Hope they don’t kill it like the other ones

  • PLEASE hire somebody with some directing experience and ettiquette to direct the movie! He needs to go BY THE BOOK. I’m not exaggerating! Just use the novel as a script for god’s sake! PLEASE!

  • i HATE YOU Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!
    you bailed on us!!!!!!
    you SUCK!!!
    i cant believe you did that…you were the one thing that would make this movie amazing.
    now look I’m pissed off at you. i hope your happy. i mean who in there right minds wouldn’t want to be JACE WAYLAND?! you are soooo stupid for not going for the movie. and now all you people who read this knows what you did. soo…
    HA HA HA HA HA!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› :O
    p.s: sorry to all the alex pettyfer fans that i had to say this but he is the stupid jerk who bailed on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS!

    • Have you seen Simon its kinda gross they did not pick Kristopher Turner

  • seriously?
    I wasn’t a huge fan on the idea of alex pettyfer playing jace. I mean, he’s perfect an all…but i kinda wanted to see a new face.

  • No one should bail on the CoB movie! When the movie’s become a huge hit Alex’ll be sorry! But, in all fairness, it is *his* life, not our’s. personally, I would’ve said yes.

  • Seriously it is HIS life, if it’s a better choice for him, then well good for him. I mean he (Alex P.) Was my personal choice for Jace too, but life will go on lol

  • o gosh he was number one choice is this a fur real thing that he isnt going to do the movie if so i hope they dont get someone who is very well known i hope they get a handsom no body to play the perfect jace wayland

    • I just can’t believe he actually bailed out on playing Jace. its a surprise. Maybe he had to much on his plate and all. Or maybe he saw all the comments about people saying he ain’t right and all and talking crap about him. Thats my guess. Maybe he just making the fans who like the book but not him happier that he not in it. I didn’t mind if he were in it. I dont mind him in ‘I am Number Four’ but its his own choice as others has said and ill have to agree with them. Since hes not in it anymore i want the people to choice someone less unknown. It would make the movie more interesting. All for now.

  • I think we’ll live…lol.

  • ….and besides, he’s become really famous sins “I am number four” and “beastly”. First off, he probably has a lot on his plate and isn’t able to do the movie because of that. And second, a new actor would just be something fresh. I’m sick of repetition.

  • It will be lovely should Alex Pettyfer accept the role. He is always my #1 for Jace. In a funny way, they have lots of similarities. Both are gorgeous and slim, young and blond and above all, tattooed. According to the rumors, the movie will start its production this March. Alex is entitled to be somewhere else this same month. He also needs to do some more traveling due to his other movie ‘Beastly’. Although it will be fantastic to have him as Jace, I should stop considering him. Alex Pettyfer will remain as Jace in my imaginary world up to this moment, but I will also love whoever cast as Jace. After all, I love the character more than I actually love Alex Pettyfer.

  • Yeah. We’ll probably live and all. i really want a new freshmen to play jace. it would be better and exciting to see a new comer play a big role.

  • Honest opinion, how do you guys feel about Lily Collins acting for Clary Fray?? Cause I actually like her she’s an upcome artist with only her roles in The Blind Side, Priest (now out yet) and Abduction along side with Taylor Lautner.( not out yet either)

  • will always LOVE YOU ALEX PETTYFER you’re so cute!!!!:)

  • I think Molly Quinn will be a perfect Clary. Since they have already chosen Lily Collins, I will go with it. After all, I only care about Jace. Wrong actor will be messy.

  • I’m justr gonna say that if they pick a gud cast, then fine by me. If they pick bad cast and director bad movie as I’d predict. I don’t mind Lilly Collin to play clary but she seems more of a strong kind of character and clarys meant to be small and weak but later on shes tuff (kind of) later on. But i think Molly Quinn is perfect because she looks the princess stereo type and shes already got red carrot hair aniway. She has pretty eyes by the way. and Lilly she’ll have to waer eye contacts (will it suit her?????) IDK. oh well type later bye.

  • i get what you’re saying but lots of times they only pick characters that are good with doing the personality, instead of them looking exactly like them. i mean in Vampire Diaries the chick in the book was blonde, blue eyes, and in the show she has brown skin, brown eyes, and brown hair, and she is still a good character cause of the personality, i just want them to be realistic characters.

  • okay ill have to agree with u there. i guess personality comes in too. i just hope it all goes well.


  • He’s the guy from Red Riding Hood right? Haha. I never thought of him ๐Ÿ˜›
    But I think it could work. I love his habit of never buttoning his shirt even when it was like snowing outside ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I think the cast definately coulda been better :( . If this ends up like Twilight (another great BOOK series), I will NOT be happy.

  • ill hav to agree

  • I am so excited! I have most definitely already preordered the next book. I can’t wait!

  • i really love clary in the mortal instruments series and i love her red curls, eeeep, love the pale skin too and freckles. she is so pretty and jace is soooo hot too, there’ a perfect match, sigh, i’ll keep dreaming bout them!CUTE

  • Ok, call me weired but I think Micheal Sheen should play Mangus!!! Thats who me and my friend thought of right away! Expecially if you have seen the new Tron! Alex HAS too play Jace!! I really dont know about the rest of them. But if one of the directors makes from Twilight attempt too make this movie, we are all SCREWED!!! The only halfway, and I use that term very loosely, deasent was Eclipse! And I only say that because they got almost all the detail from the book into the movie. My friend is gettin the 4th book this weekend and she is gonna let me read it next. We are SOOO excited!! Twilight was amazin but these books beat the Twilight Saga by a MILE!!!!! MORTAL INSTRUMENTS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!(:

    • I dont think Alex is going to play jace and have you seen Simon?eewww

  • personally, i loved the twilgiht saga movies and i dont know why everyone is dissing it, it was really great and the director did an awesome job with eclipse. icant wait for breaking dawn, but anyways i know this is old news but i cant beleive lily is playing clary in the movie!!! i really dont think of her as clary in the book and she deosn’t even have red hair or green eyes. Alexz would have been a better clary. though, alex pettyfer is the only jace, he looks exactly like him!!! cant wait for the movie to come out, i’ll be the first in line.

  • personally, i loved the twilgiht saga movies and i dont know why everyone is dissing it, it was really great and the director did an awesome job with eclipse. icant wait for breaking dawn, but anyways i know this is old news but i cant beleive lily is playing clary in the movie!!! i really dont think of her as clary in the book and she deosn’t even have red hair or green eyes. Alexz would have been a better clary. though, alex pettyfer is the only jace, he looks exactly like him!!! cant wait for the movie to come out, i’ll be the first in line. !!

  • O.O ima stay up late until the #4 is released also i cant wait for the manga XD

  • I dont mind the twilight saga but they did miss alot of things. the book is wayyy better. i lyk no.1 and 3 movie. no. 2 was not as gud as i thought it would be. i also can not wait until no. 4 comes out. but the shop i was goin to get the book is now closed dowwn and the closes one i no of is about 1 hr away. i got a gift card of 60 bucks. thats good. this other gurl said that henry from red riding hood should be jace. im not sure. but i love the movie. director is the same director who made twilight and bellas dad is playin in it. lol. i freaked out. bye for now.

  • Why would you guys be talking about Twilight? This is suppose to be about the Mortal Instruments, although there is a good point in that subject, but I really hope that for once they don’t kill a great book, that would be really sad.

  • I just realized I never posted my dream cast… goes!

    Jace- alex pettyfer or Taylor kitsch (yes he’s old but he is HOT!)
    Clary- lily Collins is good. I would have preferred alexz Johnson though.
    Alec- gaspard ulliel
    Isabelle- Ashley Greene (yeah she’s from twilight but she’s sooooo pretty!)
    Simon- kristopher turner
    Magnus- ADAM LAMBERT!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Valentine- Daniel Craig
    Jocelyn- Kate Walsh or I like Natalie Portman
    Luke- Gerard butler or Eric Bana
    Hodge- hands down Gary oldman
    Raphael- Shiloh Fernandez (yes, the sexy one from red riding hood)
    Sebastian- Taylor Kitsch or Ben Barnes

    I know I’ve been against alex for jace in the past BUT after seeing I Am Number Four, it’s hard not to see him as jace :)
    And yes, I have Taylor Kitsch listed twice because he is just that hot.

  • Oh hell yeah, but one thing that does concerns me is when is it gonna be produced into a movie for the love of god can someone please tell me when the first movie is gonna be made?
    The fans has been waiting for this for far too long in my opinion the fans has a right to know when and most people I think could agree with this.

  • i sooo love the book, i can turn everything for this book. yes, i agree they should make the movie great. good luck for the sucess of the movie. more books please.


  • can’t wait for this movieeeee
    is there anyone know what website i can read Mortal Instruments book online???

    love you jace wayland/lightwood/jonathan christopher…
    pleaseee quick release

  • yeah lily collins!. ben bruce from asking alexandria should be jace and cameron liddell sould be alec, not gonna happen tough, theyre not actors >.<. kristen stewart = isabell, beau bokan (also not an actor) = jonathan/sebastian

  • NO TWILIGHT should come anywhere near this book
    directors or actors!!!!!

    • TOTALLY AGREED!!! I swear if anything twilight touches these book IMMA KILL EM!! well not literally, but I wont go see the movie! ;P

  • I’ll have to agree that no one from tlight should b in the movie for many reasons and I think the dude from Aliens in the attic called Jake should be Jace. He’s the closest I’ve seen to look like him but he needs a little bit more muscles than he’ll kind of be like jace. Since Alex p. turned down the part he’s the only option for me. and I think Adam Lambernt should be Magnus Bane. He is Gay anyway I guess. BTW has ani of u read the clockwork angel, it ties with magnus bane and The Herondales. I dont mind it at all. Bye for now.

  • WHAT?! alex denied it?! is he insane?! hes the only one i can picture as jace! and as for clary i think they need to find someone that looks younger. and i think they should use the dark haired kid from aliens in the attic as simon. and as for lilly collins, she should play isabelle. and alec i have no clue, but he should be someone attractive! I AM WAY EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!

  • for luke i think that timothy olyphant would be a good choice.

  • I just watched the first couple episodes of Game of Thrones and I think Sophie Turner would have made a great Clary

  • I loveeee these books… sept for the way there being released… lol current time prequil current preqiul. ha oh well but i got a tattoo of one of the runes in february ๐Ÿ˜€ its the healing rune its awesome im guna get some more but dunno when yet :) im soooo excited for this to be a movie!! and on my facebook i posted this as my status few weeks ago

    “OMG im soooo excited!!! the mortal instruments seiries is being made into a movie coming out next year!!!! and for all those ppl who dont know what im talking about when you start to pull a twilight on me (never hearing of the book and suddenly overnight you know everything and think your all that and super excited for the movie when you never heard about it in the first place). Just know that i hate you already!”

  • FINALLY!!!! i mean, really!!! i just hope it doesnt suck ass like Eragon did….hmmm…

    pity that Alex Pettyfer’s too old to play Jace now…he’s not pretty anymore…

  • okkay ! EVERYONE!

    please go have a look at some photo’s of ALEX WATSON.
    its emma watsons younger brother, and i think he would be AMAZING to play jace !!

    PLEASE check his photo’s out.

    • I agree he does look like my image of jace : )
      But for Clary it has to be someone that looks pretty but not over done, shorter than Jace, red hair and not to much boobs & ass, so Sophie Turner is outta the equation! ; P

  • Omg I just looked at the picture of Emma’s brother, Alex Watson and I actually think he would be a good Jace, especially since he barely turned 18, sorry had to check his age ha, anyways I would’ve still liked Alex Pettyfer, cause seriously when has an actor ever looked the age of the character? And Alex Pettyfer even has his teeth a little cripppled like they say Jace does ha, but since he don’t want too, well than pick that dude, although he might have an English Accent, unless he like Alex Pettyfer he knows how to do an American accent.

  • Whoever said that one chick Sophia Turner should play Clary, they are crazy, that chicks has freaking big bazoongas, and she looks so old, and nothing like Clary, especailly since it’s kinda obvious she has a fake body ugh crazy shitt.


    • ITS NOT ALEX!!! :'(


  • OMG, Jace Wayland should be portrayed by ALEX PETTYFER!! Please, please I really love this series so much. And Alex is the only guy who I think will fit the description of Jace, looks and personality-wise. I have nothing against Lily Collins although Emma Roberts can be a good pick too since she looks so much younger. Just make sure Clary won’t look too old. Can’t wait to see the movie! Hopefully the movie will follow the book and won’t ruin fans’ expectations. :)

  • alex pettyfer won’t be jace! they narrowed it down to ed speelers, jamie campbell bower, and someone else… i’ve kept track of these things:(

  • Im really sorry but……. Ed speelers?!!!! can not be him. he just does not fit in my description of jace. And the other dude Bowen, is too skinny, too……… well lets just say he is not the jace i have in mind. no offence to people who likethem or want them to be playing jace. but i still dont like the dude to play jace whose alex matson. another choice is AUSTIN BUTLER (in big letters so you can see it clearly) from aliens in the attic.

    CHECK HIM OUT< PLEASE and let me know if he isn't the one for jace. but of course the only real jace is either in he book and Alex Pettyfer. i think that how you spell it. LOL.

  • If this books become a movie it will be the most awesomest movie will and is better then twilight.the cast for the movies should b th best nd not lame ones like twilight.I hope this makes a good movie because the books are sooooo awesom ๐Ÿ˜€

  • If this books become a movie it will be the most awesomest movie will and is better then twilight.the cast for the movies should b th best nd not lame ones like twilight.I hope this makes a good movie because the books are sooooo awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ummmmm…… just to let you know. It is becoming a movie. Most likely to be released next year.

  • whoever suggested austin butler, i cant find u but he looks cool as well but ive only seen him play nice characters!

  • I’m the one who suggested it. He looks good for jace. he has the closest description close to jace as i can think of (except of course alex) i really dont like the rest. they dont look like a jace.

  • Jamie Campbell Bower cast as Jace Wayland. Google it.

  • UGH!!!! I can’t stand that Jamie guy :(
    He’s too….pretty…he’s not hot like Jace is.

    Nico Tortorella. Look him up. He’s being “rumored” as Jace but he is the closest I’ve seen to the character since Alex Pettyfer.

  • soz i dont like jamie. he is so not jace. and nico is not him either. but lets face it nobody can b him. but as i said before, choose AUSTINE BUTLER.

  • WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WENT ONTO IMDB AND IT NOW SAYS ALEX MIGHT PLAY JACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But is rumored. because befor it said he wasnt playin him and the only characters chosen were lilly collin.
    Nico is also rumored, but i dont like him sooooooooooo……. yeah.

  • okay now it says he isnt?????????? i am sooooooooo confused now. okay im just gonna ignore that site the.

    soz guyz

  • ok they just offically fucked up my favorite book series first off lilly collins???? i could have dealt with that but now jamie cambell bower no way in hell!!!!!!!!! i am going on a strike because if the mess up the characters this much then i know for a fact the movie is gonna be crap i wish it stayed as a great book series and not movies or i hope after the disaster of city of bones they dont attempt to make more movies!!!!!!! who’s with me?!?!?!?!

  • Dang, I just now realized how many comments there are on this ๐Ÿ˜›

    ANYWAYS! I agree with Sierra 100%. I mean Lily Collins is okay….she’s not great, but I could live with her but Jamie?!! Really??
    What the fuck were they thinking?! D:

    He is soooooo not hot/sexy/arrogant enough for Jace. He’s “pretty” by my definition. NOT HOT!!!

    My friend is OBSESSED with him and when she brought up how she was so excited he was cast as Jace, it literally hurt to hold back my arguement. It would not have been worth the fight.

    PLEASE for the love of God cast an amazing Isabelle and Magnus. If they screw up those two characters then I am officially done with the movie.

    • Simon looks like a freaking girl!!!IT SHOULD BE KRISTOPHER TURNER!!!!!! :'(

  • I really don’t know what these ppl are thinking, of all the other choices to play Jace, they had to pick that dude. I already complained a lot, because this made me cry big time, I don’t want that dude to be Jace, he is not the guy I pictured when I read this book. Why? Oh why are you ppl killing me? There is still time to change Jace:) pls pls do that
    Oh who am I kidding, just pick a good Isabelle, Magnus, and I always forget the brother, Alan? Aw that’s what happens for reading way too many stories.

  • It’ Alec (Alexander Lightwood) btw. and yes ill have to agree with three of you bbecause i saw him in twilight and he is soooooooooo noooooooot a jace!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so not okay with him playing jace and i wish they chose a different jace. i just hope they get a perfect izzy, magnus, alec and LUKE!!!!!!!

    they could still change the characters (hopefully anywayz)


  • Rea

  • Really?? Even if they cast a so-so Isabelle, Alec and so on, I would still watch the movie before I wrote it off. Although I am sad Jace is …. *that guy*. :O who did people want for jace anyway? Alex Pettyfer, Benjamin Stone and actor’s like that? Out of the lot I probably would’ve preferred Alex… Although a-l-o-t of people argue that he’s right/not right for the role.

  • I heard that Alex Pettyfer will be in it. DO NOT PUT HIM IN IT OR THE MOVIE WILL CERTAINLY FAIL LIKE TWILIGHT!

  • Actually, I don’t exactly PREFER Jamie as Jace…….but go look at some pictures of him from Camelot. He looks pretty badass.

  • Actually, I don’t exactly PREFER Jamie as Jace…….but go look at some pictures of him from Camelot. He looks pretty badass.

  • Meh.he only looks like him in one photo i saw him in. but i guess its all about personality and how he preforms.but i would still watch the movie.

  • i know this is impossible especially since they already picked the actor for jace but….Hayden Christensen ALL THE WAY BABY!!!LOL


    i was really annoyed when the picke jamie cambell bower over alex!!! jamie doesnt look anything like the jace we all know and love, hes also like 23 so good luck being a good jace!! (and his teeth bug me dont know why?)! and he looks like a pyscho in camolot!

    but you know when someone should be a character when you TYPE IN JACE ON IMAGES ALEX COMES UP NOT JAMIE!!!

    • i know i seem harsh but i feel strongly about this! cause im also annoyed the the hunger games cast!

  • Lol. His eyebrows are a bit creepy as well.

    But I am interested to see how this works out…..and they didn’t “choose” Jamie over Alex. Alex turned down the part. Besides, that boy can’t act (think Beastly and I Am Number Four)

  • And alex is like 21 years old. Age is no longer relevant in hollywood. The actors in Harry Potter are well into their twenties and yet THEY seem to be able to pull of 17 year old roles just fine.

    • true.
      i just dont like jamie that much i kinda wish they got someone new and undescovered to do it so then we wouldnt be thinking about what they did in other movies. they just better not mess it up a!

  • Adam lambert is of course a very talented singer, i also see that he has a good showmanship…      

  • I’m really looking forward to the movie. I started reading the mortal instruments the same time I started reading twilight, so when twilight was made in to a movie I patiently waited for the mortal instruments to follow. The actors are not the ones I would have picked but until I see the movie I’ll reserve judgement.

  • If you go on this website you can see what jamie is supposed to look like in the movie.
    no offence but not the image i had.

  • mmm. there seems to be alot of negative comments everywhere. however if you ask me, i think Jamie has alot of potential. Jace’s character (in my view) as alot more about the act than the image. if Jamie can pull off the right smirk, the right smolder, and the right attitude, he will be perfect (besides, i don’t think he’s all bad looking either, lol)

  • I hate alex pettyfer

  • Just throwing this out there but what if Alex played Sebastian? I’ve seen pictures of him with black hair and he is sexy. And we all know how hot he is with blond hair. Lol.

    • …i really like that idea!
      in some of the photos he looks kinda dark and dangerous but SUPER hot! perfect!

  • I love that idea.

  • Okay, i love these books, Ive read the first 3 and just bought the 4th one. And these great books deserve great actors/actresses. There for the actor to play Jace should be Alex Pettyfer. He is very charming, a great actor, looks the part for Jace, and he is gorgeous. I believe he would make a great Jace, when i picture Jace, Alex is the first person to pop in my head. I mean come on in Beastly he played the cool, cocky, charming character. SO he can easily play Jace. As for Clary Either, Amber Heard, Blake Lively, or even Amanda Seyfried. They are all great actresses, either one would make a great Clary. All three of them are cute, adorable, witty, funny, and kick ass when they need to. And of course for Simon Logan Lerman would be a great pic. Hes cute, funny, can very charming and hes the prefect pic for Simon. So there are my pics for the 3 main characters to the Mortal Instruments. For the other characters, you could with Megan Fox as Isabella, and Alex you could go for Toby Hemingway. not sure if they would want to choose them, but the other characters I named for Jace, Simon and Clary are perfect for them. I hope that the director and the writer of these great books look at this and take my 2 sense into consideration.

  • Oh and also forgot to suggest for Sebastian, well how about Sebastian Stan. He is perfect, hot, sexy, charming, funny, dark when he wants to be and he fits Sebastian character to a T. And im sorry Lilly Collins is not a great actresses, im mean she can be when she wants to be, but she will not make a great Clary. I just dont see it, im sorry i just dont think she will work. Also, my bad in misspelling Alec name, my laptop sucks so i misspelled his name. but yeah lilly collins no good at all.

  • I love you site

  • I am super excited for the books to be made into the movie but im not to sure about Jamie C Brower playing Jace, when i think of jace its not him who pops into my mind. Its sad that Alex pettyfer turned the role down but we cant tell him what to act in, sadly cause he would have been perfect. I can see Jamie play sabastian wonderfuly, hes a great actor but i dont think many of the fans of the mortal instruments will be thrilled of his role as jace.

  • just thinking of Jamie as Jace destroys the whole thing.. it just seem so different, no offense. but thinking back to Alex Pettyfer brings it all back brings my mood back. frankly, It does make me sad.

  • I totally think Alex Pettyfer shuld be Jace!!!
    and for Lilly Collins to be Clary!!! <3

  • Lilly Collins should not play as Clary, she would not do her justice. Now i think Emma Stone. would also be a good choice, shes funny, witty. very nice, not to mention she is very cute and sexy and down right adorable. she would be a better choice than Lilly Collins. but it all depends on the author of the book and the director of the movie.

  • Or even Amanda Seyfried, she did a great job in Jeniffer’s Body, and letters to Juliet, and i loved her in Red Ridding Hood. she was adorable in Mamma Mia and in dear john. And i know shes going to do a great job in, ( In Time). she could possibly be a good candidate for Clary.

    • Amanda Seyfried and Emma Stone look too old. Sure they’re like the same age as Lily Collins, but Lily still has that teenager look about her….

      Now, with that said, I agree. Lily Collins isn’t that great of an actress. I wasn’t very excited to see her name on the cast list.

      BUT, she at least kinda looks like Clary…..even though I think the acting part is a bit more important….

      I don’t know. I’m just excited they’re finally making it into a movie ๐Ÿ˜€

      On a side note….I always pictured Emma Watson as Clary…basically just because Emma is AWESOME!
      Even Emma Roberts would have been a better pick in my opinion.

      But we, sadly, have no say…..And by the way, neither does the author…JK Rowling is like the only author who ever had a say in the casting process…..just throwing that out there.

  • I agree, Emma watson would be awesome as Clary, she is very talented and her acting skills are way better than lilly collins, and she looks the part to. THe other Emmma Roberts would be a okay pick…….. but after seeing her in Scream 4 all i would think of is ( wow she played as the killer, and killed everyone) but if she would do a good job as Clary then i could get over it.

  • i think lily collins will be good, and jamie campell bower a wicked jace! Spencer Curnutt should be simon!!! check him out!

  • Sit back and watch full films totally free

  • All I’m sayin is that this dude Jamie is sooooo not right to play Jace!!! Jace is supposed to be beautiful & HOT! they need to cast someone able to carry that off cause let me tell u, if u got a not so great lookin person playin that role, it will b so distracting & disappointing!! I don’t care who it is as long as he fits that part of the role of HOT with some acting skills! I don’t need to b disappointed with more characters like Robert pattinson as Edward who did have the looks & acting but come on they shoulda made the guy go to to gym & lift some damn weights, but I wasn’t to disappointed with him as much as Jacob/Taylor, he was supposed to look like a man not boy on roids! Coulda got the lead guy from the covenant he looked like Taylor but older & better looking with the same muscles ๐Ÿ˜‰ so please recast JACE , please!!!!!!

  • omg i am so happy about this but kistren stewart and robort patterison were good actor’s and i don’t who play in it as long as they don’t cut good parts out

  • did the movie get cancled if it didnt when will it come out

  • This movie is going to be a hit if they put good actors.

  • This movie is going to be a hit if they put right actors.

  • AHHHHHH they have Jace, simon, Alec (no offense he dosent look gay enough!) and Jocelyn (she looks 2 young!!!)
    part from that it looks pretty good!!!!!

  • I think the producers,director an such should be that same as those who made the lord of the rings. The way they were done were pretty dang good and they are amazing at making a mythical world. But I also think they should take on the inheritance cycle and remake eragon and continue with that set aswell.

  • Dexter! its personally my favorite show, next to breaking bad. they both have great

  • Has anyone seen this yet?? OMG I thought it was soooo good. I mean its as good as any adapted book but I swear some of the scenes were literally taken from my mind from when I read it. The details are awesome. I am a bit upset cause they didn’t put in Jaces “Jammies” quote.

  • Oh I also want to say that I didn’t think Jamie would be a good Jace but wow he really blew me away and I loved Lily Collins as Clary.

  • Agreed. Jamie was beyond perfect. As soon as I heard that sly British sarcasm I just…. Did not enjoy Magnus though- the character interpretation was a little off to me (in my mind Magnus is basically an 800 year old child) but it was definitely an entertaining movie. If anything it was some of the dialogue from the books that felt a little clumsy.

  • My thoughts exactly. I did not like bane at all. I feel he should have been a little more flamboyant. I don’t know its just how I expected him. The guy playing Magnus seemed stiff.

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