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November 18, 2008 posted by Nikki

Exit Here – Jason Myers

Powerful. Dramatic. Utterly compelling.

These are the words that come to mind when I think of Jason Myers’ novel, Exit Here. It is the very, very messed up story of nineteen-year-old Travis Wayne. Travis is mixed up in some pretty serious stuff. He’s into all kinds of drugs, drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney, he doesn’t work, and he just flunked out of college. Sounds bleak huh? Well, I wish I could say that is the worst of it, but I’d be lying.

There is nothing warm and fuzzy about this read, so if you’re looking for something feel-good, this is the wrong book for you. Yet, it is definitely a novel that I think everyone – teens and parents alike – should experience.

When Travis comes home for the summer, his father hopes he can convince him to go back to school and make another go of it. But as soon as Travis rolls back into town, he falls back into old habits, hanging around his old buddies doing the same old thing: smoking, taking drugs, drinking and taking more drugs. And then there is Laura – Travis’s ex-girlfriend. He desperately wants to get back together with her, but first he needs to figure out what went wrong with them in the first place.

The drug taking in this book goes way beyond the realms of recreational usage, and there are many lessons to be learned from it. It is hard to say whether Travis’s problems arise because he is a heavy drug user, or whether he became a heavy drug user because of his problems. What I like about this positioning, though, is that is forces the reader to try and understand Travis a little more, and about half way through the book I found myself comparing aspects of my own life and my own personality with his. Even though we have very little in common, I can still identify with him on some level.

Because Travis and his friends are ultimately ‘cool’ kids, their drug taking is a little glorified. But make no mistake, Exit Here projects a very clear message that taking drugs leads to all kinds of trouble. Readers just have to watch Travis’s sister’s storyline unfold, or the horrific events that occur as a direct result of Cliff’s – Travis’s best friend – drug abuse. I felt uncomfortable throughout my entire reading experience because I knew, I had a sinking feeling, that Travis and his friends were going to meet a horrible demise.

And I was right.

Exit Here is powerful and compelling because its so believable. While not based on a true story, as the events unfold, the reader can’t help but ask if some small aspect of this story might be true. Travis’s voice is convincing, and at no point in the reading process did I find myself becoming bored with his thoughts, or uninterested in his actions. I recommend this book to all.

Rating: : ★★★★★

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  • Sounds great Nikki! I’ll definitely look for this book.

  • I absolutely loved this book. It’s one of my faves ever! Great review.

  • I need this book.
    Like really bad.
    *hopes for B&N gift cards for christmas*

  • I, as well, loved this book. It has such a real vibe to it, both characters and events. This book relates to my life almost perfectly, it’s a total trip.

  • This book was outstanding. There were many twists that I did not expect. It was verrrryyyy interesting to read :)

  • I read this again recently and I just couldn’t put it down. It left me feeling as flabbergasted, as shocked as the first read through.

    I think Meyers has a real talent for stunning his readership. If you guys are interested he has some short stories up on his myspace page…

  • I really liked this book, well what I read. Though, It isn’t appropiate for younger teens. I was in Borders and it was just standing there in the teen section, so I thought that it would be okay. Very vulgar, especially in the sexual content, though it is a good book. I am hopefully going to read it once I get older.

  • I read this book and I thought it was poorly written. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting book and I was never bored with it, but I couldn’t help but feel that the author tried too hard to put forth his interests in music, clothing, people, etc. The plot isn’t great. It’s also half erotic novel. Honestly, I don’t regret reading it.

  • Hi Liz,

    I’m very interested in your opinions, as you’re the first person that I’ve encountered that didn’t enjoy (for lack of a better word) reading this book. I totally respect your opinions and I’d love to hear more from you about this.

    What about the plot didn’t you like? And what about it makes you call it an erotic novel?

  • This book was amazing, and Im reading it for the third time. Like the book reveiwer stated, its dark, very dark. And again like she said, it has very few to no happy points, but its moving and the more I read it over I realize something new. I think this book is very interesting, but you have to be able to read something extremely graphic to take in the intensity of it and realize that drug and sexual references the author makes only makes the book more realistic.

    Really recommend it.

  • This book was amazing.

  • This book is really good. I couldn’t put it down. There were times I would be a really good part and had to stop because of work. But it is good and teaches you a lot of new things. I encourage people to take a look at it.

  • Amazing Book. I couldn’t put it down. It touched me so deeply. Anyone can relate to the deep emptiness and the disappointment. Not at all something for someone who hasn’t been through a little. But a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you Jason Meyers!

  • Quite possibly the worst book I’ve ever read. So repetitive and predictable. It isn’t even well written. Basically all this guy does is dope himself up and screw around with his girlfriend, they argue; & repeat. High school drama. I was holding out hope for this book to redeem itself at some point, but that never happened. Disappointed I wasted my money.

  • this book was alright but it dragged on for the most part. It didn’t get right to the point. and the way it was written was not good quality at all. Not to mention I found a lot of type-O’s.

  • Exit Here is by far one of my favorite books. Ever. It compelled me to keep reading. Everything about it was great. It was so intense; I was never bored with anything that happened. The book was very graphic and at times I even felt I was there. I could hardly put the book down. I learned a lot of new things every time I started reading it. An overall astonishing book. I definitely recommend it.

  • I did not like this book at all. It was poory written with one sided characters, even travis himself had little depth to him, it evoked no though whatsoever out of me and just left me wishing that I had spent my two hourse much differently. The author insults hipsters while the maine character walks around being basically a hipster himself. This book was just completely predictable and irritating and I didnt need to be described every time they did blow. There was little about his sister, which would have made the book a lot more interesting. It was just one sided, shallow and boring.

  • THIS book was amazing ! i can’t stop thinking about it ! i really felt connected to this book with the characters everything !

  • I read this book in about 2 weeks and it was AMAZING. Im not really a reader but this book really kept me reading. It goes by so fast i just want to read it again! I loved the plot and everything. This is deffinately at the moment my FAVORITE book :)

  • exit here is a great book, but i would not recommened anyone under the age of 13 to read it. it has a lot of sexual parts, and it goes in detail of how their taking the drugs. but i think teens should read this book because they would find out what really could happen to you when you take drugs, drink, smoke, and drop out of school.

  • This shit was captivating. But fuck, there’s just so many fucked up things that happen in it. Anything that deals with deaths, HIV & jail just freaked me out . .

    I do recommend it, but just beware, after reading it, you’ll be in a pretty shitty/sad/whatever mood.

  • I loved this book. It was amazing, and Greatly written!<3

  • This book was absolutley incredibile. I really felt connected with Travis as his seemed perfect life started to unfold and spin out of control. Parents and teens alike should read this book. A modern day “Less Than Zero”

  • I absolutely LOVED this book. I wnet for a study trip in Washington DC from Chile and I went to Barnes and Noble. As soon as I saw the cover I said to myself: “I MUST read this book”. I began reading it and devoured it in about 3 days. I’m trying to make my dad read it now so, I really hope he does :)

  • i relly liked this book. my freind was reading it 1st and she kept kelling me stuff about the book. then i started to read it and i liked it!. theres a lessin u can learn from travis and all the things he have done. great book!

  • Iv got to say this is an amazing book!
    So is his second novel.Another great book.

  • I have to say this book was the best book I’ve ever read. Even better than Twilight. I wouldn’t recomend this for people 13 and younger (even though I’m 14). The only bad thing about the book was that there was a couple of type-o’s.

  • This book was absolutly by far the best book I have ever read. From the second chapter I could relate to travis unbelievably. When I finished it, I was truly pissed off knowing that I’ll never know what happens to my honest soul mate after that summer incedent. But one this is true that the metioning of the music played throughout the book gets a little repetative and annoying. But it didn’t effect my true love for this heart renching unbelievable novel.

  • This book was unlike anything I have ever read. It was truly compelling and I couldn’t put it down. It was by far the best, most well written book I have ever read.

  • Book was kinda disappointing. Mainly focused on sex and drugs, which I don’t have a problem with, but it ended up lacking in substance and the quality of writing was poor. It’s certainly an entertaining read and easy to finish in one or two sittings, but it doesn’t offer much else.

  • I thought the book was very interesting. I felt connected to travis. It was very intense and unexpected. I would not recommend this book for anyone under 15 because of it’s graphic nature. There were some problems with this book though. The detail of music got a little repetative. Also the graphic discriptions every single time they did coke got annoying. Some parts were a little unrealistic but overall it was a good book. :)

  • i liked the book but i didn’t like how he would talk about music so much. i got lost at one point reading the music, so i just skipped over anything that deals with it.

  • This book was just rediculausly awsome. It helped me through my troubles and dramatically changed my life. I was a crack baby and this has helped me through my addiction ever since i read it. Thank you for writing this book!!!!!!

  • […] two quotes from the forward of the novel, Exit Here, written by Jason Myers, let me know that this book was not going to be like any other that I’d read. It just so happened […]

  • Just so you know I did enjoy this book. But it is not as great as all of you are making it out to be. To me Jason Myers pretty much ripped off Bret Easton Ellis’s Less Then Zero which is so much better then book. There are a few differences but the story is pretty much the same. Guy is back from college, does drugs with friends, has sex with a bunch of people, doesn’t really like his parents, has and old flame. The big differences that I see between both books is that Clay, in Less Then Zero, doesn’t not feel bad for everything he has done. Where as Travis does feel bad and kind of wants to be a better person. Exit Here is a very good book, where Less Then Zero is a very Amazing book. I recommend all of you to read Less Then Zero and Imperial Bedrooms. If you love Exit Here, Less Then Zero will make think twice about what love means.

    • The funny aspect of your invalid statement is that Jason Myers probably never even read or heard about the book. Therefore, he most likely wassn’t trying to rewrite his novel to create Exit Here. How many movies are out there that have the same plot? Many, but there’s always a certain amount that might be directed and/or written much better then others. Same with books. I honestly like Exit Here a lot. And in Less Than Zero, Clay is bisexual, has one night stands with prostitutes and other men and women, doesn’t give a shit about his family and friends(like you also mentioned) and doesn’t try to get back with his girlfriend. The ONLY things that are the same between the two books are the partying, drug abuse, and rebelious actions. Otherwise, these two books aren’t the same. In Exit Here, Travis Wayne’s sister also has a big role in this novel. She also is a drug user, and Travis only wants the best for his sister even though he might not be able to show it all the time. There are many differences between these novels. I’m not saying one is better/worse than the other, but there aren’t many similarities as you say there are. Don’t be too quick to criticize. Fail troll is fail.

  • I absolutely love this book. I’ve only read it twice, but I still get the same excitement as I did the first time through. If you’re too young, you might not like this book, or understand it. I’d recommend this book to all my friends.

  • My review is the same as almost everybody elses here. Yeah, I loved it. Apart from the fact that everything the characters wear is described in detail, which gets extremely boring, it was captivating.

  • {: Great Review, I’ve read this book &It’s one of my favorites.

  • This book made me do massive amounts of cocaine, FUCKIN RAD BRAH!

    Grifter for life.

    • Cool kid.

    • really shows how much you understood the whole meaning of the book..

  • I’m 17 now, but I read this when I was 15 and it actually reminded me of my own lifestyle to some degree. The way everything was portrayed was incredibly dark, and that’s exactly how it should be in this type of book.

    When I finished it at school I had to leave the classroom and smoke a cigarette in the bathroom to shake off how realistic it was. Great review, Amazingly intense story.

  • Alright; first of all, and I’m not saying I don’t respect people’s opinions, who exactly defined the phrase “well-written”? When you say well-written what are you comparing this book to? Do you compare it to the Odyssey or To Kill A Mockingbird? You can’t say a book is “poorly written” if you compare it to books of a completely different nature. Would you compare, let’s say, a football team to a chess team? No. Because they are two different things entirely. Exit here. was not meant to be an epic read of the ages that people will read throughput the courses of time. It wasn’t meant to be read by everyone. It was meant to be read by people who understand it; by people who can familiarize themselves with each character, with each chapter, with each sentence, with each notion. You can’t say a book isn’t good because you personally don’t like it. If you took the time to read it from an unbiased point of view, maybe you’d appreciate the intensity and utter fucking brilliance of Jason Meyers. Sure, his style of writing could be considered taboo or racy. But, it’s the things that make you cringe and shudder that teach you more about life. Not everything is rainbows and ponies and shit. This is the most realistic book I’ve ever read. I’ve read Exit here., The Mission and I’m working on reading Dead End. (Which so far I have barely put down for more than ten minutes at a time.) To sum it up, don’t say things if you don’t properly think them through. You just make yourself look ignorant and close-minded.

    But, I read this book in less than two days.
    I’m going to re-read it after I finish Dead End and once I’m done reading Exit here. again; I’ll read the Mission and so on.

    One more thing before I go:
    Books are not written out of boredom. They are written out of inspiration, experience and thought. If you can’t intently read and contemplate a book with the respect and understanding it deserves, well, why are you reading it in the first place?

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  • Don’t gotta work till saturday =] get paid on friday =] got money in my pockets now =] got weed =] damn i’m =]

  • I can’t even finish this book because it’s just so freaking awful.

    I hate all the characters. All of ’em.

    & Lay off the name dropping. Also, I get he wears V-necks like all the time.

    I dunno, I just wasn’t feeling it.

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