Review Policies

At yaReads we review Young Adult Fiction exclusively. We’re open to any type of genre within Young Adult Fiction including (but not limited to) –

Historical Fiction
Thriller etc.

We currently have 2 reviewers,.  Please scroll down below for our reviewers’ genre preferences.

We primarily review books that have been provided by publishers.

Due to time constraints and a constantly growing pile of books to review, not every book we receive will be reviewed or featured. We currently accept a very limited amount of individual requests & self published books. Acceptance of a request will depend on time, availability and interest in the story.

We accept published books both printed and in e-book format.

All summaries/blurbs featured before a review are taken from, the jacketflap/back cover or the publisher’s website.

We do not accept/receive monetary compensation for our reviews.

Money received through the sale of advertising space does not affect or compromise the integrity of the reviews written. The proceeds from those sales go toward the maintenance of site including domain name, hosting etc.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog by the blog owner(s) and reviewers are purely subjective.


Email OR (will send directly to Nichole) with all requests!


Genre Preference:

Nichole prefers books in the following genre:

 – New Adult/Adult Contemporary
– YA Contemporary (more in depth and less fluffy.)
– LGBTQ (I’ll be honest, I’m new at this genre for YA. I have more experience with Adult LGBTQ contemps but am willing to branch out!)
– SOME MG books. I don’t read very many of them
– Paranormal
– Poetry
– Adult paranormal
– Sports books
I usually will not read:
– Sci-fi
– Dystopian
– Religious books
– I also have a tough time reading about angels/demons…it just depends!
I’m currently not accepting review requests unless I’ve read something from you before or if I’ve shown interest. My TBR pile is crazy!
Note: I prefer ecopies. I will not accept PDF copies.

Pavan will read books in the following genres:
I will read:
– New Adult-generally anything within the NA Genre
– YA-generally anything within the YA genre.
-Adult contemporary (Especially if it’s funny with depth!)
– LGBTQ (Both NA and YA)
– Paranormal (Both NA and YA)
– Sports books (I LOVE NA Sports books!)
I will not read:
– Religious books
-MG Books
I’m currently accepting review requests, however it may take me a while to read and review your book due to University work!
As I live in Australia, ecopies are generally easier to send out.