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December 12, 2009 posted by Nikki

Fallen – Lauren Kate

There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah, Georgia. He’s the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screw-ups, and security cameras watch every move.

Even though Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce–and goes out of his way to make that very clear–she can’t let it go. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, she has to find out what Daniel is so desperate to keep secret . . . even if it kills her.

When Luce wound up at Swords & Crosses, a reform school for disturbed kids, she never thought she’d meet anyone worth knowing. I mean, it’s a school for kids with problems – naughty, psycho, crazy and messed kids. The place even looked and felt like a jail. But this is life, and things never turn out the way we expect, do they?

Meet Daniel. The moment Luce lays her eyes on him she feels it. This thing. A connection. Like she’s met him before or something. All this in one little glance. But if he felt it, he certainly isn’t showing it. Daniel makes it more than clear that he’s not interested in Luce, that she should stop stalking him, stop harassing him. He doesn’t want her, so why can’t she stay away from him? Why can’t she get him out of her head? She knows there is something off about him and she’s determined to figure out what it is. Only then will she be able to shake her heavy heart.

I hate the way Daniel treats Luce. He’s more than just a little rude. Even more than that, I hate the way Luce shamelessly keeps going back for more. I kept asking myself where this girl’s self-respect was, and how she could let a boy treat her so badly. I’ve read enough books like this to know by now that often, my initial reaction to characters like Daniel is wrong and that much more lays beneath the surface. Even though I was aware of this, as I was reading, I couldn’t help but feel ticked off by him. The question is you should be asking yourself is, did I stay this way, or did he win me over in the end?

Enter Cam. He’s the guy you love to hate. He’s charming, he’s beautiful, and he’s definitely interested in Luce. He flocks to her immediately, stepping on anyone else’s chances of even attempting to score with her. And Luce likes him back, she does. That’s why she’s not backing away from his advances. But there’s just something … missing, and she can’t quite figure out what it is. Maybe it’s that everything with him is just so easy. There isn’t any inner emotional struggle, no deep pain caused from simply being around him. But is easy what she’s even looking for?

Like all good complex characters, there is more to Cam than meets the eye. Just when you think you’ve got him figured, he turns around and does something that will totally throw you off course. Cam is surprising, in many ways.

Actions speak much louder than words, so if you want to know the truth about these boys, watch what they do, rather than what they say.

This is the kind of book where not a lot happens, yet everything happens. It takes a while to get going, but it’s definitely worth the wait. This is one of those character-intensive kinds of reads that focuses a lot on relationships and friendships, but there is a bit of action too. It’s right at the end, though, so make sure you stick it out.

Fallen is an effortless, engrossing read. This is an excellent first book in what I expect is going to be a mind-blowing series. Hold onto you shorts, folks, this one is going to be big.

Pages: 452

Publication date: 2009

Rating:: ★★★★☆

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  • Guess i should add to my ever growing TBR list then.

  • Nice to know that you liked it. It’s on my TBR pile as well.

  • ok read this yesterday and at the start i was really fusrated why daniel was being so mean to her and how they met before. but i have to say it was total worth it! can’t waitfor the next book torment.:)

  • just finished this book literally a few minutes ago. I flew through it! I didn’t like Daniel at the begninning but i love him now. It was a really good book, it kept me captivated the whole time. cant wait for the next one.

  • I thought this book was really well written and the plot was great. Can’t wait for Torment. I need some questions answered 😀

  • good read.

  • I loved the plot in this book, its refreshing to read sbout something other than vampires. Too bad tormented wont be out till september. I cant wait :)

    • if your sick of vampires you should read hush hush by becca fitzpatrick it’s so awesome!!!!(it’s another book about fallen angel romance)!!!!!

    • too bad. i love vampires. it’s awesome you know. :)

  • i am still reading this book but im really enjoying it, 10 more pages until im done haha
    great book i ttly reccoment it to ages 12-18

    xx winnie


  • I read this book the other day. Picked it up in the morning and finished it that night..and I’m not even a fast reader.. It was just a great book. It was a little bit predictable, but the way Lauren tells the story makes you doubt what your thinking..even if u are spot on. Makes the read a lot more interesting when you can’t be sure if your predictions are right or whether they are completely off and there’s some twist that will blow your mind.

  • I thought this book was amazing! My favorite types of books are “fantasy/romance” and this book has both. At first i loooved Cam and wasn’t too fond of Daniel, but now i looooove them both. Can’t wait for “Tourment”

  • Pretty amazing book. It was completely predictable with what Daniel was and what not, but I didn’texpect Cam to be bad. I’m also glad it did not include any vampires since it seems like that’s what everyone wants to write their books about.. But I cannot wait for Torment. The very last page made me mad because now I have to wait 9 months to know why they shook hands!

    • But technically Cam isn’t bad. He’s just on another side. Cam and Daniel are both hot though! Haha!

  • B-E-S-T B-O-O-K E-V-E-R!!!!!!!!! I love the way it is written and he charactors are soooo mysterious!!! I love the way that daniel is so nice to her in the nd and their memories ssound so fun. LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

  • I love this book soo much :D, can’t wait for the sequel but its so long away :(

  • i loved this book i really love the whole fallen angel thing if u liked this u should defenetly read hush hush its not as good as fallen but deffenty worth reading. am i the only one who loved cam?

    • No! Cam sounds wayyy better than Daniel! Don’t you feel bad for him? :( I do! I’ll take him off Lucy’s hands!! Haha!

  • Great review. I think I might enjoy this series.

  • No, Kia, you’re not the only one who loved Cam – I simply adore him, dark or not. Or maybe I adore him even more because of his darknes? IDK. All I know is that this book had me in its clutches for the 2 days it took me to devour it. The first 100 or so pages are deathly slow – almost unnecessary, I’d say – but if you can hold on through them, you won’t be disappointed. ‘Fallen’ is a wonderful ride, and the ending is shocking. And I love Cam. Love, love, love him! He makes the book for me.

    • Agreed about Cam! I can’t stop thinking about him!

  • Loved this book, finished it on a very boring day at the check outs and yeah loved it 😀 I love Daniel but with every book i read (and lets face it all books these days have a love triangle) i ADORE the other guy and in this case its Cam and oh god help me i love him and his evilness. I hope there’s more action with those two in the next book, Daniels too goody goody :( but yet i love them both. I’ll shut up now, all in all it’s a great book.

    • You’re totally right about Daniel. Cam and his evilness is super cute and he knows how to treat Lucy!

  • I’ve been planning 2 read it and of course buying it, but I bought The Luxe instead, but when I finished the Luxe series I’ve definitly reading it. So but is Fallen like a sexy story, is it really? I don’t know I’ll read 2 find out. xoxo

  • i thought this book would be good, but wow i hated it!! it just dragged on and on..and it kinda copied evermore with the whole “him watching her die and reborn only to lose her again” thing. i am not going to be reading the 2nd one. if someone else wrote this book, like maggie stiefvater or cassandra clare then it would’ve been more interesting but it totally sucked :S

    • FINALLLY somebody with a brain for fantasy/romance arrives, thank uu, this book was horrible and so was Evermore, a total waste of mone and time

  • I love this book. I’ve read it twice and it still made my heart jump a little. It captivated me. Cam made me suspicious being too perfect… i hate suck ups.

  • this was defiantly on of my favorite books right now.

  • Looks to me, after reading some other reviews, like a Twilight reborn. I doubt I’ll ever get around it, but thanks for the review.

  • I saw this book loads of times in the book shop. the summary sucks. It sounds like Twilight. The love triangle. This book doesn’t have a polished summary. The cover is copied too. Like gothic type. But sucks. the guy is mysterious heard loads of times in tri stories. Read a better book by jane austen or judith krantz.

    • It does sound like Twilight, you’re right. But once you read it (if you haven’t already since this comment is like, a year late.) you will change your aspect of the book completely! It’s not one of those normal love triangles. Mainly because of Luce’s pull to Daniel she’s never truly into Cam, but this makes you crave Cam even more than Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, and Daniel a fallen angel put together!

  • I read this and loved it!!At first I didn’t like Daniel and loved Cam. But then around the end I fell in love with Daniel!!! This is now my FAVORITE book EVER!!!

  • I would understand if this book was aimed at bored housewives….it is nice, sexy escapism. But when it is aimed at impressionable teens….? Are they gonna think that this is what ‘love’ is supposed to be like?

    The clueless, sorta cute girl with some sort of problem/issue manages to capture the attention of the hottest, mysterious guy(s) and bam she is the centre of the universe.

    I dunno, maybe I am just cranky cos I am a bored housewife (lol) and read ‘Hush Hush’ and ‘Fallen’ in a a row and it is just too much ‘fantasy’ for me.

  • i want to read this bok but cant bear the idea of having to wait for the next in the series (im already doing that with too many books and the suspense kills me!) having said that idk grumpy i think that i wouldnt mind reading a book that tells makes the girl the centre of the universe. it may not be true in real life but hey, this is a fantasy book! us teens can tell true from false! i think that just getting caught up in the book is enough like in twilight

  • hey omg
    im like about 20 pages from the end and i flicked to it and saw that there is another book called torment and im like going crazy i need to know when it comes out
    so if anyone can tell me that would be great please please do tell lol oh by the way lauren kate is awesome

  • literally just finished this book and i enjoyed it and was spo fustrated when i had to put in down to you know do household duties or go to sleep because i have work in the morning lol. A good read which i enjoyed loads :)

  • oh um by the way the front cover is lush! i love it, its so gothic and interesting!

  • i finished it a few days ago and yup, I CANT BEAR THE cliche. all well its true! i luuuve this book and yup, the cover! like OMG fantsamo!

  • I love this book. Waiting for Torment is so painful. It’s tormenting me!

  • wow… i havent read the bk yet but i hav read the reviews and stuff, sounds lik something that im really going to hang on and b thinking about 4 months… CANT WAIT to read it

  • ok…i bought this book like days ago but didn’t get the chance to read it till yesterday…and you know what…this book is AMAZING! i’m like totally engross in it until i didn’t even notice i was reading till dawn! gosh…i hope the next book will be even better! 😀

  • looks like fallen angels will finally take over vampires 😉

  • also I’m reading Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatric that’s a really good story, kinda like this one 😀 I can’t get these out of my head 😉

  • OMG, is HUSH, HUSH good? I’ve been wanting to read that. It looks awesome! Fallen angels are way hotter than vampires. I mean, I’d take wings over being sparkly any day. :)

    • HUSH HUSH is really good. i love that book. i also agree with you about fallen angels. i would completely take wings over sparkles any day. i love twilight but i could put glitter on a cute boy and give him some gold contacts if i needed to. lol:)

  • ok I shouldn’t really be saying that but yeah the book was great and I’ve started this one today, and I dunno Hush Hush is making more sence to me tbh 😉
    also it scard me D:

  • my dad just bought this book for me yesterday. my friend georgia was along with me and was desirably interested. She ended up starting to read it before me the next day. I was amazed to se er be in the center of the book in a number of 2 hours. lol From What she has has halfly narrarated to me, a cant wait to read it. Thanks Kate for writting suck a thrilling book.

  • I bought this book too.Haven’t read it yet.But reading these comments I will be reading it today.

  • I haven’t finished it yet because of my tight schedule.. But I have read the first six chapters, and it’s truly an engrossing book. My mother bought this for me as a gift for passing the scholarship exam.. :)
    And it’s totally worth it!
    It’s a romantic-sort of scary novel.

  • This book, has to be better than twilight! i love this book! its just bows my alway so badly ! i cant wait tell i read the next chapter! <3

  • I went on other websites and most people say it was a waste to read, I don’t want to waist my money on a book I won’t like espescialy since I’m saving this money for another book that’ll come out in May 4th. I need some advice should I buy it or should I just shove it off?

  • Yes, you should buy ‘Fallen’. It is worth the money. However, it all depends on how much you want to buy this other book. Weigh your options. Then if you choose to not buy ‘Fallen’ you could probably borrow it from your local library or just wait for when you have the time. Because, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter when you read ‘Fallen’ because it’s still going to be epically awesome anyway.

  • Okay thanks, oh and thank you for not pointing out my misspelled words! C:C:C:C:C:

  • WOW! My smiley faces look stupid O_O

  • i love this book its amazing!!!!!!!! I didn’t like daniel at first but now i love him!!!!!!!I’m so getting torment!!! xx

  • I really enjoyed this book! There’s forbidden romance which makes the book so much better. I loved this!

  • I’ve finished the book, and my personal rating is 3/2 stars :S
    Hush Hush is no doubtfully a better book, the story to this isn’t quite making much sense to me as I hoped, and it just wasn’t my thing, because it was one of those introducing kinda things, and it took like 100 pages till she met Danny, where as in Hush Hush Patch was in the beginning, and it got straight into it.
    also it was in the text where it wasn’t narrated, so it was really hard to engage and relate feelings with the characters as you do in other fantasy stories. But that’s my opinion, at first I thought it was boaring, then it got good, then near the end it was pathetic, but the prologue helped the ending a little more ;), if you ask me Hush Hush is a better story 😉

  • This book is AWSOME its time somebody took of the trail of twilight vampires…

  • I am almost finished with the book and LOVE it! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  • I have the book but I haven’t started reading it yet.. I want to but I always find a book at the library that looks really good.. I looked through it and seen that it’s narated by somebody else.. I don’t like thoughs books.. but I bet I will like this book.. I see wat yuh guys/gals are saying and I think this will be good.. but not better than the “Twilight Series” I love books!(: I encourage my little cousins’ to read also..

  • i love this boook and i cant wait for more in the future.

  • I love love loved this book!
    A lot of the stuff like Cam being an angel or demon or whatever was a real shock!
    Especially Mrs.Sophia!
    I actually loved Daniel at the beginning.Him flipping her off was hilarious!!!

  • loved it.. such a great book.. i bought it last year i think and ive read it so muchh :)

  • This is my all time favorite book. It’s a great romantic novel to get yourself lost in. The Gothic setting is perfect and the characters are all so intriguing. Torment is going to be another amazing story; I have a feeling. Also, for those who say that it was pathetic, or a waste of time are definitely wrong. I’ve read a ton of books in my years, most of them being fantasy/romance. The ending was cute, action packed, and left room for a whole new set of questions to be answered. Fantasy books are made to be over the top, and that’s exactly what it is. We wouldn’t read fiction if that wasn’t what we were anticipating.

    Amazing read.

  • im in love with this book for real i luv the story is awesome cant wait for torment

  • im in luv with daniel and i luv how they love each other

  • I love Daniel even from the start. When he flipped Luce off I knew that there was something more to it.

  • OMG i loved Fallen excepted i hated Daniel in the begining and absolutly loved Cam. but now im all in for daniel. if he was real i would so want to marry him. i absolutly cant wait for Torment #1 the cover makes it look amazing and #2 it WILL be amazing. Lauren Kate you are amazing!!!! This is one of my all time favorite books, and trust me i read a lot of books. Majorly excited!!!!!!!!!!! :) 😉 :) 😉

  • i think that this book was really good. i read it in 1 day and wanted more. it did take a while to get started but was worth it. the last quarter of the book is a huge punch in the face, but in a good way if you know what i mean. i can wait for the next installment. reccommended
    chloe x

  • I’ve been reading this book. i love it also. I find it weird that i have the same problem as lucinda, well of course it didn’t kill anyone, but i see the shadows and they seem to follow me. I guess maybe im schizophrenic. anyways, i love the book, i can’t wait to keep on reading. ^.^ I’ve actually pictured the characters in my mind and drew them in anime form, i love this series though. Keep up the good work!

  • i just finished ‘Fallen’ and i really enjoyed it! But i just sensed that there was something missing about this book. The characters are all so intriguing and mysterious. Also i loved the storyline, though i didn’t quite understand the ending, the author left meny questions unanswered!!

  • I found it really boring, I’ve read far better books than this rubbish

  • GREAT BOOK! In fact, when I saw the cover I was like o.O this is BETTER looking then Twilight (no offense, but I can’t STAND Twilight.) :/
    ke this.Anyway, I’ll shut up now. If you like this book, I reccomend Beautiful Creatures! :) It’s my fave book! This so made the top ten! Daniel was sick from the beggining! Why did no one like him? :(

  • i thought the book was great!!! it had soo much love and and sadness….


  • what is this obsession with hating Daniel ‘at first’ then ‘loving him’ later, I thought he was a complete boar

  • I loved the book fallen sooooooo much and it was the first book like this ive read so does anyyone have any recommendations on simular books???? x

  • im not even half way through the book, but all i know is that Penn’s character annoys me very very very much so.

  • i loooooved the book soo good i mean it i mean sooo refreshing… cant wait for the next book torment…:)

  • I seen this book in a Library and seen how amazing it looked, and now i NEED it. If it is as good as every one says then i’m going to get it as soon as I can!


  • Wow i havent even finsihed the book but i dont want to. I want it to be a neverending story. This book is soo beautiful its one of those “awe” moment type books.:)

  • daniel is beautiful though he was an ass in the beginning i can understand why though only to save luce and i completly love love luce shes so awesome and clumsy like me;)

  • Fallen was the best book I have read ever! Can’t wait for the second one to come out. :)

  • I can’t wait to read it ! i love the book cover ! <3

  • This Book Was Down right AMAZING!
    I LOVED IT! can’t wait for the second book :)

  • fasinatin… amazing …. ad da best bok i eva read….. a shout out for kate ….

  • I loved this book! i thought at first that daniel had been the person to light the cottage on fire but boy was i wrong. the book swalled me whole. I just recently finished reading Torment it was pretty intense, but i just cant beleive that there is going to be yet another book.

    • i havent read it yet but it loooks really awesome and i am in a book clu, I have been reading ton of reviews and it does look super awesome but i just wish some of the reviews didnt have so much details i wanna know about the book but i dont wanna know the whole thing i mean cmon people. -_-

  • I love the book so much, I couldn’t believe penn died though, I cried so much but i was so shocked that cam was bad because i know for a fact i love him even better than daniel but not by far. To be truthful i didn’t like the ending when she had to leave sword and cross because i love the place, yeah i know weird but the place fit in with the shadows and CAM XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX love him xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I have this book and i’m reading it for a book project, only 11 more chapterz to go only a efw pages from 10, I can’t wait to see if Daniel or Cam end up with Luce!! =D
    and omg shadowz, freakish rofl

  • Do i have to buy this to read it, or can i read it on this website?

  • I agree with you, it took forever to get into action, but I guess it was worth the wait in the end. I didn’t mind Daniel. He was only mean because it pained him so much as she reminded him of all their past lives together. It must have been very hard for him and his response towards her was normal.

  • Daniel had me hooked from the beginning. I was confused with the whole ‘I drew her, I kissed her, I killed her’ thing at the very beginning. And him flipping her off… What a jackass move :). It made my heart skip a beat in tune with Luce’s when she would she Daniel, and my own onfusion mirrored Luce’s with Cam’s, and finally Daniel’s, kisses. The Announcers… I was never totally scared of them, just pretty wigged. The ending, with Penn… It seemed emotionless at a glance, but it brought salty tears to my eyes. And god damned – pardon my french – Miss Sophia. And Roland! I loved him! He was kind and funny and sweet, and I cannot wait for Arriane’s promise to be fulfilled of us ‘regaining’ him. I’m off now, to read Torment. Wish me luck!

  • I love this book so much, I’m so close to finishing it, it is a slow reader but it keep’s you coming back for more!
    Main Charecters-
    Cam (Cameron Briel)
    Penn (PennyWeather V-Lockwood)
    Daniel Grigori
    Gabbe (Gabrielle Givons)
    Luce (Lucinda Price)
    Miss. Sophia.
    Todd (Todd Hammond)
    Luce got sent to a school called Sword & Cross, it’s a boarding school for messed up teens, for Luce, more like a jail, no cell phones allowed either, dress code, black black and more BLACK! Luce meets a girl called Arriane, who is crazy in all ways, she’s cocky and cheeky and calls luce her slave although treats her as her BFF. Penn is the true BFF though, kind, honest, all ways there. Luce got sent to the hell hole for being accused of killing her close friend in a fire at Dover, Trevor. Still recovering, Luce’s eyes catch Daniel Grigori’s violet/grey attractive eyes. Daniel is so stuborn at Luce and pretends to hate her although deep in side he holds a dark secret about Luce, he knows more about Luce’s past then she does, The Announcers….Or as Luce calls them, The shadows. Luce, in the libuary with Penn, sees the shadows bigger then ever, she can only see them, when suddenly a burst of flame and smoke appear and she loses Penn in the Grey smoke but tumbles into Todd, the two of them Struggle to make it out but eventually did. Luce wakes up in Hospital, not remebering anything about the fire. She askes what happened to Todd, Gabbe, Penn and Arriane where there. Penn explains he choked up more smoke, he fell down the stairs and snaped his neck. And now is away from this world. Shortly after words Penn dies in a fire, but not like Todd, she gets killed by Miss. Sophia the librarian, who is infact an Fallen Angel. Everyone turned out to be an angel apart from Long lost Penn and Luce her self. Finally being with her beloved Guardien Angel Daniel, she discovers the truth behind her dark past, and how it causes distruction in her future… Will Luce have to loose Daniel again? Will she ever defeat The Darkness arond her? Will she survive her attempt to Discover her true self?….
    Absolutly a great book, toatally worth reading, you feel like your in the story!
    ~Faye, 11

  • I finished reading fallen around about a month ago.. I was hooked on it from start to finish! I wouldn’t put it down I just couldn’t!! Lauren is so talented in so many ways! .. And I can’t wait for passion ,

  • Haven’t read this book before, but the cover’s got me interested. And the reviews definitely make this book top on my Must Read’s list.

  • Trust me it wasn’t all that good, hush hush was much better(^_-)

    • seriously!?!?!?! i think they were pretty equal if you ask me. . . although i can’t tell who’s stupider Nora or Luce? who cares they’re both awesome to me :)

    • Yeah hush hush was really good but i didnt think Fallen was that bad. But i really didnt like the second book of neither of Hush,Hush nor Fallen..

    • I think Luce is more… not as bogus as Nora. Nora was a b*tch. Just sayin’. However, I did like Hush, Hush better. The stirrings was a little thought through while in Fallen, there’s nothing leading up to the part where you find out he’s a fallen angel. I found it a little bogus that I didn’t know he was an angel throughout the whole book.
      I DO LOVE IT THOUGH! I also love Torment! :3 TORMENT IS WAY BETTER! I loved it so much.

      Team Miles!

  • Dear sad, lonely Lola – You don’t know what you’re talking about so go back to kindergarten okay?

  • I’m reading the book Fallen on a website called and on page 94 this is what i found “shapeupandsitdown” it should be shape up and sit down.

  • don’t get me wrong i just started reading it like 30 min ago and i love it so far i just tend to find thing that are miss spelled.

  • I really enjoyed fallen, I don’t really read often and I was worried it would just be another twilight wannabe. But I was pleasantly surprised, the ending was where things started to wrap up, the beginning was slightly slow. Although I found the story to be amazing, usually love stories can be a little foolish but this was just beautiful. I definitely reccomend and wish I’d read earlier!
    I need torment now! cannot to get started.

  • I really enjoyed fallen, I don’t really read often and I was worried it would just be another twilight wannabe. But I was pleasantly surprised, the ending was where things started to wrap up, the beginning was slightly slow. Although I found the story to be amazing, usually love stories can be a little foolish but this was just beautiful. I definitely reccomend and wish I’d read earlier!
    I need torment now! cannot wait to get started.

  • I am so in love with Fallen series. I have read both Fallen and Torment and have Passion as to-read book. I loved and hated the way Daniel and Luce’s relationship was written. I fell for Daniel right away. An absolute gorgeous fallen angel. The story was heartbreaking and fascinating at the same time. I cried and laugh, well mostly cried during my reading and mostly for Daniel. Luce was a bit lame sometimes. But I loved the series.

  • I liked the book, looking forward to reading Torment. But it kind of reminded me of Twilight with how Luce the new girl at the school catches the attention a guy, she becomes attracted to another guy who doesn’t want to be near her but can’t stay away even though he wants to as to not hurt her, saves her from being hurt, two guys fight for her, etc. I’m sure there are other books that has the same elements, it just that this reminds me of Twilight the most. Ah well. I shall read on:D

  • just read!!! totally love <3 ! i just put torment on hold! can't wait to read it!!

  • I bought this book yesterday and i have nearly fineshed it, my friend told me it was really good but it took a while to get into it, however the moment I started reading it I was hooked. It’s a real page turner and I am soooooooo glad that I dont have to wait to read Tormented and the rest of the series.

  • Does this book include vampires and all that shit? :S

  • Nope. Fallen is all about Fallen Angels and later, in Torment, Nephilim…:)

  • Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m not here to comment but to ask a few people to read my book and tell me what do they think before e-publishing it on amazon, since my friends don’t read. if interested please email me at


  • What a lame comment…

  • I think a proper comment should include the reason of why a reader likes or hates a certain book. Giving away an insult will not produce anything positive. Somehow I think I should understand that not all readers with negative comments could manage appropriate feedback..:)

    • Dont you think “What a lame comment…” is negative feedback? Don’t be a hypocrite. Its gets us no where, it’s obvios that this person feels strongly about not liking this book. He/she is entitled to their opinions just as you are to yours. Thisis a ppublic site..

  • UGHHHHH! I read both Fallen AND Torment and it’s left me with two feelings that I can’t shake: I wish Cam was real because he sounds GORGEOUS! To add to that I wish Lucy would just choose Cam! Even though his “secret” is a little shocking, he totally loves Lucy! My second feeling is that Danielle seems like the typical hot guy you hear about in all the movies and books. Of course he loves Lucy but I mean come on? Cam is irresistable and I would prefer Cam and Lucy together. I feel pretty bad for Cam. :(

    • Daniel* Sorry!

  • amei o livro estou louca para comprar o outro , mas como disse minha amiga pobre e ma desgraça tó sem grana para comprar !

  • i think this has been a pretty good book so far, not too far into it yet as i have only just started reading it but looks great :)
    any suggestions for a true blood/twilight/vampire style of book? other than twilight and true blood obviously :/

    • Try the house of night series . (:

    • That is a excellent collection of books

  • Even though most reviewers seem to love this book, I had a really hard time getting into it. I didn’t like Luce as a main character, and her “relationship” with Daniel was not developed enough. Also, the paranormal aspects near the end of the novel were almost comical.
    – Alyssa of Redhead Heroines
    Book Review of “Fallen” by Lauren Kate

  • At the end of the book cam says he want’s luce and said daniel know’s why but what is it? can anyone please help me?(;<3

  • I love the book so much. I really like the dress in the front cover. I have tried to find a dress like it for my prom but still no luck. Is the cover even a picture or a painting?

  • I’m truly trying my hardest to read this, and it’s not working out. It is okay, but not as good as other books I’ve read.
    Check out for book reveiws by teens, for teens!!

  • I read this book in literally 2 days. I LOVED it!!!! The book was incredably amazing:) ok I was getting really upset with Daniel because he was being so mean to Luce! All of that made me kinda like cam… He was so nice to her and he never was like a “bad” angle toward her or anyone else until the end of the book when Daniel wasn’t being mean anymore… I sort of felt bad for cam because of the whole history thing and the reincarnation thing because he already kinda knows he won’t end up with her:/

  • I’m not here to comment about Fallen but recommend this book Memoirs of a Vampire by Sarah Farmer. it’s available on kindle, nook,, and Xlibris. Here a teaser.
    Suddenly, an ominous silence fell upon the house. There was no sound
    or movement from the great hall. I was wondering whether everyone had left
    the party already, or if I was trapped in one of my vivid dreams again. Pauline
    wouldn’t leave without me, and Martin wouldn’t leave me here without warning
    me that the party was over. So why did I feel alone? A dreadful chill and a sick
    feeling grew inside of me, and my breath became an icy fog. The hair on my
    back and arms stood, and I felt a ghastly chill run from my head to toes. They
    were coming for me, and someone was going to die.
    I couldn’t get out of my mind the conversation Martin and Annabeth had
    in the boutique. She called him honey. How stupid I had been. It was a big
    scheme. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, but I had to. There was too much to
    think about. They were coming for me, and I had to run.
    Suddenly, there was thick smoke coming from under the door, and I found
    myself coughing. The smoke began to fill up the piano room quickly, clouding
    the whole room.
    I ran for the door. It was locked. My head was throbbing with fear, and I
    began to panic as I heard a massive noise, like a huge crack of thunder, and the
    music room shook violently as if it were tumbling down and then just as violently
    righted itself. The wood floor shuddered.
    “Help!” I cried, pushing the door with all my inhuman strength. The door
    didn’t budge. “Help me! Martin! Oliver! Pauline! Oh God, help!”
    The dark wood floor was slowly splitting in half, making an unbearable
    windmill noise. An invisible force yanked me away from the door and over to the
    piano, narrowly missing the edge of it with my head, and I felt nearly out of my
    mind with horror. I scrambled to my feet, breathing hard, and ran to the other
    side of the room, airborne, so I didn’t fall in the void. Everything was locked. The
    house was creaking and groaning as if ready to collapse on my body.
    I pushed the door with all my strength until I became weak and feeble. I
    panicked with the weight of the terror I felt churning inside my gut. The way out
    was closed. The smoke had saturated the room quickly, and my lungs were filled
    with it. I was coughing, and my eyes were watering. The smell of smoke was
    strong; it was almost impossible not to breathe. There was an explosion. The
    ground was opening even wider. I could see nothing but darkness in the hole
    where the earth opened. I flung myself against the wall as the floor under my feet
    began to slide, and the wood floor tumbled into the chasm. I held on tightly to the
    wall as hard as I could, moving my feet backward so I didn’t fall down.
    I needed to escape or die. I shrank back, and for a moment, I stood trembling
    against the wall, feeling doomed. I suddenly felt faint from the terror surrounding
    me, and I was drenched in smoke.

  • I love the Fallen Series! I can’t wait ’til the thrid book comes out. And, it’s weird, but I both hate and love Daniel. I love him because he loves Luce and it reminds me of a cute couple at school, but I hate him because he keeps KEEPING SECRETS for Luce. Take it in Torment, the second book. He kept on keeping secrets that Luce desperately asked for. Another thing. Cam. When I first read about him, loved him instantly. (Sarcastically speaking). He was bad-ass XD. Even in Torment. In my opinion, I would have chosen Cam over Daniel.

  • I love this series so much! I read a book a day , no joke! Now, the fourth book rapture comes out in a year from now:( i wish it would be out sooner.. it still lingers in my head.. amazing!!

  • Ok, i totally agree w/ Love. I would have chosen cam and daniel is both loved AND hated by me!!!!!! I love him bc luce loves him and i despise his guts bc he treats luce like a child! I understand he doesnt want to lose her, but its her life, and she doesnt need to spend it locked away from the world!!!!!!!!! Cam is just sexy and is (i think) the best! I also love love love that luce can work with shadows!!!! How sweet is that???? Awesome!!!!!!! :)

  • can’t wait for the final book of fallen series Rapture.
    it’s really a great book! like it so much=D. don’t bother to hate it so. lauren kate is such a great author.

  • It’s Sword & Cross not Swords & Crosses.

  • ok i really would like to read this is it about well i mean whats it about?? o and i do love vampires ok. i <3 the house of night books i have almost all of then i just need book 9,10, Neferets curse,Dragons Oath,Lenobias Vow and i think there's like 1 or 2 more but i cant think of them at the moment…lol :) i really do love stuff like nonreal stuff lol i don't know what the word im looking for is,o well.
    so ya can somone tell me what this is about and jw,does it have swearing in it??? and making-out in it to and all that "stuff"?? JW JW

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