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February 28, 2009 posted by Nikki

Blue Moon – Alyson Noel: An Immortals Novel

Hey folks, check out the cover of Noel’s new novel:

Pretty spiffy, huh? Fans of Evermore, her first novel in The Immortals series, will be pleased to know that Blue Moon is due for release on 08.04.09!

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  • Oh my lord! I’m so excited for Blue Moon. I just finished Evermore today and I am so hyped up! Odd thing was, I couldn’t stand Twilight, but I LOVE Evermore.

    P.S. Damen = Gorgeous

    • Same as.

    • (Not the Damen thing)

    • omg i know right just finished reading evermore and cannot wait to read bluemoon….and DAMON IS BEYOND FITT

  • What is the connection between Twilight and Evermore?

  • I absolutely loved “Evermore” I thought it was FANTASTIC! It was also pretty addicting. Which leaves me extremely excited for “Blue Moon”!!! and the rest that Alyson Noel will write for the series! I read the back of the book in “Evermore” for “Blue Moon” and immediately got addicted and wanted to read more.. but sadly couldnt until i can go buy it! I read “Evermore in 2 days.. i also got yelled at in MANY classes in school because I’d start reading it! 😀

  • I’m so excited

  • I can’t wait! I read Evermore and I absolutely loved it! I read it in three days nonstop (it would have been one, but I attempted to drag it out a bit so that it wouldn’t end). It is the best book. I’m using for my sci-fi/fantasy book report.

  • I heard it sounds a lot like twilight and it’s kinda ironic the second book of evermore is “blue moon” when twilight’s second book is ” new moon”. But the book sound awesome , i have it on request.

  • I read The Twilight series twice just this year and loved it. I’m planning on reading Evermore next. but i have to find a copy first!!!

  • i thhink evermore was the best book ive read since the twilight series… and if your looking for more love books like this one – read the Evernight series its awsome xoxo

  • You know what? Evernight was actually pretty good. (Not as good as Twilight though) can’t wait for Blue Moon!

  • OMG! I loved Evermore! I red it in one day but I was disapointed in the end when they didn’t do the dirty. Though i guess that’s why there’s a sequel. ahhhhhhhhhhh! i cant wait, it is almost as good as twilight but better in the sense that not every girl I meet has read it. you know? ahh! can’t wait!

  • Best book I found since Twilight (which I loved)
    I loved it
    And I am looking for Blue Moon online
    but I am having know luck at all!

  • I’m half way through Evermore and it’s so good! Can’t wait for Blue Moon to come out!

  • what happens at the end of blue moon, does she save him or her family. i really need to know!!!!!

  • OMG!so like i totally luvved this book it had a new twist on it compared 2 twilight which btw iv read it now uh …26 times not including the rest of the my friends call me the real bella bcuz just like her in the book i hav brown eyes, dark long wavy hair im like oober pale and i fall like 5 times an hour!plus i talk in my sleep!!!so any way i found this book called the vampire diaries by l. j. smith u guys should like totally check it out sumtime!!!ttyl!

  • btw jessy and miranda where wood i find the evernight series?

    • u culd go to

  • hav any of u guys read the house of night series…???

  • i loved Evermore.
    it was similar to Twilight in many ways.
    this is the best book i’ve read since the first Twilightt release to the end of Breaking Dawn.
    which means, Evermore is the best book i’ve read other than Twilight in 5/6 years (Twilight came out in 2004). yeah im choosy. so i cannot WAIT until Blue Moon comes out.

    kinda ironic, right?
    Blue Moon
    New Moon
    both sequels….

    okay i’ll stfu now. (:

  • anyone now from where can i download evermore, cause in my country we haven’t the book and i want to read cause it seems like relly good the book

  • cmon!blue moon soooooooo needs to come out now i jus cant wait for it!!

  • Hmm I liked Evermore… but there are just too many of the same ideas in it as there are in the Twilight series. Like mind reading, pre-cognition, immortality, the whole highschool thing. Not to mention alot of the things Damen says to Ever and vice versa gave me flash backs of Twilight. And WOW an immortal hunk falls in love with a mortal girl.. But I did like the twist in there about how Ever’s soul had been reincarnated over the centuries!

  • I absolutely loved Twilight. It is the best series ever. But I picked up Evermore on a whim (I was done with the Twilight Saga for the 4th time) and read it so quickly. I also like the fact that not every other person in this world has read this book and is talking about it. It makes me feel like it’s something that’s mine. Haha.
    Can’t wait til BLUE MOON!

  • OMG!!! this book rocks!!!! i loved it soooo much that i am searching everywhere on the computer to try and get a glimps of “Blue Moon”

  • oh ya and hey
    i efin’ loved the twilight sagaa…. but i might actually like this series way better…. haha now my brothers have to deal with me going through another one of my “fases” as they call it lol
    hope i annoy the hell out of them!! love you
    peace outty

  • OMG! Evermore was by far the best book I have ever read since Twilight. In some ways i think that it was better. I hope there isn’t a sad part in the book since New Moon Sounds jUst like BLUE MOON! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • I loved evermore i finished it in one day it was awesome way better than twilight witch took me forever i am so excited for blue moon

  • i looked up blue moon and it says sumtin bout damen leavin …wats up wit that?

    • yea ever has to pick eaither save her family or save damen.

  • I loved “Evermore” I couln’t stop thiniking about it!!!!! It was amazing. I hat it cause these girls are so lucky to get boyfriends like these!!! To bad they aren’t realy!!! :)))) :DD I LOVED ITTTT!!!!! I soooo Cant wait for Blue Moon! And I think there is a movie coming out!!!!! YEAHHH I will soo Be therrrrr! ;;D
    Peace <3

  • evermore is one of the greatest books ever!!! i loved it! im soooooooooooooooooooooo excited for it!!! i didn’t think i’d like it all that much but i did. i’m whith shayla. i hope they do make a movie!!! it deserves it!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! HEH HEH!!

  • The rights to evermore have been sold to some company for a T.V. show!!!!!
    If you wanna see proof then type in this adress in your adress bar!!!!!!
    (this is the official alyson noel sight so it is not lying)

    I am sooooo excited for Blue Moon!!!!! i like the Twilight Saga and this series both A LOT!!!!!!!! i like them the same

  • ohh and if any one has books to recomend like this series then please do!!!

  • it only took my a couple of hours to read evermore… THATS HOW GOOD IT WAS. lol. ;))
    i cannot wait for blue moon..
    all my friends have read evermore and they ALL lovedd itt. :)

  • I finished Evermore in just Two Hours! I cant wait for Blue Moon. :) :] :}
    But i cant beli

  • I loved this book Evermore i finished it in less than two days! I cant wait to find out if Ever saves her Family or Damen. But i believe shes goin to save Damen!

  • I say it was really good. xD Btu i still like House of Night Books Better :./

  • evermore is now my favorit book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope she saves Damen cuse her famaly r already dead
    (this book is better then the Twilight books and i like thos to)

  • omg i like CAN NOT wait. i just finished today and was totally addicted!!!!!!! i so cant wait for blue moon to come out!!!!!!

  • ARG, what arae the House of Night books about? i really want to read some good fantasy books or books that arent about real things. thanks

  • ARG, what arae the House of Night books about? i really want to read some good fantasy books or books that arent about real things. thanks!!!!!

  • OMG I cant wait to read Blue Moon. I loved reading Evermore, and though it did remind me of the Twilight series, I still love it. Evermore truly is addictive, I hope Blue Moon comes out in stores soon!!!

  • zpaola, blue moon is coming ou tin stores July 7th of 2009! if u go to alyson noels website u can see the book and a summary of it

  • I LOVE EVERMORE!!!! Cant wait for Blue Moon!!! But until its out to buy does anyone have any suggestions??? Keep me posted!!!

  • wow i loved evermore… but i can totally see the recemblense between this book and the twilight saga…. i mean how often is a series about vampires written where a normal mortal falls for a hot butt immortal guy?… both series talk about how to kill a vampire, and mysterious red substances like blood…. in both series the immortal guys have to leave the mortal girl.. doesn’t happen a lot where two books are super similar… but both series are super good… can’t wait till blue moon comes out..

  • i am so excited! it was way better then twilight!!!

  • The Vampire Acadamy Books were much better than house of nite and Evermore lol.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant belive it i read evermore in about 3 hours. it was soooo much like twilight BUT i like evermore better im so excited i saw that she has to leave some one Damen or her family. what would you do leave your family or your love?????

  • I CANT WAIT FOR BLUE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!! i found evermore in wall mart and i instantly sat in the middle of the isle and read until i was done with the book!!!! it was so cool i didnt want to set the book down && i was so sad when i finished it until i googled alyson noel and found the second book now im dieing to read it!!!! I SO CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blue moon is so gonna rock!!!! and it is pritty funny becouse i refuse to even know the names of the twilight series and yet the immortal series just sorta clicked to me!!!!!!!LOL!!!

  • GOD!!! I love Evermore(next to twilight)!!! I always got scolded by my parents ‘coz I almost spent those three days reading it nonstop… I’m so curious about the connection between the TWILIGHT series and EVERMORE… Hmmm… They’ve got so many things in common. But I love it! I can’t wait for the release of Bluemoon!!!

  • i cant wait unil BLUE MOON comes out i liked twilight but evermore is BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

  • i cant wait till blue moon comes out!!!! by the way what is evernight??????

  • I went into Barnes and Noble today and saw that they had made a mistake and released Blue Moon 5 days early!!! BOO YEAH!

  • evermore wuz sooooooooo good even though its like twilight (love that book to death) cant wait for blue moon

  • blue moon is goimg to be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG i love the book evermore i read it in one day and may read it again i was so amd when i found out blue mood is not coming out yet ahhh its killing me the suspense and stuff ahhhhh!

  • isn’t blue moon out. did it come out on the 7th of july???

  • evermore was the best book i read since the twilight series and i read some of blue moon. i had found 12 chapters on the internet. and it was already fantastic. i read evermore in 1 day and i know its going to be the same with blue moon. i cant wait till it comes out. ithink the 4th of august?

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! no way im going to be able to sleep. im going to any book store i can find and see if they have it. its going to be ahhhmmaazzinng!!!!!

  • I finshed Evermore in one day and can`t wait to read Blue Moon I read some of it in the back of Evermor & I’m dieing to know more

  • OMB!!!!!!!!! I could go on forever about this book . It’s so on my favorites list . And I can’t believe I’m saying it but better than twilight I’m going to regret that later. I read the first 12 chapters of blue moon on wattpad. Com I love that website. And I’m going to die if I don’t get it soon. And it kills me because I see he book at wakmart every time I go but I’m broke.and in debt to my parents. [ sigh) but IDE have to say the vampire academy series is sooooooo exetra much better than twilight and evermore series. And I’m driven crazy cause the fourth book to that series I have to wait for to it just came out. Oh no I going to go through one of my gases a my dad calls it again. And when I say I go through it’s no joke. When I got the twiligt series for chritmas I read the whole series five times in 3 weeks January wasn’t even over yet !!!!!! Aaashhhhh!!! I’m goig to go insane. P.a an I love damen he is so oohhh la la. I hope ever chooses him over her family. In evermore if I recall Riley told evervtht her parents an her dog where happy and just wanted ever to stop blaming it on herself. Can’t wait to see what heppens and if u like evermore try reading the HON series it’s wicked.

  • Srry about all the mistakes in my comment I was typing on my I touch and it was acting up

  • Yea but Laurell K. Hamilton also has a book called Blue Moon in her Anita Blake series hahaha so yea it’s exactly the same unlike New Moon but yea I can’t wait for Blue Moon to come out (by Alyson Noel of course)

  • Sorry I meant to say I can’t wait until I get Blue Moon. It’s already out xP silly me…

  • .’ i just finished the evermore book. and the story is awesome. i like it.i just finished it within 1 day and a half. i cant put down the book i realy want to know what will happen next. hahaha. and im peeking at the last part to know what will happen. hahaha. its a good book! :)) i will read next the blue moon. IM SO EXCITED! :)

  • I loved the book and cant wait 2 read the second 1 but gotta wait 2 find it.

  • OMGx3. i just finished Evermore and i was totally addicted. it’s the best book i’v read aside from twilight. i loved twilight and finished the series, but i wanted to read another book like twilight. well i’m so glad i found The Immortals series. can’t wait 2 read Blue Moon<3


    I♥’ED EVERMORE i got addicted to it, i couldnt put it down. I consider my self a slow reader, and i mean realy reallly slow hahaha, kinda,& i was surprised when i finished it in 2 days.i completly fell in love with th whole tulip consept. ohhh and im sooo happy Damen’s not a vamp. i completly fell in lovee with edward and it would sux to have to choose. even though i think it might already end up in a twilight or immortals competition.

    im soo excittedd about blue moon
    and shadowland xD

  • i love this book it was the last book i read and it was so good now im reading city of bones and it is good to my friend make fun of me cause i read so much i dont blame them in the past 3 months i have read 27 books ♥♥♥

  • Reading this book made me realize how much family means too me. this book made me feel more for the characters than any other book ive ever read. when Ever cried i cried and when she was happy i was smiling :). my boy friend was at my house when i was reading this book, he would laugh at me when i kracked up but every time i cried he’d come over to see if i was all right even though it was sweet it made me mad how can someone ever right about a girl in so much pain, and then i relized people all over the world were going through the same thing( well except being able to talk to their dead sister and see others auras). this book inspired me to reacho out tho thoes in need even if i couldnt really do anything to help them.

  • I loved “Evermore” I just can’t find “Blue Moon”!):

  • Omigod i absoultely love evermore i was like obsessed with twilight i mean who wasnt but anyway it was soooo much better with the undieing red tulip i love it thank you so so much alyson noel for saving my life with this book

  • . . . .omg!!!!!!!! i like your book.. its nice and im so addictive!!………..

  • I absolutly loved evermore! Very simiular to Twilight and a bit wierd how the next books called blue moon and the 2nd book for twilight is NEW moon? Lol but Evermore is alot better than twilight by miles! Cant wait untill Blue moon comes out 😀 x

  • I love Evermore I think in a few years they will make movies and it can be as popular as Twilight because it was a wonderful book but a little unknown so if they make a movie it will be amazingly popular

  • Ok Evermore is soooo awesome! I just want to sit down and read the whole series now. I like it way more than Twilight but it reminded me of Twilight a lot. Hmmm . . . Anyway here are some suggestions for some great series . . . Evernight, Vampire Academy, House of Night, The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Beach and anything written by Meg Cabot! Hope you enjoy them!!!!!

  • I am so into Fantasy at the moment. I read Evermore and totally fell in love with ever character. When I read Blue Moon, I’m sure I will love it just as much.
    Please read, you will become obsessed with it.

  • I LOVE EVERMORE… I do think it is based on Twilight and i love Twilight.. But still Evermore is like the one of my second fav book series…. I just started to read Blue Moon and i love it ..

  • I so totally loved this book, and yeah it sounds something like twilight but lets say is way way better and blue moon is even better! Am halfway thorugh and hope to finish it today!! I love this series!!

  • I just started to read Evermore and i’m almost done with it….Can wait to read the next book..:]:]

  • Awesome Book I commented preety late cuz its out now and so is the 3rd

  • I’ve finished evermore and i am now on to blue moon i hope there will be another book comming out soon. 😛

  • I just want to say, after reading the first book of the Immortal Series that, it was amazingly great, just like the last novel, there’s no connection between Twilight or other books at all, there’s no wings, or were wolves, it’s just forever living children, walking the planet, meeting the same people over and over again from the past to the future.
    It was a very sad, but exciting twist through out the entire book, and I really enjoyed it.
    I’m not usually the type to read sequels, but damn, after you finish each book, it has the next chapter to her book, and it reminds me of a soap opera, you wanna find out what happens next!

    well worth £4 😉 4 1/2*

  • how can i rd blue moon here now what should i click on to start readin??

  • Hi! I loved Evermore. I can’t wait for the second, but i have the same question: How can i read blue moon here and what should i click on to start readin?

  • i luv da evermore series.
    but then again twilight is m uch better

  • OMG LOVED this book, does anyone know where to get the blue moon book, cause i read evermore, and it was awesome especially the end when DRINA was finally GONE! haha, so siked about blue moon!!!!!

  • is there going to be a movie?

  • lol i fell in love with evermore non stop read it in a day seriously started at 1:30pm and finished 11pm
    i cant wait for the rest of the books

  • where can i read the blue moon book online? i left mine at home today and need to get to the next chapter atleast lol can any one help me out?

  • I just got done reading Evermore in a total of 2 days! It really saved me in math class!!!

    Can’t wait to start Blue Moon! =D

  • omg read blue moon left you hangin but getting no. 3 soon hopefully:?


    p.s must read evermore

  • OMG. people need to stop conparing evermore to twilight. evermore is way better. i read evermore in 2 days ( i know im a book geek). cant wait till blue moon comes out
    btw so what. blue moon may sound like new moon but its so diffrent. bella didnt become a vampire till the third book. Ever became an IMMORTAL in the first book

  • oh!! I just finish reading the novel blue moon its amazing so beautiful novel the characters are Damen, Ever, Romy, Drina, Rayne, Roman etc. there are other characters but this are ny favorite charachters

  • oh!! I just finish reading the novel blue moon its amazing so beautiful novel the characters are Damen, Ever, Romy, Drina, Rayne, Roman etc. there are other characters but this are my favorite charachters

  • to jeffrey.
    wait did you say drina. but in the end of evermore ever kills drina. how can she be back. thats messed up man. I WANT TO READ BLUW MOON

  • wow! i haven’t read blue moon yet, but evermore is by far my favorite book. i read all the yet evermore was different it reminded me of the old saying “you dont know good you got it til its all gone.” and incase anyone is wondering yes my name is accualy ever

  • oh and sarah my sister says that drina is in blue moon

  • you have blue moon. read it. it says drina ever touches drina and drina backs away and dyes. wow.

  • ew. I hated the 1st one. it was pretty bad. i read the second one too. seriously. i hated ever. she’s so weird and stupid. and pathetic. she could have some freaking confidence for once in her life. and damons toooo perfect. he has the looks, cash and the power to manifest anything. seriously. he has no flaws. that’s just not right.

    • well in the first book ever was tryin to block her powers out.. she has convidence nd everything. nd she aint weird or stupid, shes just tryin to be normal under her cercumstances. she gets all A’s in her classes so she aint stupid.. nd damen is immortal, course he doesnt have flaws! thats the the elixer does, gets ride of flaws nd makes then immortal!!!besides, staci was a bitch (sorry bout the language) to ever. nd she wasnt pathetic.

  • It was an amazing book. I didn’t want to stop reading it .

  • (Very few boys I see)
    This book series is quite impressive however it’s a bit slow,not appeling to all but just how I like it.
    I could not even look at twilight so once finding out it was writen by the same auther was, indeed, a surprise.
    I’ve read the majority but am still looking for the others. Do not spoil it for me!

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  • ok… ive readthe whole series like 1000000 times in like 2 days……it was tht good….u guys shold read the evernight series….seconed best to this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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