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July 15, 2016 posted by Nichole

New Adult Event: Jaime from Two Chicks on Books Discusses Must Read New Adult Books and Mixing Up the Genres!

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to our New Adult event!

Today, I am so excited to introduce you to Jaime from Two Chicks on Books! I hope that most of you already know her! If not, she’s super amazing and you should go check out her blog! Today, Jaime is discussing why she wants New Adult books to branch out to different genres, as well as offering up a must-read list of new adult books!

I totally think this is such an important topic. Why? I’m getting sick of the same old NA contemporary stories. Yes, I love them some of them. Others, though, blend so much into other NA stories that it often feels like I’m reading the same old thing all over again. I can never find any NA books outside of the contemporary genre, with the exception of Randi Cooley Wilson’s amazing NA paranormal series. I want to see that change. Trust me when I say that I am VERY excited to read some of Jaime’s recommendations!


Hi everyone! My name is Jaime and I usually blog over at Two Chicks on Books but my buddy Nichole asked for people to help her out with a post about New Adult books so here I am!

Want to hear a couple confessions? Of course you do! Confession #1 I hate contemporary books (Adult, NA, & YA) I only read Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Dystopian, etc. so that leads in to confession #2 I have not read much New Adult. But here’s the thing, I want to read more New Adult! I love my YA books but sometimes I like a little steam and sex in my books. The problem is that most NA Books are contemporary and like I said I don’t like/read contemporary so I don’t read them much. Also a bunch of my friends have told me that they tend to blur together after a while because there’s only so much you can do with contemporary stories.


So I have made a list of some New Adult in other genres like Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Dystopian, etc. that I have read or want to read. There’s not many though which is sad. We need more non contemporary New Adult books! Authors please write some because I will read the shit out of them!


Ok so here’s the list of New Adult I have read! All Books are linked to their Goodreads pages.

The Study and Glass by Maria V. Snyder. Maria is one of my all-time favorite authors and these two series are my all-time favorite Fantasy books ever. This really is NA but the publisher likes to call it a YA/Adult crossover. But the character isn’t in her teens so really this is New Adult. Genre Fantasy.

Fire Study Magic Study

A Court of Thorns And Roses & A Court of Mist And Fury by Sarah J. Maas. I know the publisher markets these as YA but I call bullshit! These are definitely NA with heavy sex scenes. The publisher only calls it YA so they don’t lose her fan base (which they wouldn’t). Genre Fantasy.


The Architect of Song (Haunted Hearts Legacy #1) by A.G. Howard. I love A.G. Howard’s Splintered series and that was pretty steamy for YA so when I heard she was writing a New Adult I knew I had to read it! This historical fantasy was brilliant, beautifully written, and very steamy! I’ll just leave you with two words… Soul sex 😉

ARCHITECT book cover front for online

The Goddess Wars Series by Trisha Wolfe. I beta read this series for Trisha and it is absolutely fantastic! Also book 1 Of Silver And Beasts is free on Amazon so grab your copy now! Genre Fantasy.

of silber

Astarte’s Wrath by Trisha Wolfe. Also beta read this and loved! It is Historical Fantasy!

Astarte's Wrath

The Causal Enchantment series by K.A. Tucker.  This was K.A.’s first series before she went all contemporary on me lol. I actually beta read the last 3 books of the series for her after falling in love with book 1. I love this mash up of paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, alternate dimensions, and swoony romance! Also book 1 of this series is free on Amazon so give it a go!


Allegiance Anomaly

And here’s the New Adult I want to read!

Vial Things (A Resurrectionist Novel #1) by Leah Clifford. Genre Paranormal.

Inspire (The Muse #1) by Cora Carmack. Genre Paranormal.


The Wicked Saga by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Genre Paranormal.


The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Genre Fantasy


Unknown by Wendy Higgins. Genre Post-Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi.


The Queen of Blood (The Queens of Renthia #1) by Sarah Beth Durst. They’re calling this High Fantasy a YA/Adult Crossover so let’s just call it what it really is. New Adult High Fantasy.


Ok so that’s my list I hope you check these out! Also if there’s a NA book that’s not a contemporary that you think I should read tell me about it in the comments section and I’ll check it out!


Thanks so much for stopping by, Jaime! I hope the rest of you enjoyed this post, as well! I know I did! I’m really excited to dive into these books & I already started one of them!!!! Have you read any of these books? Do you have any other NA suggestions that are not of the contemporary genre? Let us know in the comments section below!

More about Jaime:

My name is Jaime and I have been blogging here at Two Chicks on Books for over 5 years! When this blog started I had a partner but after almost 2 years I decided to break from that partner and run the blog on my own! I also used to be a reviewer for the San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review and did that for about three years. I am the Publicity and Marketing Director with the amazing Month 9 Books and I truly love my job!

Reading and music are my two passions and you will often see them combined somehow on this site. I am also a huge sports fan and if you follow me on twitter @arnoldjaime13 you’ll see my crazy tweets when the Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders are playing, or there is a NASCAR race on.

Blog Things
June 3, 2016 posted by Nichole

Apollycon 2017 Updates Galore!

Apollycon 2017 Updates Galore!


This post will be filled with so many updates, we hope that you can keep up with them all!


Keep reading to get links and info about the Apollycon 2017 venue, hotel, volunteer signups, and TICKETS!


Ready to know all of the things?


Here we go:


VENUE ANNOUNCEMENT: Apollycon 2017 will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance at Universal Orlando!


APOLLYCON HOTEL ROOM BLOCK: There is a block of rooms reserved at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, at a discounted rate. To book a room, go here or You can book a room for an arrival as early as 3/19/2017, and check out as late as 3/31/2017 with access to the Apollycon 2017 rate. But act fast, the rooms sell out quickly! **If by chance the room block is sold out, you may still contact the hotel to inquire about other available rooms, but they may not have the discounted rate.


VOLUNTEER SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN!: Interested in becoming a volunteer at Apollycon 2017? Sign up here (! Please be sure to thoroughly read the form prior to submitting the form.


TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased here (! The ticket sale will be live at 12PM EST on Friday, June 3rd, 2016. **There has been a ticket update: The FAST PASS (which was previously announced) will no longer be available for purchase. For more info, check out the Apollycon tickets page, or the Apollycon website.


Keep reading to see the Apollycon 2017 schedule, and FAQs!


ICYMI: Apollycon is an event for readers across all genres (including YA, NA, and Adult), which includes a signing event featuring authors and special guests, as well as an after party where readers and authors can connect.


Here is the schedule of events:

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Time TBD (we will release this info closer to the event) – On-site Registration opens (to pick up badges, etc)

2pm-4pm – EXCLUSIVE TITAN SIGNING: This signing will be for TITAN PASS HOLDERS ONLY. All attending authors and vendors will be on site during this session as well. TITAN PASS HOLDERS PLEASE NOTE: This signing will end promptly at 4PM. If you still have books you need to have signed, you may attend the General Signing session on Saturday.

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Time TBD (we will release this info closer to the event) – On-site Registration opens (to pick up badges, etc)

12pm-5pm – GENERAL SIGNING SESSION: This session is FREE to all attendees! Please keep in mind that we are asking that you still register to attend the event. All authors and vendors will be on site and available at this time. Some authors will be ticketed and/or have book limits (that may differ from the general book limitations which can be found in the FAQ section below), so please be prepared to adhere to the specified instructions. The signing will end promptly at 5PM, as we will need to clear the space for the after party which will be occuring later that evening.

8pm-11pmDEMIGOD AFTER PARTY: You must purchase a Demigod pass in order to attend. (This is included with both the Titan AND the Apollyon pass, so you won’t need to purchase 2 separate passes.) The party will include:

  • 1,001 DARK NIGHTS GIFT BAGS FOR THE FIRST 300 PEOPLE! – Be among the first 300 people to arrive, and you will get to take home a bag filled with goodies!
  • MINGLE WITH YOUR FAVORITE AUTHORS! – Featured authors & cover model(s) will be in attendance!
  • PHOTOBOOTH FUN – We will have a photo booth with fun props where you and your friends can capture the fun!
  • HIT THE DANCE FLOOR WITH YOUR FRIENDS! – We will have a DJ bringing the tunes!
  • GIVEAWAYS, GIVEWAYS, GIVEAWAYS! – There will be chances to win gift cards, an iPad, a Kindle Fire tablet, signed books, and more throughout the party!

**The Saturday general signing will be FREE for all attendees, but it is important that all attendees have a registered ticket through this eventbrite page.

**For additional information regarding this event including attending authors & vendors, check out the Apollycon website, or the FAQ’s below.


The Saturday general signing is free, do I still need to register?

YES. If you solely wish to attend the Saturday signing (which is FREE), we are still asking that all attendees register for a general signing ticket.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Plan to bring your ID with you when picking up your registration on site. <–This will apply to those of you purchasing a Titan, Apollyon, and/or Demigod pass. Also, there will be a bar serving alcoholic beverages at the after party, so be sure to bring your ID in the event that you wish to purchase drinks.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There will be on-site PAID parking available at the venue hotel.

What are the book limitations?

You may bring as many books from home as you’d like, but you can only get 5 books per author signed at a time, and you’ll be asked to go to the back of the line to get any additional books signed by the same author. **Please note: There may be some authors that have a different book limit (less than 5), but we will make a formal announcement on the Apollycon site/social media closer to the event.

Is my registration/ticket refundable/transferrable?

All paid passes/registration will be FULLY REFUNDABLE until January 1st, 2017. Beyond that point, it will be transferable (so you can resell your pass to another attendee) should you no longer be able to attend.

I plan to sign up to volunteer. Do I still need to pay for a pass?

YES. If you are interested in getting the swag/items that comes with the Titan or Apollyon passes, you must still purchase the a pass. If you purchase the Titan pass, and are selected to be an Apollycon volunteer, you will still be granted access to the FULL Friday signing that comes along with it.

Can I purchase books at the event?

Yes! There will be an onsite bookseller with books for purchase. (Hours of operation will be posted closer to date of the event.) Self-published titles will be sold by the author at their respective tables, at the author’s discretion. As we get closer to the event, we will provide a list of books that will be available for purchase at the event. **Please note: There may be limited titles/formats available through the bookseller, so if you have specific titles you’d like to have for the signing, your best bet is to purchase them before the event.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can reach the Apollycon 2017 event organizers (Steph & Hannah) using the messaging options on the Apollycon social media pages, or at apollyconevent[at]gmails[dot]com.


For more FAQ’s, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Apollycon website.



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Blog Things
May 17, 2016 posted by Nichole

Discussion Post: Let’s Stay Civil

“How can someone grab 6 copies of one book at BEA.”

“You’re cheating authors out of making money.”

“It’s not cyber-bullying since she’s been talked to before.”

“I’m going to warn by publicist about you.”

“I never want to work with you.”

“Bloggers shouldn’t be allowed to attend conferences.”

“I’m disgusted with you.”


These are just some of the things I’ve been reading via my Twitter feed for the last 3 days. Normally, I avoid drama like the plague. I don’t like it. I don’t have time for it. Quite frankly, I’m too lazy for it. On a rare occurrence, though, I got involved. Why? I was absolutely appalled at my community. We are better than this. We are supposed to be professionals above all else. Cyber-bullying is not okay.

I think my absolute BIGGEST thing right now is that I know that there are a bunch of bloggers who are actual minors. When I first started blogging, there was a 6th grade blogger in our community! I know that there are a bunch of bloggers out there who are under 18 years old. Ages 18 and under are some of the most complicated, risky, uncomfortable, and damaging years. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that this case did not involve a minor. But what if it did? This is a serious question. How many of your blogger friends have you ACTUALLY met? I live in Washington….I’m clear away from most of you. I do know about 3-4 bloggers who live within 1.5 hours away from me, but I haven’t actually met them. For all any of you know, I could be 15 years old. All you know about me is what I tell you.

So, here’s my concern. What if a kid had done this? Don’t take offense youngn’s. I’m old enough now to call you kids. Just consider me old. Would we have attacked them online? Would we have publicly called them out. I want to give you all a newsflash. THIS IS CYBER-BULLYING. THIS IS HOW SUICIDES HAPPEN! I know it may not feel that way. I understand, and trust me I do, that this is a BIG DEAL. I totally 100% understand wanting to stick up for your community, because I would defend you all in a heartbeat. But this is not okay… We are better than this. I tell you this as a teacher. As a woman. As a professional blogger. As a woman who owns her own business. As a human being. This behavior is not okay.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I TOTALLY agree with sticking up for your community and doing the right thing. Think about it, though, is publicly calling out someone online the right thing to do? Does that really make you feel like the bigger person? I understand you’re upset! I don’t want you to think for even one instant that I don’t. Hell, I’m upset.  What might be some additional options, though? Maybe instead of taking it to twitter, handle it via direct messages or have a group chat with some bloggers who share the same views as you. If you feel that strongly about it, email some publicists. I’m hearing you all when you say that this has happened before and that these methods haven’t worked in the past, but this method is not working either.

Now onto my really BIG issue:

Authors, I love you all. I support you all. Hell, I run a huge event every year to prove how much I love you all. That being said, please trust me when I say, STAY OUT OF THE DRAMA.

I’m not going to name names, because I’m the bigger person, but I will say that the actions of 2 authors over this past weekend has made it so that I never want to pick up one of their books. One of them is a 2017 Debut Author, which puts me in a huge pickle. I run the Debut Authors Bash every year. Technically, they’re supposed to be included next year. Now, I feel like my generosity and work has been slapped in the face. I honestly don’t even know what to do.

I 100% understand that authors have the right to be peeved off in this situation. However, I also believe that authors, out of everyone, need to stay the professional ones here. I understand that drama builds up and everyone wants to get involved. When I see an author acting like that, though, I’m just like “what is happening? Where’s the good example? What’s going on?”

Then we had an author tell us that bloggers shouldn’t be allowed to attend conferences such as BEA and ALA. WHAT?! So, let me get this straight. I do all this work. I put in thousands and thousands and thousands of hours per year into promoting your works, and I shouldn’t be allowed to attend a conference? I have news flash for you. I’m invited every year. I never go, but I am invited. Why? Because I’m a professional. Because I built up this blog for the past 5 years. I’ve done the time. I’ve done the formatting. I’ve done the countless author interviews and guest posts. I’ve done the Debut Authors Bash, which always leaves me gasping for air and crying tears by the end. You’re a professional writer who has a book? I’m a professional blogger who has a very successful blog. That does not make me less than you.

I love you all. I really want you to know that. By no means am I sitting here spewing hate at any of you. But this is something that WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT. We need to unite as a community and do what’s right. When you feel yourself in this situation with all the drama, I want you to ask yourself this, “Would I act this way at work? Would I get fired? That goes for ALL SIDES because I am NOT ON ANYONE’S SIDE.

I have complete faith that we can all bounce back from this and unite as a community. We are stronger and prouder than this. We can do it.

Blog Things
May 15, 2016 posted by Nichole

Discussion Post: Advice for New and Seasoned Bloggers

It’s been awhile since I’ve one a discussion post. I suppose life gets in the way every now and then. Today, I want to hand out some advice for new and seasoned bloggers. You can never have enough advice when it comes to blogging, although some of the more seasoned bloggers can be a little touchy when it’s given (trust me, I am a great example of this.) Advice helps you grow, though. Here’s some advice based from my own experiences.


  1. Don’t be rude. – I mean this in every sense. Don’t start fights on Twitter. Don’t send a rude email and then apologize when you later find out you were in the wrong. Don’t start anything with an author that you disagree with. Don’t blacklist an author because you disagree with their statement and then publicly take it to the streets. Just don’t. This is one of my biggest things ever. STAY PROFESSIONAL. There have been SO MANY TIMES that I have wanted to freak out on someone because of their stupidity. And, sure, sometimes I might make a comment or two that I just dealt with someone stupid. But I NEVER include them in my tweet. I NEVER tell anyone what is going on with said person. I might say what’s up, but I won’t say what’s up with whom. It’s not appropriate. Think of blogging as your side profession. Would you act that way at work? If not, don’t do it online.
  2. Don’t post a million blog posts per day – I’ve ran across this several times lately. Bloggers posting around 10-20 blog posts per day (especially if they are a tour host with a tour company.) If you do this, STOP. Not only does it make you look unprofessional, but it detracts from your site. I will never go look at your blog, recommend it, or have anything to do with it. It’s annoying
  3. Be careful in your review policies section – I’ve noticed lately that authors are definitely checking this section out. It’s not something that I normally look at, because I really don’t have the time, but this is starting to become a big thing. Don’t write down that you don’t read LGBTQ or that you blacklist certain genres unless you’re prepared for the backlash. If it’s something you feel really strongly about, go for it. Just know that there ARE repercussions. I’ve been having to deal with it lately.
  4. If you sign up for something, RESPOND. Also, don’t make someone chase you down several times. – Example: The Debut Authors Bash. When you sign up for something, YOU ARE COMMITING. It’s is beyond unprofessional when you won’t even email me back. Not once. And then I have to go find a replacement. IT IS SO RUDE. This is for all events because, trust me, all event hosts and hostesses know what I am talking about. I’m not going to yell at you. I’m not going to stomp my feet and throw a fit. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF I NEED TO FIND A REPLACEMENT. FOR REAL. If you just TELL ME what is going on, I WILL WORK WITH YOU. Biggest pet peeve EVER.
  5. Comment on other blogs: I admit that I’m really bad at this. I try really hard to either 1) reply to all comments on my own blog and/or 2) to comment on other blogs. I’m really busy, though, so I don’t have time to do this on a daily or even weekly basis. Definitely try to fit in some comments every now and then, though!
  6. Talk to other bloggers and authors on Twitter: Don’t be shy! We’re not scary! We want to talk to you!!!
  7. Be regular – If you want your blog to be successful, then you need to regularly post content on your blog. Google Calendar works really well for me, because it helps me assess what needs to post when, when I’m hosting tours or special events, and what needs to be scheduled for three months down the road. I remember when I started working and couldn’t post very often this same chick emailed me like 5 times telling me how horrible my blog had become and how I owed her reviews and blah blah blah. I sent her a reply every time telling her how inappropriate this was and how I had a life…and then I’d thank her for her concern. So, I totally understand that real life gets in the way!! Again, though, if you WANT your blog to be successful, you NEED to be regular.
  8. Get over your confusion with guest posts and interviews – I’ve met some bloggers recently who have acted like this takes up so much time and they don’t have time to gather content. You guys, it takes me like 5 minutes to throw together an author interview and/or 2-3 guest post topics for the author to choose from. How long could it possibly be taking you? Rule of thumb, have generic author interview questions. I usually use the same ones for author interviews with some exceptions if I really loved the book. It’s also okay to have some generic guest post topics. Just make sure you provide the author with 2-3 topics. Also, it’s perfectly okay to include an author’s choice topic. THEY APPRECIATE IT.
  9. USE TWITTER – I’ve also had bloggers tell me that they never use Twitter. Then they complain that they don’t get any blog traffic. You guys, TWITTER IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR BLOGGING! This is where I gather most of my clients, followers, friends, etc. You need Twitter in your life.
  10. Be creative – Sometimes the standard author interview/guest post gets boring. They especially get boring to authors who have to answer the same question over and over and over again. Be creative. Think outside the box. Offer a phone interview or a Skype chat. Offer to do an interactive guest post with the author. Use pinterest to create boards or create YOUR OWN playlist for the book. Don’t make the author do all the work. Make it fun for them.
  11. To the more seasoned bloggers: respond to everyone. Don’t be snobby – It happens. I’ve done it too. I get it. You have 7-10k followers on Twitter and you don’t want to respond to everyone. And, okay, you don’t have to respond to EVERYONE. But when you have that really excited blogger go on your page and leave you a comment (or on twitter) REPLY. FREAKING REPLY. It might be a big deal for that blogger to say. You look like a twatwaffle when you ignore them.
  12. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed – Blogging is supposed to be FUN. If you’re not having fun, then, honey, you’re in the wrong field. You don’t have to review every book. You don’t have to spend 40 hours a week blogging. YOU NEED TO HAVE FUN. If you realize you’re in over your head with reviews, invite some of the authors onto your page for an interview or a fun event. Host some of the books for your WOW or TTT posts. DO NOT STRESS YOURSELF OUT!
  13. It is OKAY to DNF a book – I use to NEVER DNF a book! Now, I DNF the moment I dislike a book. Rule of thumb: When you start to feel like you’d rather change 100 cat litter boxes a day, it’s time to call it quits. It’s OKAY to DNF or negatively review a book. It is your right. EVEN FOR BLOG TOURS (although, I recommend hosting a promo post for the tour and then reviewing AFTER the actual tour.)
  14. Do not feel pressured to post your review on all promotional sites – Over the years, I’ve watched authors treat bloggers like crap for not reviewing on Amazon or the other 40 million sites out there. Not all authors! But I’ve seen it happen A LOT. Fact about me: I rarely ever review on Amazon. I HATE IT. But I DO review all my books on Goodreads. YOU DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED!
  15. If you have a question, JUST ASK: Seasoned bloggers are happy to help! Ask away!
  16. Don’t beg for review copies: Don’t ask other bloggers to vouch for you or to send you one of their copies. Don’t beg the authors. Just…..don’t. It’s super unprofessional and makes people feel super awkward.
  17. HAVE FUN! I can’t say this enough. Please have fun with what you’re doing!!!! Blogging is supposed to be FUN!
Blog Things
May 6, 2016 posted by Nichole

Apollycon Author List & Registration Info!


Hi, everyone!


I am so excited to be an Apollycon blogger this year! Today I will be revealing the 4 different pass types available: Titan, Apollyon, Demi-god and FAST PASS. There are graphics below that go into a bit more detail about each pass.

There is also an awesome giveaway at the bottom of this post!



Apollycon 2017 will feature four different tiered pass levels available to enhance your Apollycon experience: The Titan Pass, the Apollyon Pass, the Demigod Pass, and the FAST PASS.

Here’s a breakdown of each:



The Titan Pass includes:

  • EXCLUSIVE FRIDAY SIGNING which will feature ALL authors in the lineup, vendors, and hourly giveaways. This 2-hour-long signing event will only be open to the 200 Titan badge holders. Access to the general signing on Saturday will also be included.
  • PARTY PASS – Ticket to the After Party on Saturday night


  • A COPY OF THE STRUGGLE by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • TITAN COMMEMORATIVE TOTE filled with exclusives:

-Assorted ARCs/Books

-Signed Poster (Signed by Jennifer & Drew)

-Souvenir T-Shirt (One Size)

-The Struggle Swag including bookmark & postcard (Signed by Jennifer & Drew)

-Seth Swag (Signed by Drew Leighty)

-Titan Lanyard

-Apollycon Koozie

-Titan button



The Apollyon Pass includes:

  • TICKET TO GENERAL SATURDAY SIGNING – (You won’t need to register for a Saturday ticket)
  • PARTY PASS – Ticket to the After Party Saturday night
  • A COPY OF THE STRUGGLE by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • APOLLYCON COMMEMORATIVE TOTE filled with exclusives:


-Assorted ARCs/Books

-Signed Poster (Signed by Jennifer & Drew)

-The Struggle Swag including bookmark & postcard (Signed by Jennifer & Drew)

-Seth Swag (Signed by Drew Leighty)

-Apollyon Lanyard

-Apollycon Koozie

-Apollyon button



The Party will feature:

  • 1,001 DARK NIGHTS GIFT BAGS FOR THE FIRST 300 PEOPLE! – Be among the first 300 people to arrive, and you will get to take home a bag filled with goodies!
  • MINGLE WITH YOUR FAVORITE AUTHORS! – Featured authors & cover model(s) will be in attendance!
  • PHOTOBOOTH FUN – We will have a photo booth with fun props where you and your friends can capture the fun!
  • HIT THE DANCE FLOOR WITH YOUR FRIENDS! – We will have a DJ bringing the tunes!


  • GIVEAWAYS, GIVEWAYS, GIVEAWAYS! – There will be chances to win gift cards, an iPad, a Kindle Fire tablet, signed books, and more throughout the party!

THE FAST PASS: “The Saturday Early Entry Pass” – $15

**Limited passes available**

    • This pass grants you early access to the general signing area on Saturday ONE HOUR before we open the doors to everyone else. You will be able to get your books signed during this hour. **You will still have access to the signing beyond the “early entry” time period.
  • This pass can be purchased in addition to the TITAN & APOLLYON Pass.  (This option is not included with any of the available badge levels, and must be purchased separately.)


  • This pass is only valid for the Saturday signing.

**The signing taking place on Friday, March 24th, 2017 will be exclusive to TITAN Badge holders ONLY. The general signing which will be taking place on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 will be open to all badge levels, and is FREE for all attendees.**

Follow Apollycon at the links below!

One winner will receive a “Front of the Line” pass for Apollycon which they may redeem during one of the Apollycon signings to jump the to the front of one line. It is a one-time use pass. ID must be presented when claiming the pass. It is transferrable. If you win and later find you cannot attend, you may transfer the pass once to another attendee. 

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April 30, 2016 posted by Nichole

Discussion Post: How to Manage Your Time

Hi, everyone! Welcome back!


I’m sorry that we haven’t done a discussion post in awhile! I actually had like 4 of them scheduled and then just didn’t have the time to write them. Ironically, I will be writing a post about how TO manage your time.


I have been there and done it all when it comes to managing time with blogging. I’ve been a full time student while attending classes at a University, I’ve worked full time 9-6 with constant overtime, I currently attend school online full time, I’ve balanced relationships and friends, and I’ll be starting up my student-teaching in the Fall. I guess you can say that my life is hectic and chaotic and overwhelming at times.

During each of those different phases of my life, I’ve either managed my time well or I haven’t. For example, when I worked full-time, I hardly ever blogged. I think I read about 19 books last year (and that was like 10 books after I quit my job in August.) I had no time for anything. On top of that, I was super stressed out AND bummed out that I couldn’t participate in a bunch of events because I 1) hadn’t read very many books and 2) wasn’t very familiar with any of the new books of 2015. It was a mess…

Going to school full time (right now) doesn’t really play a part with my blogging. Honestly, I probably spend way more time on here than I do with actual school work.  I’m reading more than I’ve ever read. It’s amazing!

One thing that I’ve adopted this year is a specific “blogging day.” Sunday’s are devoted to NASCAR, and I just sit on the couch with my laptop and blog while I watch the races. I don’t know why I haven’t adopted this practice in the past. Let me tell you, it is PERFECTION. I get so much work done on Sundays. Right now, things are a little chaotic, because I have so much going on with the Debut Authors Bash, but my blogging Sundays have become a permanent fixture in my life.

What I really want to discuss is how all of you manage your blogging time. I’m nervous for when I start student-teaching in the Fall, because I have a bad feeling that it’s going to be similar as to when I was working full time. I’ve gotten so used to loving reading again and enjoying blogging that I’m just really nervous about it. How do you all do it? Are you like me and assign a specific blogging day? Do you randomly blog? Or maybe do you set an hour or so each day to blog? Lunch hours? Let me know in the comments section below!

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April 2, 2016 posted by Nichole

Discussion Books: ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies) and New Bloggers

Hi, everyone!

Welcome back to our weekly (hopefully) discussion post! This week I want to discuss how to get ARCs, how much is too much, how to communicate with authors & publishers, and how to deal with unsolicited review copies.


How do I get ARCs (advanced reader copies)

This is an age old question that has been discussed to no end. When I first started blogging, I wasn’t really sure what to do. Basically, I used Goodreads as a essential tool, and I went to individual author pages & either emailed the publicist listed there or emailed the author.

Now, a bunch of bloggers will tell you NOT to email the author, and usually that is the case. However, when you’re first starting out, things are confusing, and you sort of have to play by your own rules. I never had a bad experience contacting an author directly. Usually, the author would link be to their publicist or their publishing house & I would go from there. Other times, the author would send to me directly. Now, YaReads was already a big name before I came into the picture, so we already had somewhat of a “rep” that probably got me into a few doors. It might not work the same with brand new spankin blogs. That being said, this really built up my contact list (make sure you keep one of these on a doc on your computer!)

For the most part, when requesting ARCs, try to find the publicist to contact. That isn’t always something you can find right away. So, don’t look for two seconds, get frustrated, and then contact the author. It makes you seem rushed and impatient, especially if the contact information is, actually, somewhere on their website. Use Google, and also contact other bloggers. We have contact lists. Sometimes, we’re more than willing to give you a contact. Not always, so don’t be rude if we say no, but it’s a good idea to make those connections with other bloggers & share resources.


How Much is TOO Much?

Another age old question that you really just have to learn from experience. Heck, even as a 5 or 6 year old blogger, I still always do too much.

When actually contacting the author or pub, request as much as you’re WILLING to read and review. They will remember you, and they will NOT send you anything else if you’re not posting reviews or hosting spotlights. They will email you to check in, and you will look ridiculous if it’s three months later, you’ve requested 10 books, and nothing has been posted. So, request as much as you can actually handle.

My problem is with NetGalley and Edelweiss, two sites where you can request ecopies. Part of my problem is that I’m preapproved with several publishing houses, meaning that I don’t have to request the galley. I just take what I want. And I take faster than I read…..but I’m catching up! So, if you create accounts with these website, I would highly encourage you to….maybe practice self restraint on what you’re requesting…. Also, be sure to leave feedback on those websites. That will help build up your cred and rep.

How to Communicate with Authors and Publishers:

Not a hard question. Be professional and respectful 100% of the time. Type up a professional letter, explaining who you are & a little bit about your blog, and save it to your computer so that you can whip it out at any time. Also, communicate with them on social media. I say this all the time, but if you don’t have Twitter, then you won’t get big. Plain and simple.

Also, be aware that all new bloggers make big mistakes. Trust me, when I say that I can look back 5 years ago and regret an email or two that I sent out to authors or pubs. Just learn from those experiences and rebound. We all mistakes, just don’t make yourself look like an ass when trying to recover.

Finally, DO. NOT. ENGAGE. IN. THE. DRAMA. Some authors & bloggers will get riled up over something on Twitter. Pick and choose what you join in on. If it seems like something really big, just wait. Think over it awhile, to really understand several POVs, and then join in. But don’t be hasty. Make sure that you’re going into the conversation with your own opinions & not just trying to be cool.


How to Deal with Unsolicited Review Copies:

New bloggers are probably like “huh?” What’s that. Once you’ve been blogging awhile, this will make more sense. Seasoned and Veteran bloggers will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s an example: You come home from a long day at work & find 5-6 packages on your doorstep. You get SO EXCITED. You open them up “Woah….these books look so good! I’ve never heard of them! Did I request these?” Nope. Five days later, you come home and you have 2 packages on your doorstep full of ARCs that you did request. And then three days later, you have a couple emails from pubs saying they’re sending you some books they want you to check out.

I LOVE receiving unsolicited review copies. Not only because I love to read, but I send some of these books to my library so that they can use them for their teen program in the Summer. Let’s me real here for a second. You can’t read all those books. Well, at least I can’t. Some of you might be able to. Some seasons, I receive about 50 books in 2 months. I literally can’t read that much. I’m lucky if I read 100 books a year. Last year, I read 20 books.

So what do you do? I would encourage you to email the pubs, after they’ve emailed you, about posting a spotlight or hosting an interview. Sometimes, I’m really just not interested in the book that’s sent to me. And that will happen. I don’t want to showcase books that I’m not interested in…. Those books, donate them. Give them to the library.

Every now and then, be sure to read one of the books. I’ve encountered so many pleasant surprises from unsolicited books. So, do be sure to read the backs of them and see if it’s something that you have time for or that you’d be interested in.




I think I’ve covered everything that I set out to discuss. Sound off in the comment section, below!