The Poodle and the Pea – Charlotte Guillain


In Animal Fairy Tales, beautiful illustrations and simple text retell classic fairy tales from a new perspective: all the characters are animals! This book, a retelling of The Princess and the Pea, tells the story of the Poodle and the Pea, in which a lost dog is revealed to be a princess after a servant has a good idea.


I requested The Poodle and the Pea from Netgalley because the cover immediately drew me in. How cute! The cover is absolutely adorable and the dog? Ok…I LOVE animals so much! Not only that, but that is an adorable dog! I know…I know…this is a children’s book. I am WAY too old to be reading something like this, and I think it took me maybe 5 minutes to finish it, if that. BUT…I have to share this book with all of you parents out there because this book was so adorable! I will eventually be working with little kids and this is something that I could see myself reading to them. This book was way too cute!

This is a retelling of The Princess and the Pea, but I loved it just the same. Also, the picture’s in this book are so amazing, so well done, that I found myself going back to look over the pictures after the story was over. I noticed on goodreads that someone rated this book 2 stars. I absolutely respect everyone’s opinion, because we all have different tastes in books, but I want everyone to know that even though this is a little kids book, I rate it 5 stars because of how stinkin adorable it is!

I can’t give too much feedback on this book because I’m a grown adult and this is totally not something I would normally read. But I want you all to know how adorable this book is, and to encourage all of you to go buy or borrow this books for your young ones to read. Not only will the love the story itself, but they will adore the pictures and colors! How cute! Loved it!


Pages: about 30

Publication Date: February 1st, 2013

Publisher: Capstone Young Readers

Rating: [rating: 5]