Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Rainbow Rowell


4fdd6f816b124ee595f6fb07a25a134eRainbow Rowell is the author of ATTACHMENTS. She has two novels coming out in 2013 — ELEANOR & PARK in February and FANGIRL in the fall.

Rainbow lives with her husband and two sons in Omaha, Nebraska. Right at this moment, she is probably arguing with someone about something that doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things — or trying to figure out how Sherlock faked his death.

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By Rainbow Rowell



  1. 1.“Rainbow” is my real name. My mom always said I could change it when I was 18 – but, by the time I was 18, I couldn’t imagine asking all my friends to start calling me “Sarah with an h.”


  1. 2.I’m addicted (ADDICTED) to Fortnum & Mason’s Smoky Earl Grey Tea, and I bribe people in the UK to ship it to me.


  1. Eleanor & Park is my first YA novel, but not my first novel. My first book, Attachments, is about an IT guy who falls in love with a girl in his office after he has to read her email. (It sounds creepy, but I promise it isn’t. Much.)LionPlanter


  1. I live in Nebraska, a place where very few books/TV shows/movies are set – so I always put lots of Omaha and Nebraska things in my books, as Easter eggs for people who live here to find. Most of the last names in Eleanor & Park are Nebraska counties. Fangirl is set at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and all the characters are named after buildings on campus.


  1. I collect old ceramic things, especially planters. I don’t mean to collect them. But I keep buying them, and now they’re all over the house. The person who made my Web site worked a bunch of them into the design.


  1. I’m a design/illustration junkie, and it was a dream come true to have Noelle Stevenson illustrate the cover for Fangirl.Fangirl, Final cover


  1. I don’t have a home office, so I write most of my books at Starbucks. I like being someplace busy, but where none of the noise and activity is relevant to me.


  1. Writing is lonely, so I post more often on Facebook and Twitter when I’m deep into a book. But, right now, I can’t live without Tumblr. It’s my absolute favorite place to park my brain. Fandom plus funny plus pretty pictures.
  2. My entire family is obsessed with Cabin Pressure, a British radio comedy written by John Finnemore. I think he’s an absolute genius. Perfect timing, incredible characters. We listen to Cabin Pressure in the car, my kids listen to it before they go to bed – I push it on Starbucks cupeveryone I know.


  1. I have kids! Two boys. They think I type for a living.