Our Breaking Dawn Part II Movie Review


Here at YaReads, we have been impatiently waiting to watch the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Both Nikki and I (Nichole) watched the movie this past weekend, and we had very…..different….opinions about whether the movie was good or not. Take a look below to see what we had to say.

What we liked:
Nichole: Well…there wasn’t very much that I ended up liking about Breaking Dawn Part 2. I thought that the movie was absolutely horrifying! I’ll save that for later, though [; Here’s what I DID like:
Aro’s laugh. Ok. I know that really SHOULDN’T be my favorite part of the movie, but I cracccked up when Michael Sheen did that creepy little laugh towards the end of the movie. Sheen is one of my favorite all-time actors and never have I heard him make a sound like he did in this movie. Freaking funny!
Billy Burke: Billy Burke plays Bella’s dad, Charlie. I loved every single moment (which weren’t that many) that he appeared in BD2. More specifically, I loved the moment between him and Jacob. That was probably my second favorite part of the movie. I really thought he was great in BD1, and his personality just flared even more in BD2.
Bella: I really loved Bella in BD2, which is funny since I hated the movie. I thought that this was Kristen Stewart’s best performance in the Twilight series. Maybe it was because she had to play the mom role? I’m not sure,  but I was really impressed with her.
Tanya, Kate and Garrett: I loved loved love LOVED all three of these characters in BD2. I especially loved the romance between Kate and Garrett. Not to mention….Garrett was pretty gorgeous.
What I didn’t like:
Nichole: I hated Breaking Dawn Part 2. I think that it is the worst movie out of all of the Twilight films, which says a lot considering how low the budget was for the first movie. Here’s what I DIDN’T like:
Edward: I found Edward to be really creepy in this movie. I get that they wanted to show his love for Bella, but it was kind of a gross out factor for me. I also found it really strange how he had almost no interaction with Renesmee. It’s hard to explain. There were plenty of scenes showing Edward and Renesmee together, but there was no chemistry between them. When it came to Bella, I really felt that she was her mother and she would do anything to protect Renesemee. When it came to Edward, though, I felt like they were just two actors reading the script.
The Storyline/time allotment: I don’t understand why they split Breaking Dawn into two movies if they weren’t going to make them good. I loved BD1, but BD2 was super choppy. It felt like they were just shoving stuff into the movie to get it out of the book, but they weren’t giving those scenes all of the time that they needed. They weren’t even giving those scenes SOME of the time that they needed. I felt that it was just a flash of scenes being thrown together. I also felt that they left A LOT out of the book itself.
The ending: God help you if you’ve talked to me on Facebook, because I’ve probably attacked everyone about how horrible I thought the ending was. I knew that they changed the ending long before I watched the movie. I knew that Stephanie Meyer really wanted to add this scene in the book, but she didn’t because she didn’t want to upset her fans. I knew all of this. I tried to prepare myself for whatever was going to happen. I HATED it! I’m not going to tell you guys what happens, but I am going to say that my mom and I almost walked out of the theater. There WERE people who walked out of the theater! I was bawling, I felt attacked, and I ended up being completely emotionally drained. I will say that if you insist on watching the movie, then you need to at least finish it because there’s a twist at the end.
Overall, I hated the movie, and I will never ever EVER watch it again. Fortunately, Nikki didn’t hate it. Here’s what she has to say:
Nikki: I wasn’t really a fan of the book at all. I was so in love with this series, and then with the advent of Renesmee and Jacob imprinting on her, I felt betrayed and annoyed. The whole thing made me sick, and when I first read it, I actually threw my book at the wall. The movie, however, I loved!Here’s what I liked about it:
The ‘added’ scene: For those of you who have actually seen the film already, you’ll know what scene I’m talking about. A lot of people seem upset by the addition of this scene, claiming that the film production company shouldn’t have changed the ending. Well, THEY DIDN’T! Just because it isn’t explained to us in the book what Aro sees when he touches Alice’s hand, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. That’s what the limitation of first person narration is. You can only see what your narrator can see, and unfortunately, in this case, Alice was not the narrator so we don’t know what she was showing him.

Except now we do! And the one thing that I disliked so much about the book was there was such a build up to this fight that just never happened. I never really understood why Aro and the Volturi just walked away, but I felt like the whole thing was ridiculously anticlimactic and far too fairy tale like. NOW with the addition of that scene, we understand perfectly why they walked away and I loved every single second of it. Did I cry? Of course I did, A LOT. I was still crying as all the good stuff wrapped up, still crying as the series credits rolled by, and still crying as we left the theater. But I loved loved loved it.

Renesmee: As I previously said, I hated the very idea of Renesmee in the book and I wasn’t looking forward to seeing her and Jacob on screen at all. However, with the exception of the poorly done CGI baby, I was pleased to discover that I didn’t hate seeing Renesmee join the Cullens. I even LIKED the relationship that formed with Jacob.

Charlie and Jake: Like Nichole, I too loved the scene between Charlie and Jake where Jacob uncovers his secret to Charlie. Very well played.

Emmett: When Emmett stepped forward to protect Renesmee against the Volturi, my heart skipped a beat.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

Bella: I really didn’t love Bella, but that’s not surprising. I haven’t connected with movie-Bella at all. I really dislike Kristen Stewart in this role and I hated the first fifteen minutes of the movie completely. She doesn’t do aggressive well, and the scene between Bella and Jake when its announced he imprinted was just horribly awkward. I also didn’t love watching her hunt or learn how to act human. It was all just so forced. If she’s not brooding, I feel like Kristen’s ability to tap into Bella is just off.

That’s pretty much it. As someone who hated the book, I was soooooo thrilled to discover I liked the movies (both of them).

I really hope Stephenie Meyer writes Jacob and Renesmee’s story, or they make a film out of it or something. I feel like Jacob was given a raw deal, imprinting on a baby and all, and I’d love to see him happy and get what he deserves.