Immortal City- Scott Speer


Jackson Godspeed is the hottest Angel in a city that revolves around idolizing Immortals like him. He grew up in the spotlight, and in less than a week he’ll become the youngest full-fledged Guardian ever. People around the world are lining up to pay for him to keep them safe. His lifelong dream of becoming a hero is finally within his grasp-and he can’t afford to let the parties, paparazzi, or red carpets distract him.

But Jackson’s high-profile life takes an unexpected turn when he meets seventeen-year-old Maddy. She’s smart and down-to-earth, and sees Jackson for who he is and not for his celebrity. They forge an instant-and electric-connection. Their vastly different backgrounds seem like the only obstacle in their path to being together…until something much more dangerous threatens to destroy their chance at love.

Because not everyone worships the Angels: a bitter killer is murdering the Guardians one by one. And it’s up to Maddy to save Jackson-he’s next in the killer’s sights.

Set in a reimagined Los Angeles that sparkles with glamour and celebrity worship, Scott Speer’s Immortal City is charged with passion and haunted by themes of power and idolatry.

Jacks Godspeed is a growing legend among humans and Angels alike. Not even a Guardian Angel yet, Jacks has found himself on the cover of multiple magazines, has done thousands of press conferences, and has his own fan club. Ever since he was a toddler fans have been drooling over him, and now that he is older, things have amplified that much more. Now it is common to see t-shirts in shops reading “Save me Jacks”, girls stalking his every move, and he even has his own action figure. Life for Jacks could not be more perfect. Every day is a party and all Jacks has to worry about is his future Protections. That is, until he meets Maddy Montgomery.

Maddy is a senior at Angel City High, and a part-time waitress at her uncle Kevin’s restaurant. She does her best to stay under the radar, constantly covering her face with her sweatshirt, and could care less about Angels. In fact, she doesn’t really understand what the big deal is. Everyone is so obsessed with every move and save an Angel makes, and all she cares about is finishing school and going to college. Then she meets Jacks and her whole world changes. Now Maddy finds paparazzi flooding her front door and chasing her to school, walks the red carpet ,and awkwardly attends parties in honor for Jacks. Her whole world has been flipped upside down, and soon she is learning that there is a lot more to her past than she ever knew. Together, Maddy and Jacks must fight for true love, and their lives. For there is a killer on the streets of Los Angeles, hunting Angels. And Jacks is next in line on his hit list.

First reading the synopsis for Immortal City, I was beyond skeptical. Famous Angels living in Los Angeles? It sounded beyond ridiculous. The cover was pretty, though, and I wanted the pleasure of saying I had read a book written by a famous director. Opening it up, I started to realize that I may have been wrong. Yes, it was a little cheesy to have celebrity angels walking the red carpet, but I was a little ashamed to admit that it was kind of addicting. Even after all of my skepticism, I was starting to enjoy Immortal City.

The further the book went on, the more addicted I became. There was something just so special about what I was reading. There was even a point where I made the comment that while the book was not as good as Twilight, it was not too far behind. The character of Jacks was so breathtaking, so perfect, that I found myself clinging to every word that came out of his mouth. He was a mixture of Jace and Edward, and for me, nothing could get better than that.

I devoured most of this book within one day. While I read bits and pieces throughout the course of a couple days, I read over 250 pages within one day. There was this point that my mom started to ask me something while I was reading the book. I don’t think I’ve shot someone with that sort of death glare in quite awhile. Point taken, she avoided talking to me until I was finished with the novel. There was just so much action, adventure, romance, mystery, everything that you could ever ask for wrapped up in this one book. I became detached from my own body, watching the entire story come to life. At times I even felt as if I were Maddy, living out her life and witnessing everything from her perspective.

If had to choose one complaint about this book (and trust me…that’s pretty difficult), it would be that I guessed who the killer was towards the very beginning of the book. I don’t know if I can really count that as a complaint, though, because I was doubting myself by the end of the book. Heck, I was doubting myself by the middle of the book. There came many points where I actually changed who I suspected, but in the end my original guess was correct.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Fans of Twilight  and The Mortal Instruments will fall in love with this series, and Jacks will be the new big star of every teenage girls heart. I cannot even express through words how much I loved this book. After finishing it, I found myself in a mourning state, regretting that I did not take the time to savor each word. I wish I could go back in time and read the book so much slower, because it was so good. Now that it is over, I cannot wait till the next book comes out, as the ending leaves so much to crave and question. Scott Speer did such an amazing job with this book, and I cannot wait for the rest of you to read it.


Publication Date: April, 2012

Publisher: Razorbill

Rating: [rating: 5]


Teaser Quote: “When she finally gathered the courage to open her eyes, she and Jacks were rushing through the dark canyon just beyond the outlook. Maddy looked at Jacks’s winged body. It wasn’t just powerful; it was incredibly graceful too. The wings instinctively and effortlessly adjusted to the air currents as they sailed. Then they curved like airplane flaps, and with a powerful thrust, Maddy and Jacks ascended steeply out of the canyon.”

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