How To Talk To Boys – Dianne Todaro


“Why do we need a book about how to talk to boys? Shouldn’t it be natural?

Great question. Sometimes talking to boys is easy and fun but often it can get complicated, especially when you’re talking to that one boy who makes your heart go ‘zing’. This book will help you work out what boys are thinking and feeling so you’ll know how to talk to them, and how to attract that boy who will be very much ‘in 2 u’. It’s all about talking and listening.”

How To Talk To Boys is the companion guide to How To Talk To Girls, both of which discuss not just how to go about talking to the opposite sex but also how to build confidence to do so.

The main thing I noticed while reading the guide is that it focused more about girls and how our own minds work rather than what a boy is thinking. The guide places emphasis on building your own self esteem and getting to know  yourself as a way of becoming more confident to go up to a guy an start up a conversation.

Do I feel I’ve learnt much from this guide? Not really. I can’t say I read anything that I hadn’t already read back when I was reading Girlfriend and Dolly, if anything I probably learnt more from the magazines. After a while I was thinking, ‘yes I know how my mind works, but I need to know how theirs works’, which I felt was only touched on briefly.

Sometimes it felt like the book was trying too hard to be relevant to teens by using text abbreviations like OMG, in 2 u and in 2 me u c, as well as using slang like ‘thang’ a lot (who the heck says thang anyway?), which just made it awkward to read.

There was one paragraph that discussed alcohol and talking to boys which the author states that although alcohol can be fun, a relaxer and sometimes take away your inhibitions she generally adviced against it. I think there should’ve been a bit more emphasis on that point because alcohol should sooo not be involving in attracting the guy you like.

Overall, girls in the younger teenage age group will probably find this guide most handy and it does have some good hints and advice, in particular about learning that your most attractive feature is your confidence. Learn to build that up and you’ll find talking to guys not nearly as stressful. Good luck!

Pages: 176
Publication Date: February 2011
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Challenge: n/a
Rating: [rating:2.5]

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