Hooked- Catherine Greenman


Thea Galehouse has always known how to take care of herself. With a flighty club-owner mom and a standoffish, recovering-alcoholic dad, Thea has made her own way in her hometown of New York, attending the prestigious and competitive Stuyvesant High School. But one chat with Will, a handsome and witty senior, and she’s a goner—completely hooked on him and unable to concentrate on anything else.

Always worried that she loves Will more than he loves her, Thea is pleasantly surprised when their romance weathers his move to college and Will goes out of his way to involve her in his life. But then, Thea misses a period. And that starts Thea and Will on a wild ride that neither of them could have possibly prepared for. When they decide to keep the baby, their concerned parents chip in what they can to keep Will in school and give both teenagers a comfortable place to raise their child. But when a freak accident leaves Thea shaken and threatens to upend their little family altogether, Thea is forced to turn to the last place she would have chosen for comfort: her stiff, uncompromising father.

This smart, touching first novel brims with realistic, beautifully drawn characters, and reminds us that love is never as easy or predictable as we might like it to be.

Thea Galehouse is a seventeen-year old junior in high school. Her parents are divorced, she’s struggling to get an A average in school, and she never really feels perfect. She’s too heavy, too dumb, too plain. All of that starts to change when she meets Will. Gorgeous, smart, risky Will. Thea instantly falls madly in love with Will and knows that he is going to be a part of her life forever. That definitely becomes true when Thea becomes pregnant with Will’s child.

Now that Thea’s pregnant, everything begins to change. Her schooling has been put on hold, she’s moved in with Will, and everything in her life begins to flip upside down. She now feels like she has no friends, not helped by the fact that her best friend, Vanessa, has moved away to attend college. With the help of her father, Thea slowly begins to get her life on the right track. She knows now that her baby is the most important aspect of her life, and she would do anything to make his or her life perfect.

I have a huge obsession with teenage pregnancy. I have watched probably every movie on the subject that you can think of. The obsession started when I was a preteen, but it started to fully develop in my sophomore year of high school when I witnessed at least three pregnant seniors. It got even more intense when I realized that most every girl I knew from my first high school had a baby or was married. One of my best friends from my freshman year, who is actually younger than I am, now has two little girls under the age of three. I don’t really know how to explain it to anyone, I am just fascinated with the subject of teenage pregnancy.

When I was first seen the cover of Hooked, I knew I had to read it. Not only was it something that I was interested in, but the cover was gorgeous. The cover instantly made me think of The Pregnancy Project and The Pregnancy Pact, two true stories that helped fuel my addiction.

When I started the book I didn’t really have an opinion. I liked how it gave a lot of background to Thea’s story. Instead of just jumping into the whole “I’m pregnant” scenario, Greenman focused a lot on developing Thea and Will’s relationship, which I thought added to the story. As the book progressed, I  got less and less interested. The whole thing seemed like a pity party. Teen pregnancy is a huge deal, yes. However, the whole thing was rather depressing.

This book really went against my own views, which made it hard for me to enjoy the book. I will be the first to say that I am 95% against abortion. There are a few cases, such as rape, that I believe are just causes to get an abortion. There are also a few other cases. For example, my aunt is prone to seizures. Well, she got pregnant several years ago, and her doctor told her that if she had the baby it would either 1. kill her 2. kill the baby. 3. both or 4. the baby would be born with an internal organ on the outside of his or her body. However, I am completely against it if you accidently get knocked up and want to get rid of the baby. There are other options out there, such as adoption, that are available if you don’t want to become a parent.

I was really upset by the fact that everyone was for Thea getting an abortion. Her mother didn’t even sit her down and talk to her about her other options, she just agreed that it was the best case scenario for Thea to abort the baby. When it came out that Thea did not get an abortion, her mothing completely freaked out. There was also some talk that the only other option was for Thea to put the baby up for adoption. I would not appreciate someone trying to tell me what I had to do, or not looking at every option with me, and I was really offended for her. Thea made it clear that she was going to keep her baby and noone supported her decision.

As some of you may have seen me mention in the past, I am very close with my mother. She is my best friend. In fact, we’ve often been called The Gilmore Girls. I was raised in an environment where all my options were always made clear to me. I was also raised to form my own opinions. While some families force their beliefs on their children, my mother wanted me to decided my own views on important matters. This in mind, I had a major problem with Thea’s mother. I’m sorry, but telling your child that she can smoke pot with you is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard. I’ve met people like this, and seriously? Why would you want to smoke pot with your kids? That’s not even ok. I also had a problem with Thea’s mothers attitude throughout the entire novel. She never forgave Thea, constantly threw it in Thea’s face how horrible her life was, and never really warmed up to Thea’s child, Ian. My mom would never act like this. Ever. My mom would do everything in her power to make sure I was living in good conditions and that I was safe. She would also smother my child. I fear that she’s looking forward to eventually becoming a grandmother just so she can make my life a living nightmare that’s filled with candy.

Thea’s father was my favorite character. Thea and her dad had a troubled relationship. He used to be a drunk and it wasn’t uncommon for Thea to witness her parents fighting or to have them trash talk the other when they were alone with Thea. Out of everyone, though, Thea’s dad really stepped up to support her and Ian. He made it clear that he wanted to be a part of her life, and he still wanted her to get a good education. He constantly reminded Thea that her life was not over simply because she had a child. Thea’s dad made it possible for her to get a job and did everything in his power to give both her and Ian the best life that he possibly could. Thea’s dad reminded me a lot of my mom. He wasn’t perfect, but you could see that he was doing his best.

The character of Will upset me a lot. He often implied that he was owed sex from Thea. He was also a terrible father and boyfriend. I had a big problem with the fact that he would thank Thea for sex. No girl ever needs to put out. Relationships are NOT based on sexual activities. If you decide that you don’t want sex, then don’t do it. If a guy cannot respect that, then they are so not worth you. It should be possible to have a relationship without any sexual activities. If a guy cannot accept a relationship that doesn’t involve satisfying his every need, then it’s probably time to pull the plug on that relationship.

As you can see, I had a lot to say about this book. It just upset me on so many levels. It was giving out these messages that just completely went against my beliefs, which in turn affects my review about the book. So do keep in mind that this book upset me so much because it challenged my beliefs, and it may not be like that for everyone.

A small warning with this book. There are some sexual scenes. However, the scenes don’t go into detail. It’s just basically made clear that they are sleeping together.

Overall, I didn’t like this book very much. I appreciated that it gave me so much to talk about, but it really upset me. I hope that others enjoy Hooked. If you do, then please come back and let us know. However, I learned that this is just not the book for me.

Pages: 276

Publication Date: August 9, 2011

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Rating: [rating: 1.5]

Teaser Quote: “As the head came out I stared at the ceiling and imagined karate-chopping my way through it. I felt like I was on fire, along with the rest of the world. “It’s a boy!” the doctor shouted, and I looked down and they flopped him onto my bare chest. He was slippery and bewildered, looking right at me with wide-open, alien eyes. “Oh my God,” I cried. I sait it over, and over, and over again.”

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