Here by Ella James


 After her dad died, Milo took over his hobby of tagging and tracking deer. She wasn’t really supposed to continue his endeavors but it helps her stay ‘close’ to him, if that makes sense. One afternoon, she finds the fawn she’s been looking for. She aims her tranquilizer gun, takes the shot, but then something very strange happens. Instead of the deer simply falling, as it should have, a flash of golden light radiated through the trees. It was a few moments before the initial shock wore off, but when it did, Milo was astounded by what she saw. Instead of the baby deer, laying on the ground in its place was a boy.

She tranquilized a boy! But where did the deer go, and where the freaking heck did this boy come from? Understandably, Milo panics. As the boy comes to, it becomes apparent that he doesn’t remember anything about whom he is, or where he came from, which does absolutely nothing to ease Milo’s fear and guilt over shooting the kid. She does what anyone would do in such a situation – she takes him home and patches him up.

Then, strange things start happening. The power goes out in the entire area, the TV somehow works without the use of a generator, and the boy – who Milo decided to call Nick – starts having very weird and creepy moments. Nick knows something isn’t right. He can’t remember a single thing about who he is but he can remember all kinds of crazy scientific details. He can fix things without knowing how, and recall all the details in all his textbooks, even though he has no memory of ever learning it. Milo begins to realize that whoever Nick is, she needs to keep his identity – his new identity a secret.

Then the Department of Defense shows up and all hell breaks loose. Chaos ensues, drama erupts, motorbike chases are had, and in the moments of life and death, declarations are made. All the ingredients of a good old action packed paranormal romance.

So WHO is exactly is Nick? Well I’m not going to tell you that, but I will say that my first suspicions were incorrect. My second hunch was also a miss, but I got it on the third, and let me tell you, I was pretty excited by the whole thing. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything involving THESE kinds of creatures.

Milo is one of those characters that is easy to read. Being inside her head is simple because she’s a pretty ordinary girl. She makes irrational choices occasionally and fusses a lot of over Nick – but I think that can be pretty typical of girls her age. She doubts herself sometimes, which is also typical of girls her age, and I wanted to smack her once or twice, but that makes her all the more believable.

Nick acts in the interest of self-preservation a lot, which I loved! While it’s clear there’s definitely an emotional connection between himself and Milo, and he also acts to make sure Milo is safe, he gets himself out of the sticky situations and makes sure HE is safe too. So many YA heroes and heroines these days are completely self sacrificing of their own safety and needs in order to ‘protect’ the one they love. There aren’t too many REAL sixteen-year-olds that I know that wouldn’t try and save themselves first in the face of danger.

Here was a great start to what I’m expecting to be a compelling series. Ella James, bring on installment number two!

Pages: 176

Publisher: Independent release

Publication date: February 15, 2012


Teaser Quote: Jerky like a wind-up doll, I leaned over his body and splayed my palm across his cheek. It was creamy—not pale or flushed—and to me it looked unnaturally perfect. He didn‟t have a single blemish. Not even a freckle. I wiggled my fingers, tap-tapping on his cheek below his eye. “Hey… c‟mon. Talk to me!”

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