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January 8, 2011 posted by Nikki

Halo – Alexandra Adornetto

Three angels are sent down to bring good to the world: Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, a teenage girl who is the least experienced of the trio. But she is the most human, and when she is romantically drawn to a mortal boy, the angels fear she will not be strong enough to save anyone—especially herself—from the Dark Forces.

Is love a great enough power against evil?

When Beth arrives on Earth, she’s got just one thing on her mind – the mission. It’s her first time on Earth, and her first assignment as an angel. She wants to impress. As she gets used to her earthly body and the things that come along with being human, such as the need to eat, sleep, use the restroom etc… Beth realizes she actually quite enjoys human life. Apart from having to keep her wings folded up inside her clothing, being human has many perks.

Then she starts attending classes at the local high school and life takes an unexpected turn. She meets Xavier – the guy everyone wants, but no one can have. After Xavier’s girlfriend died in a house fire a couple of years ago, he’s pretty much kept to himself. He doesn’t date anymore, and although he still participates in school life, he’s pretty much detached himself from social circles.

Until now.

Something about Beth catches Xavier’s attention and he’s drawn to her immediately. Fortunately for him, Beth is also taken with the boy and finds herself experiencing all these weird emotions and attachments that Angels just don’t feel. Before she even understands what’s happening, Beth has completely fallen in love with Xavier and can’t stay away from him – a big no no as far as the Angels are concerned.

Will Beth’s new human feelings for Xavier stand in the way of her mission? Now that she has Xavier, does the mission even matter anymore? Does anything even matter anymore?

Alexandra Adornetto was only fourteen when she published her first noel in Australia, and now at eighteen, Halo is her American debut. Her writing style is phenomenal, especially for someone so young. Her knowledge of the world shines through her writing and her prose is an absolute pleasure to read.

Although it’s not completely riveting, Adornetto has worked out the intricacies of her plot well. Unfortunately, her characters fall a little short. Although I liked both Xavier and Beth, their connection and their romance seemed a little flat. I didn’t feel their passion or their desire like I’d hoped to and they didn’t step off of the page like strong characters should. Having said that, I’m supremely interested to see how her writing develops so I’ll definitely be reading the next book in the series. I suspect we will be seeing outstanding things from this author in the years to come.

Publication date: 2010

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (US)

Pages: 484

Challenge: n/a

Rating:: ★★★½☆

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  • although the language in the book was really descriptive and beautiful i also thought that the action was lacking. beth seemed a bit too innocent for my taste and her relationship with Xavier just too perfect.

    • wat are you talking about thats how a relationship should be like two people in love. Ans does anyone know if there is goin to be a second book? And i think the book rocked hard core I LUV HALO :)

    • There is (: It’s called Hades. Looks wicked ^^

    • yes there is a second book called hades

  • You guys are just so generous on this site. Other than the Vampire Diaries series this book was the worst thing I had read in a looooong time. However, the author is only 18, so props there.

  • Is it me or are there a lot of books about angels, fallen angels and half angels out there
    I don’t know if I even like the angel thing
    The only angel I like is Castiel from Supernatural 😛

    • Love Castiel too XD

  • Wow, grumpy you hated it?

    Please tell us why!!! I’m interested in your opposing opinion.

  • I’m deciding whether or not to read it. I like the angel thing, but it’s becoming like Twilight.
    Rana – I totally agree with you. They’re making way too many crappy angel books, which puts the good ones down. Halo does not sound like a good one.

    • itz nothin like twlight the only thing it has like twilight is teen love

    • i agree ever so strongly

    • what halo is an awesome book and twilight and all the other stuff is about vamps werewolves deamons shadow-hunters and angels so dont just judge a book bye its cover

  • i thought i would be crappy but the book actually surprised me and now i’m wondering if Xavier is evil because it ended with his hand writing.dun dun dun!!!

    • Umm, As far as I know the hand writing eneded with Jakes?

    • if u look at it the font is different to jake’s u should compare it it looks just like the font used for Xavier earlier in the book

    • Why did Xavier leave Beth that note? I’m totally confused. At first I thought Jake had left it, then I went back and compared Xaviers’ hand writing to Jakes’. Does it make sense to anyone else? Oh! When will the second book be out?

    • yea i’m starting to wonder if Xavier is evil – that’d be sad – i think its coming out in august 30.

    • yea it is Jakes why would it be Xavier he loves her

    • that’s what i was thinking but you have to admit that would add excitement to the book. If you want proof check it for yourself. compare Xavier’s handwriting to that one you’ll realize its the same. She wouldn’t repeat Jake’s handwriting in the same font so much then suddenly change it to one she used for Xavier. Sigh but i really hope your right and he isn’t evil.

    • Well Jake kinda had an influence over people so perhaps Jake made Xavier write it. Just an idea. But yeah I noticed that too and thought the same

    • no it dosent it ends with JAKES HAND WRITING na duh

  • I thought it was an interesting novel. A bit slow paced for my choice but regardless good. It’s evident that this is a young author, however that does not take away from the novel. I believe that it could however use a bit more action and plot. Overall i would give it a 3/5. It had a very interesting story line yet things could have been a bit , with a lack of words “shaken up”. Good to read if you are more on the soft romantic side.

  • to zoeys bff
    i just read an angel onw which looked absoulutley brilliant but it just really didnt hold me :/
    i suggest hush hush if you like angel books, it was my first one and the best book i have ever read so far,
    there is hush hush, then the second book is crescendo, the third book is yet to come out this year, it is called tempest and i thoroughly look forward to it. the books are amazing and they are written by becca fitzpatrick.
    hope you enjoy :) does anyone else have any good suggestions?

  • lol i just read it omg it was awesome i love PATCH!! but i still really like halo. hush hush is like the dark version of halo lol now starting crescendo tho ^^

    • i know right i like hush hush also itz awesome i finished crescendo in two day

  • Why did Xavier leave Beth that note? I’m totally confused. At first I though Jake had left it, then I went back and compared Xaviers’ hand writing to Jakes’. Does it make sense to anyone else? Oh! When will the second book be out?

    • I’m so excited for when heaven comes out (the third halo)

  • See, but it doesn’t make much sense. Why would he be evil if he’s trying to protect her through out the whole book? Anyway, guess I gotta wait. Thanks! :)

    • l don’t want to believe the Xavier is evil plus even if he is she’s a an angel it could be just about anyone l mean there r so many people in the world who r against angels and that sort of thing l loved halo and I’m loving hades

  • To Amber,
    Thanks I’ve read Hush Hush and Crescendo and I liked them. I do like some angel books like Unearthly and Fallen, but some of them are not very good and I put this one in that category.

    To Marie,
    That’s exactly my point. After Twilight every single Y.A book was about teen love with some sort of supernatural twist.

  • Hey does anyone suggest l read the twilight series

  • I absoulutly loved the book Halo. It was the best book I’ve ever read. I love reading, but it takes a really good book to get me hooked. Hades was amazing also. I think it was great how the author wrote it.I’m sooo excited for Heaven to come out!:)

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