Guest Blogger: Pretty Amy- Lisa Burstein


Meet Eileen from Singing and Reading in the Rain. She was kind enough to stop by YaReads for a guest review of Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein.

I struggled a lot with Pretty Amy. One on hand, I loved Amy and I really wanted to get to know her fully. On the other hand, I really didn’t understand the writing style. At first, I was so excited to start this novel because of the fact that Amy sounded so relatable to me, and she is. She is the perfect image of a teenage girl. The perfect image. Amy was trying to belong in the world and hold onto her friends, but along the way, she learned a lot more about herself than she would’ve anticipated.

When I was first introduced to Amy, I immediately thought, “an angry-at-the-world teenage girl who wants to fit in.” Isn’t that what every teenager is at some point? If you have a teenage kid, don’t they ever get angry and have moods? If you are a teen, don’t you just want to fit in sometimes? Pretty Amy comes recommended to any teen out there because of how relatable Amy is to an actual teen. Lisa managed to really capture the essence of being a teen.

Pretty Amy isn’t what you think it’ll be. It’s not a fluffy prom romance novel. It’s so much darker than that, and grittier. I kind of hate fluffy chick-lit books, to be perfectly honest, so I was extremely glad to find out Pretty Amy wasn’t just about the perfect prom. I really loved it for that reason, because you never find many strong coming-of-age novels like Pretty Amy.

The main reason I couldn’t digest Pretty Amy was the writing style. I didn’t really know what was going on during the novel because, for me, the writing style didn’t flow across the pages. I felt like it jerked around a few times before settling down long enough for me to understand what was going on, and then started bucking around again. Another reason was the fact that the issues dealt with in Pretty Amy were so out of what I was used to. I haven’t reached that age yet where you would deal with those problems; I’m not even in high school yet.

Overall, Pretty Amy was a gritty, relatable teen book that really made you feel like you were an angst-y teen again. I would recommend Pretty Amy to any teenager already in high school, since if you were younger you might not be able to understand the storyline that Pretty Amy went through like I did.


Rating: [rating: 3]