Don’t Die, Dragonfly – Linda Joy Singleton


“After getting kicked out of school and sent to live with her grandmother, Sabine Rose is determined to become a normal teenage girl. That’s why she hides her psychic gift from everyone at her new school, pretending that the predictions she helps write for the school newspaper are just fun nonsense.

But when she starts having deadly visions of a girl with a dragonfly tattoo, she’s afraid everyone will think she’s a freak, or worse – that no one will believe her until someone dies. Just like at her last school.

Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, Sabine must find a way to prove her innocence – and warn the girl with the dragonfly tattoo before it’s too late.”

Don’t Die, Dragonfly is the first book in the Seer series by Linda Joy Singleton. Sabine Rose is a teenage psychic. When she predicts a schoolmate’s death in a car crash, her town and family turn against her, believing she caused the accident. She is sent to live with her grandmother, also a psychic, and she begins a new life at a new school. She vows to keep her gift a secret, but with another life on the line, she’s not sure she can.

Singleton establishes a rich, believable cast in Dragonfly. Though sometimes the characters fit into cliché moulds, I still love them. Penny-Love, Sabine’s popular cheerleading best friend, is relatable and funny. She adds normalcy to Sabine’s otherwise abnormal life and, in doing so, grounds Sabine. Sabine also makes friends with her school newspaper editor, Mannie, and the resident Goth-girl, Thorn. These quirky characters bring out different sides of Sabine, allowing her to become a more well-rounded character.

One of the major appeals to Singleton’s story is the love triangle. Josh is popular, kind, and sweet – everything Sabine is looking for. The only thing is, she can’t tell him her secret and his best friend, Evan, will do anything to see the two ripped apart. Then there’s Dominic, the quiet, sexy, and frustrating farmhand Sabine’s grandmother has hired. He has a way of getting underneath Sabine’s skin, yet he’s one of the only people she can truly be herself around. These relationships only grow more interesting as the series progresses.

But though Singleton has provided us with an exciting cast, her main character is lacking. Sabine is, at times, difficult to relate to. She is obsessed with doing the right thing, but always makes the obvious mistake. Therefore, her actions become predictable. Also, Sabine doesn’t seem to understand herself, which makes it hard for us to understand her. She’s not always sure what she wants or how she feels. Plus, she takes everything so seriously. We rarely see Sabine really having fun because she’s always worrying. Still, with such great friends, she’s bound to open up further along in the series and grow into herself.

Singleton establishes some key plot points in Dragonfly, ensuring that the series will have a specific direction. The subplots are interesting and allow Sabine a chance to grow and fully realize her powers before she is faced with her biggest obstacles. For those who enjoy plot-driven fantasy books, this series will be a fast read. Singleton intertwines suspense, action, romance, and magic in a realistic world. The story isn’t complicated or dense. In fact, it flies by due to the small pages and abundance of dialogue. Though it’s a simple read, the series is satisfying, especially to those looking to quench their thirst for the paranormal. This soon to be six-book series allows you to grow close to the characters and live in their world for awhile.

Pages: 288
Publication Date: September 2004
Rating: [rating: 2.5]

Teaser Quote: “There was no controlling my gift, only learning to live with it — which I didn’t want to do. The more I used my sixth sense, the stronger it would become. Then I’d never be free of other worlds.”

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I’m a sophomore at Emerson College in Boston, MA majoring in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. Writing has always been my passion, along with playing softball, riding horses, and making people laugh. I like to read and write stories about intricate relationships because I’m fascinated by human nature.

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My favorite book of all time would have to be Alanna the Lioness: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce. I just can’t get enough of Tortall, the world Pierce has created. In fact, she is my all time favorite author. However, currently, I am enamored with Cassandra Clare and The Infernal Devices series.

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Definitely fantasy. I appreciate how much world-building the authors put into their stories and I love that they take me to a different place. Plus, I like the twists in the fantasy genre – so many unexpected things can happen that I’m always on my toes.

Fave movie?
I’m a movie fanatic and I love so many different genres. But my two favorites have always been V for Vendetta and A Walk to Remember. I have to say two because they’re so different and it’s impossible to choose between them. I love the action and message of V for Vendetta, while I love the exploration of the relationship in A Walk to Remember.

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