Dead Girls’ Dance – Rachel Caine


This is the second installment in the Morganville Vampire novels. You can find the review to the first, Glass Houses, here

When Claire Danvers went off to college early, she thought her biggest problems would be keeping up with classes, and fitting in. Boy, was she ever wrong. You see, Claire made the mistake of choosing a college in Morganville – the one town in all of America that is run by the undead. And where there are vampires, there is also trouble.

Dead Girls’ Dance picks up exactly where Glass Houses left off. Michael Glass, owner of the house she lives in, and Claire’s good friend, is lying on a heap in the floor, dead. But Claire, Shane and Eve have no time to grieve; Shane’s Dad is in town and he’s causing all kinds of trouble. Claire, Shane and Eve find themselves in the middle of a messy battle.

Nothing is as it seems in Morganville though, and Dead Girls’ Dance is full of unexpected twists and turns. The occupants of the Glass House suddenly find themselves under the protection of Amelie – Morganville’s most powerful vampire. Having protection means Claire can go back to class, Eve can go back to work, and Shane can go back to doing the same old nothing he was doing before their protection was activated. But who has time for all those things when someone always wants them dead?

Readers get to know the characters of this series a little more in this installment. The narrative uncovers Shane’s dark history, and affords readers some insight into why he is so full of angst. The difficulties Eve has with her family are also explored, providing an added plot twist that you won’t see coming! And what about Michael, lying in a broken heap on their lounge room floor? Well, Michael has more secrets than you think…

In Glass Houses readers were tortured with a whole lot of pent up sexual tension between Shane and Claire. Shane even made a deal with a vampire to keep Claire safe. Dead Girls’ Dance throws a few more romantic ingredients into their story and the tension between them reaches an all time high. The problem is, Claire still isn’t legal, and Shane isn’t exactly getting younger. So how will they deal with their feelings for each other? Never before has a bad boy been this attractive. Shane is drool worthy in every sense of the word, and this novel shows that love conquers all boundaries and can change a person forever.

Rachel Caine proves once again that she is the master of action and suspense. Dead Girls’ Dance is so fast paced that you just wont be able to turn the pages quick enough. So strap on your seat belts and join your favorite characters on their roller-coaster ride into hell and back.

Rating: [rating:4.5]

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