Book Bucket List Challenge #3


Behold my shame, I’m failing my own challenge!! It’s July and I’ve only read 3/12 books from my bucket list. Shame, shame, shame! How have your bucket lists been going? Better than mine I hope.

For those not familiar with the challenge – as part of our Book Bucket List Challenge, I’m aiming to read 12 books which aren’t part of my normal review pile that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while. For more information or to sign up, click here

Book: Animal Farm by George Orwell

Pages: 113

Publication Date: 1945

Publisher: Penguin

Rating: [rating:4]

Why did you include it in your Book Bucket List?: Animal Farm is one of those classic books that you always hear people mention and seem to feel it’s an important book to read so I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

Was it worth it?: Yes.

Brief Thoughts: Though I was really wanting to read this book I was a bit worried that my knowledge of modern history, particularly on Russian/European politics was a bit too limited to fully appreciate the message of the story. However, when you think less about what everything is supposed to be a metaphor for and just take in the story, there’s still a really strong message about society, humanity and how power can corrupt.

The last paragraph really stood out for me and as I finished it I just thought “wow”.

Would you recommend it?: Definitely. I can see now why people consider it to be such an important text. Those who are history buffs, will really enjoy this one and probably understand all the hidden meanings. For those who like me generally shy away from classics, you’ll have no problem at all with this one. It doesn’t have that complicated feel that other classics do as far as the language is concerned – the complexity is in the story.


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