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June 23, 2009 posted by Nikki

Richelle Mead Book Tour

In case you don’t know, Richelle Mead is the author of the ever popular Vampire Academy series. The fourth book in the series, Blood Promise, is scheduled for release in August 2009. Fans will be happy to know that she’s embarking on a book tour throughout America and Australia. Here are her tour dates and locations:

August 25—Seattle, WA
August 26—Los Angeles, CA (Upland)
August 27—San Francisco, CA
August 28—Denver/Boulder, CO
August 29—Houston and Austin, TX
August 31—Detroit, MI (Birmingham)
September 1—Chicago, IL (Naperville)
September 2—Lexington, KY
September 3—Alpharetta, GA
September 4-7—Atlanta, GA (DragonCon)
September 8—Baltimore, MD (Ellicott City)
September 9—Washington, DC (Fairfax, VA)
September 10—Boston, MA (Burlington)
September 12-19—Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney) Schedule TBA

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  • yay, she’s coming to my town! thanks for the heads up. now i have to get me a copy of vampire academy. i’m always up for a new vampire series.

  • That’s amazing! I’ll be able to drive myself to the signing cuz I’ll gotten my liscense the week before :)

  • I am so happy she will be in naperville IL it’s so worth the 3hr drive to see her I love her books as does my daughter.

  • Hi is she by any chance coming to the UK for a book signing? i would love to meet her and have her sign my book…if she is coming to the uk will she be anywhere near Nottingham?????

  • I wish Richelle Mead would come the the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!!!! Love her books!

    • On the bright side, you can always have her sign your books….even if you don’t get to see her. The University Book store here in Washington has it set up that she comes in every once and awhile and signs books for order.

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