15 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 14 & 15


book-and-heart-wallpapers_12406_1600x1200Welcome back everyone! Today I have up the two final days for the 15 Day Blogger Challenge. I can’t believe how quickly this challenge went! Or how pathetic I was at getting everything up in time. This challenge is hosted by April over at Good Books and Good Wine.  You can go find out more about the challenge here.


Day 14: Tell us about your deal breakers:


I’m actually very picky with books. It’s very common for me to not finish a book or to skim a book. If I’m not in love with, I won’t finish it. Why should I? Reading is for my personal pleasure…and if I don’t get any pleasure out of it, I won’t finish it. That being said, there are a LOT of things that are deal breakers for me in books.

Animal Abuse: If you hurt an animal in any way…I don’t care how…you could yell at it, kick it, kill it, etc….I probably will not finish the book. I am such an animal person…probably more so than you typically see in your every day life. My cats are little people…I would kill someone for them. The only exception that I can think of right off the bat is one of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld books. That is my favorite series. It trumps everything else. I didn’t read the section that had animal abuse, though. That was the one time I skimmed a Kelley Armstrong book /=

Abusive Male Characters: I see abuse where many people do not. Male characters who use physical and/or verbal abuse are an immediate deal breaker for me. That is unless I go into the book knowing that that’s what the book is about. I don’t do well with boys telling girls what to do, boys trying to protect girls, boys who think they are tough or in control….I have a lot of issues with males. lol. This has actually made me dislike books that are extremely popular.

Whiny female leads: My females have to be strong. They can not depend on men, they cannot whine constantly…omg. This has been a problem for me quite recently in books. I’m used to very strong characters, but lately I’ve been dealing with very obnoxious females in my books.

Predictable endings: I’m sorry to say this……but many authors in the YA genre are very predictable…. It won’t always turn my off of a book. I CAN finish a book knowing what’s going to happen at the end of it….but it gets old. There are some authors, Gretchen McNeil is a great example, who stump me every time. I prefer to read those types of book. It’s more annoying, because I don’t have this problem with adult paranormal books….so I’m not sure why it’s so common in the YA genre.

Love Triangles: They don’t always bug me….but it’s predictable and SO unrealistic.

Over the Top Unrealistic Plots: I do love dystopia and scifi, but I’ll be turned off if it’s TOO unrealistic.

3 Book series: I’m sorry, but WHY do YA authors only do 3 book series? What’s the point? Some don’t…some go longer…but a lot do 3 book series. I have some favorite adult paranormal series of mine that have 13-20+ books in the series. AND THEY NEVER GET OLD! So why 3?!

Less Talking, More Descriptions: I cannot concentrate on a book if it has too many descriptions. I NEED interaction between my characters!

Repeat Descriptions in Series: I HATE when a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 100th book comes out and 100 pages are dedicated to what happened in the first book. Authors, don’t do that. Spend a little time doing a recap, but a second book in a series is not for any random person…it’s for the person who already read the 1st book. Again…this is a very common theme that I have only seen in the YA genre.

*phew*. I think I hit all my complaints. I warned you that I’m picky!


Day 15: Who are your book blogging mentors?

I’m going to be totally honest…I only stalk 2 blogs…..I LOOK at other blogs….but I STALK only two.

Kristy @TheStorySiren

Erica @TheBookCellar


I’ve learned a lot from these girls and their blogs….and I’m obsessed. I admit it [;


Well that’s it for the 15 day blogger challenge! Thanks so much for following along or for linking me to your own posts! It’s been fun!