YaReads is Looking for a New Reviewer/Blogger!


Hi everyone!


YaReads is looking for a new reviewer/blogger. Someone to schedule reviews, Waiting on Wednesday posts, Top Ten Tuesdays, Giveaways, etc. Since I started work in August, I have been swamped. I’ve maybe completed two books since then, and I never have any time to blog. When I do, I don’t want to because it’s a lot of work! And since I spent a lot of my time over at YaReads Blog Tours, YaReads has been taking a hit.


We’re looking for someone who can work one on one with me since I’m not going anywhere…I just won’t be around as much. More specifically, we’re looking for someone who can handle things on their own and who I don’t have to contact on a daily or weekly basis about posts. Anyone can apply for this position. You just can not have another blog where you post the same content. All content on YaReads must be original content.


This is not a paid position. Please do not contact us about how much we’re paying. This is a hobby that should be fun for you! We’re looking for someone who enjoys reading and talking about the books they love!


Simply fill out the form below and we’ll look at all of the entrants and contact you if we’re interested!