yaRead-a-thon Games Announcement


We have two new games/contests to look forward to in this weekend’s reading party.

First one is called “My Book Cover is Better Than Yours“. It’s simple, you choose a YA book and redo the book cover. You can start making it anytime you want just as long as you submit it in time for the exhibit on Sunday, July 17 1:00 PM, East Coast Time, USA. Send it to me (Ivy) via u2u or by email yareaders(at)gmail.com with the subject “Book Cover”. We will then post a poll and let your fellow members vote for the best cover.

Second game is called “My Ending is Better Than Yours“. Nikki and I will choose a popular book that most of you have read. You will then make up a different ending for the book or series. Write your story in less than 500 words. Submit it on July 17 1:00 PM. Site Admins will choose the winner. Send it via u2u or email.

Winners will each get a prize pack.  We will announce more about the prizes soon.

Get those creative juices flowing!

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