yaFlicks News Roundup #6




You may have been asking yourself, “What on Earth happened to The Mortal Instruments Movie?” I myself had begun to believe that the film would be a no-go. Well, rest assured, I have some answers. Apparantly, the first screen play left out too much information from the book. The screenwriter even had the nerve to leave out Magnus Bane! What is a TMI book without Bane?  I for one NEED him! The producers seemed to agree and hired Marlene King to re-write the entire screen play. It has been rumored that Bane is now included and that the script is more accurate to the book. Cassandra Clare recently had an interview with TheFabLife and indicated that we should expect a Spring/Summer 2013 release date. You can read the interview here. Rumors have also speculated that casting should be finished in March, 2012, and Marlene King, herself, mentioned that fliming should begin in August, 2012.

With Valentines Day coming up, I’m sure many of you are very excited to go watch The Vow, based off of the Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story. Starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, The Vow is set to hit theaters on February 10, 2012. I, for one, am most definitely excited to go watch this movie! Channing Tatum shirtless? Can you say yum?

In other news, The Host, by Stephanie Meyer, has made great strides with casting. Chandler Canterbury and Boyd Holbrook have been cast as Kyle and Jamie. Diane Kruger has been considered to play the role of “The Seeker,” and William Hurt is also being considered to play Uncle Jeb. More information can be found here.

Prospect Park and Violet House Prods. have bought the rights to Wither, by Lauren DeStefano. More information to come later on.

Rumor has it that Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, has begun it’s casting. Filming is supposed to start come April, 2012.

More information can be viewed here.


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