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June 9, 2009 posted by Nikki

Win a Julie Anne Peters Prize Pack!

In celebration of Gay Pride Month, we’re giving yaReaders the chance to win one of two ‘Julie Anne Peters Prize Packs’. Each pack contains an autographed paperback copy of Keeping You A Secret and a hardback copy of Luna.

This contest is open to yaReaders from all around the world. All you have to do is reply to this contest at the bottom and tell us why you think you deserve the prize.

Contest open until June 23, 2009. Happy posting!

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  • Hi guys!
    I would love to win this because ive never read a ”gay” book before. Both books sound interesting and I’d like to think that im open to reading all kinds of books.
    Jessica, England. :)

  • I’ve always loved Keeping You A Secret. I’ve read it multiple times because it shows that love is stronger than hate and discrimination. Any books like that, either gay, straight, or otherwise, are worth reading and worthy of attention from readers. Julie Anne Peters is one of my favorite authors because she sheds light on topics that others are too afraid or naive to talk about. I admire her for that, and that is why I would love to win this contest.

  • I’m not sure this makes me “deserve” to win, but I would really like to win – I’ve never read any books like this before, and I kind of just came out to my two best friends recently that I like girls as well as guys (none of my family know or anything)… so yeah, I’d really like to read books where the characters are in similar situations to me.

  • Hey guys. I think i deserve this award because i want to give one to my girlfriend of two years as a Late anniversary gift. I think she’d really like it. Thanks for this oppertunity.


  • I believe I deserve to win these books because I have never read a book like this before and both books sound like really good books. Thanks.

  • I’ve never read any books about this subject before and I think it would really enlighten me.

  • I actually have Keeping You a Secret but would giveaway the extra copy to spread the word of this amazing author. As for Luna, well, I’ve heard good things…

  • Oh, it’s hard to say why someone deserves to win. I guess I just really love Julie Anne Peters and want to read more of her books and actually own a couple copies.

    She’s a great author that deals with a lot of poignant topics and I’m a big fan of GLBT lit in general, and she writes about those topics a lot too.


  • I would like to win this to give to a friend of mine. I worked with her for 11 years and she is now marrying her partner in life. I have been a very supportive friend to her always and I think she would love these.

  • Well, I don’t think I’m any more deserving of this than anyone else. However, I would like to win because I have read all of Julies’ books and love each of them for their own beautiful uniqueness. I am also a writer or I try to be, books are everything to me…especially books with a gay and lesbian theme. Keeping You a Secret was the first JAP book I read and Holland’s story was MUCH like my own. I am gay and have struggled a long time with my family, especially my mother who was once my best friend. Reading Julies’ books is the only time I ever seem to be able to be myself and accept myself for the wonderful person I am. Even if I don’t win I want to thank Julie for writing books that give me and other LGBT people a place to exist where we are not spit on or treated like we don’t belong. Thank you.

  • Well, I don’t think I *deserve* to win but it sounds like a great story. I’d love to win it. I’m a writer and I don’t discriminate against books just because of what they’re written about. I’m sure I would love the book and I would definitely tell my friends and relatives about this book. Even if I don’t win, I can still check it out from the library or something and read it.

    But, I would love to win it. :)

  • These books sound great and I’d love to win them. I haven’t read any books with a character that is gay, but I’d like to start. I recently found out that a family member of mine is gay and I think that if I read these books, it would help me understand my cousin better.

  • Two years ago, my best friend (whom I had a crush on) came out and told me he was gay. Ever since then, I’ve worn a rainbow earring to show him that I support him and love him, no matter who he’s attracted to.

    I’m not saying I deserve to win these books. But I would love to win either one of them. To read them. To add them to the shelves of my personal library to keep and share with my friends and family as a way to prove to the world that it’s not what gender we love, but how we love.

  • I don’t know if I deserve it, but I would love to win. Basically, because I live in a country with strong catholic viewpoints where homosexuality is surpressed, to say the least. Adults are not allowed to show feelings to people of the same sex… so young people really don’t stand a chance. So to have a book about it– Well, it would be very intresting and inspiring to read.

  • I deserve to win this prize because I think it would enrich my own writing.

  • I read “Keeping You A Secret” in one sitting one evening at a bookstore. I cried the whole way home and started my coming-out process after that. Julie Anne Peters is one of the best authors I’ve found- her books are hard to read, harder than most, because they’re so emotionally true. I’d love to have solid copies of these books.

  • Thanks for the contest! My friend read “keeping you a secret” and said it was fantastic!
    Every year at my school we have to do a declamation and I did mine this year on Dennis Shepard’s statement to the court in the Matthew Shepard case. I cried at the end of my speech and everyone else was crying. It is heartbreaking and I have seen the movie many times!
    I am also starting to suspect one of my best buy friends is gay! If he ever comes out I want him to know I support him 100%!

  • I think we all deserve to win. But that’s not a possibility. I want to read these books because they sound so good. I’ve never read a gay/lesbian book and am really intrigued to read it. I would love to able to read it and review it on my blog so people who also need to know about this book are aware of it. Everyone is deserving :)

  • hello, I think that I should win because Julie anne peters is my role model in life she has helped me in so many ways she means the world to me. I also think I deserve this because she is the main reason why aim out adn porud today she has helped me overcome so much

  • Winning would be great, but that’s not why I’m really entering. I’m entering to show my support to Julie Anne Peters. I have yet to read any of her books, but I have had some recommended to me (Keeping You A Secret being one of them).

    Good luck to all who enter.

  • ohhh i would love to win this. =]
    ive read all of her books and these are my two favorites…julie anne peters helped me find out who i really am. she is a fantastic writer.
    I love reading.
    and not to sound all woe is me or anything……but i think itd be good for me to win this cause i have cystic fibrosis and im sick all the time…im stuck at home cause i cant go to school and books are a good way to pass the time. =]
    ive been wanting to re read these cause its been a long time.
    I dont think i deserve these more then anyone else because of my illness…but id really love it if i did. ^_^

    Good luck everyone!

  • ok im Devon,im a 17 year old girl who is in love with Julie anne peters books. there simply amazing, supporting and heart touching.
    A year ago i was having serious problems with my sexuality, since my school was bashing me for being gay. i didnt know how to handle it there or at my home. i didnt know what to do or how to handle things. Well eventually someone told me about the book kepping you a secret. So for my birthday i asked if i could have the book. Everytime i picked up that book i was always comforted. just something about it made me feel good about myself. It opened my eyes. Well this year a freshmen i knew was having the same problem i had. Gf, coming out to the parents, all of that stuff. i supported her but it was never enough. So i lent her the same book to see if she would enjoy it it the same, and she borrowed it surprisingly since she isnt a book person. She loved the book just as much, and she came out to her mom. her mom was fine her sexuality, and her mom even read the book. But anytime my friend would ever go through a hard time she asked if she could borrow julies book.
    So me and her had an idea. We made a video of the book for her report.( When we talked over the story in class, everyone payed attetion. And we had many questions. And my freshmen even made a new friend.
    But the most important reason why i want to when theese two books is for two good reasons.
    The first reason is my friend who also loved the book, might move away. If i win keeping you a secret i want to give it to her, so no matter what happens she can always pick up the book and feel happy again. The next reason is because i love julie’s book s and there are still a few i havent read, such as luna. And the book store doesnt have it. And im dying to read it. And that is why i think i should win this.

  • I’ve been struggling with my gender identity. I would like to explore different forms of gender expression from transsexuals to gender-queers ect…from issues to transitioning. Its huge interest of mine as well as my own battle to come to terms of myself as my fluid gender and sexuality blossoms. These books would help me through out that journey. So i would be honored to place either book on my shelf signed by the beautiful Julie Anne Peters!


  • While growing up, Julie Anne Peters has been an inspiration and a lifesaver for me. Upon reading her first book, Keeping You A Secret, I instantly connected with both of the main characters. Holland, because she was just coming to terms with her sexuality, and CeCe, because of her family background. At the time, I was in my first relationship with a girl, and sometime after we broke up, I reread the novel, realizing how much I wanted to come out of the closet. I sent Julie an e-mail revealing to her how much I loved her novel and about my breakup with my first girlfriend. I told her how badly I wanted to be back with this girl and how empty I felt. Suprisingly enough, she responded and told me how I would one day find that lucky someone. She gave me hope that I would eventually find “the one.” However, it was hard because I was still in the closet. Secretly, I’d check out and read some of her books that I found in the library: Define Normal, Keeping You a Secret, and Luna, desperately hoping they would give me the courage to come out of the closet. Fortunately, I was able to find the words to tell my parents that I was a lesbian. It was with the help of Julie Anne Peters that I was able to do this. Without her books, I would still be in the closet, constantly unsure about who I am and questioning my sexuality.

    Because her books have been a huge part of my life and coming out process, it would mean the world to me if I won a Julie Anne Peters Prize Pack.

  • Julie Anne Peters’ books take my breath away. The first time I read “Keeping You A Secret”, I feel completely in love with Cece. I could relate to what she was feeling for Holland. The self-realization that Holland went through was similar to what I was experiencing. Even though I couldn’t necessarily relate to Liam/Luna, “Luna” informed me about transgender people, and the struggles that they face. “Luna” taught me a lot that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

    I think I deserve the prize because I am a devoted fan of Julie Anne Peters. I have read all of the YA novels that she has written and released so far, and I am looking forward to more. I also think I deserve the prize because although I already own “Keeping You A Secret” and “Luna”, my copies are getting very worn. I wish to keep lending these books to my friends, but I would like to have a copy of each book to keep as nice as new!

  • I would love to win this prize. I have been a fan of Julie Anne Peters for a few years now. I love all of her books that I have had a chance to read so far. There are only a few I haven’t read yet, and these two are among them. I also love Julie for what she has taught me. From her books I have learned to never be afraid to be who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, black or white, male or female, as long as you stay who you are with what makes you unique. I would love to receive this prize to be able to own and read even more of Julie’s works.

  • As others have commented, the choice of terms might have been made differently; “deserve” has connotations that may not be quite fitting here!

    As far as my own contest entry, let me say that when someone I used to know recommended that I read “Luna,” I found myself sharing laughter and freedom with Luna, tears and pain with Regan, and thinking of those who have been like Regan for me — those who cried for me, for themselves, and “a world that wouldn’t let her be.”

    Sure, the public library is great for picking up a copy of one of Julie’s books (after waiting weeks for her titles to travel though the enormous hold lists to me) but it’s never fun to feel rushed into finishing a good book, and to know that as soon as you finish, it’s gone.

    It would be wonderful to own a copy of *any* of JAP’s books, but especially to have a copy of Luna to sit on my shelf would be a delight beyond what my simple words can express!

  • I think having any autographed copy of a Julie Anne Peters book–let alone Luna or Keeping You A Secret–would be a delight, but to have those specific books and autographed by the author herself would be an awesome addition to my college’s library, especially the display on queer books for youth. And Tango Makes Three has already gotten a few interesting comments, but Luna is the only trans-themed book for young adults, and we’d like to have an autographed copy for display so we can start loaning out the one we have (which is already dog-eared, stained, and getting a little tattered from all of the loans to students).

  • i know that alot of people have told why they deserve the books.

    i love those books so much, i just read luna & i cried when she came out to her friend & family.

    i read keeping you a secret about 6 months ago but my bestie stole it cause i let her read it and she loved it so much she couldnt give it back.

    but i can understand why, its a great book that i love so much.
    its my favorite book be julie anne.

    i was reading keeping you a secret when i came out to my mom, she called me disgusting & that i was gross. i said fine you dont understand, but maybe if you read this you will understand. after she read it, she cried and said that she loved me no matter what. and that she would always be there.

    So thanks to the books, my mom learned to love me no matter who i love. so thank you julie anne, i love your books

  • I have never read a gay or lesbian book before in my life, but I know some girls who are lesbians and they are really nice. I totally respect them and their beliefs and want to learn more about them. I have heard of both of these books before and have heard they are really good. The problem is, my mom probably wouldn’t buy them for me, and they aren’t at my local (tiny) library. but I want to read them!
    Thank you!

  • I stumbled upon my first Julie Anne Peters book when I was at a very dark place in my life. I wasn’t out, I wasn’t sure that I was even really gay, and on top of all that I was crushing on my best friend. I was in the library at school and came across Keeping you a secret and completely and totally fell in love with the characters. I must have read it at least four times before I brought it back to the library. In some strange way, I felt as if the book had been written just for me and I guess it was. It was written for all of us, who have felt that exact same way. It was written for everyone that has been through the struggles of coming to terms with ones own sexuality and they’re first crush. I have bought keeping you a secret numerous times. Someone always sees it and wants to borrow it and I let them and it ends up lost somewhere in my town being borrowed from person to person. I don’t mind though, because I know the comfort a good book can give to you. I don’t find myself anymore deserving of winning the contest than anyone else,but I would love the chance to win it. To have a book autographed by my hero would just be amazing.
    Julie Anne Peters is not only an author that can speak to us all and help us feel better about herself, she is a friend too. You can guarantee a response to fan mail, and through hard times I wrote her and asked for advice and she was always quick to respond and try to help me through my difficult times. She is my inspiration as I try to reach my dreams as a writer and she is also my inspiration to stand up and defend my sexuality and be proud of who I am. To have an autographed book by her that I can look at and be reminded that anything thing is possible and I can make my dreams come true would be amazing.
    Thank you,

  • I have always been a fan of Julie Anne Peters, I have all her lower level books, and almost all of her young adult books except for Luna. I’ve looked everywhere for it, and can’t find it. I am in fact a lesbian, and have been though a similar experiance as Holland from Keeping You A Secret, and Julie’s book Between Mom & Jo fits my childhood, only instead of Jo, it was my dad.
    I have read and reread her books so many times, that they’re starting to fall apart, especially Keeping You A Secret,it is by far one of my favorite books. and Julie Anne Peters is by far my favorite author.

  • i don’t know if it’s too late for this yet, but i really enjoy reading your books julie. especially Keeping You A Secret. i remember the first time i read your book. i read it because my girlfriend’s cousin loves it and she told me that i should read it. i read it and re-read it and re-re-read it…over and over. i love it more everytime i read it. because i loved it so much everytime i get the chance i take my book to school and i make my friends read it. they love it too. i’ve loan it to at least 30 different people, not one of them has told me that they didn’t like the book. straight, gay, or bisexual, they all love it. now the book i own is really worn out, but i fell proud of that because i’ve been sharing your inspiring words to the people close to me. and i hope that they’ll do the same. as you can see i need a new copy of your book, one that i can treasure, one that’s just for myself. ^.^

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