Wicked Little Secrets (Prep School Confidential #2) – Kara Taylor


17905353Anne Dowling becomes entangled in a web of secrets involving a missing student and a conspiracy at Wheatley Prep in this fast-paced, juicy follow-up to Prep School Confidential

a fresh, original, and funny new YA heroine whose knowing, irreverent voice will remind reads things.

When Anne learns that her boyfriend Brent’s dad is one of the now-powerful Wheatley alumni who rowed crew with Matthew, and that the crew team continues to induct new members with a creepy-sounding ritual called “The Drop,” she knows further investigation could put her relationship with Brent in danger. Determined to discover the truth, she reaches out to Anthony, Isabella’s townie brother, who helps her delve deeper into the secrets in Wheatley’s past. Secrets someone would kill to keep hidden. As the school’s Spring Formal—and its notorious afterparty—approaches, Anne sees the perfect opportunity to do some off-campus digging into the lives of Wheatley’s VIPs in this thrilling, unputdownable read—but if she’s not careful, she’ll be the next student who never comes back.


I can’t even begin to express to you all how much I LOVED Wicked Little Secrets by Kara Taylor. A year ago, I would have said that I would NEVER like this series. It seemed cheesy, and way too much like Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars. I admitted I was dead wrong when I finished Prep School Confidential. After finishing Wicked Little Secrets, I can’t even comprehend why that thought ever even registered my brain. The Prep School Confidential series is one of the BEST series that I have ever read. I’m already in mourning that I finished the second book and have to wait forever for the third one. Seriously…just go read this series! It will not disappoint you.

Honestly, I can’t think of one negative thing to say about this book. The characters were spot on. I especially love the main character, Anne Dowling. Anne reminds me a lot of Harriet the Spy and Veronica Mars. She’s so determined, honest, loyal, and just a spunky female lead that I adore. There’s nothing I love more than to follow Anne on her adventures to dig out the truth. As for the supporting characters, I thought that everyone played the perfect role. If it’s even possible, I think that the characters were even better in the second book than the first one.

The only thing that kind of bugged me, but that wasn’t even really a big deal, was that some of the names of the older men in the rowing club were a little too similar. Sometimes I would forget who was who, and I would have to refresh my memory on who exactly was getting the blame at certain points. However, that wasn’t a big deal at all. It didn’t take away from the book one bit.

This was one of those books where I ended up staying up until almost 1:30 in the morning to finish it. To be honest, that wasn’t such a good idea. The ending did end up scaring me a little bit, and I had to give myself a lecture to not have nightmares before bed. Aside from that, the ending is SUPER COOL! It might end up being a little predictable for some people. However, I had no idea what was going on. I loved that not too many clues were being tossed around, but yet I was still intrigued every step of the way. This was just a stellar book all the way around.

I could talk about how great this book and series is forever, but I honestly just have nothing negative to say about it. I loved it; I can’t wait for the third installment. Everyone needs to go read this book right now!


Pages: 304

Publication Date: March 4th, 2014

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Rating: [rating: 5]

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