Wicked Games – Sean Olin


18599672Wicked Games is the first book in a sexy thriller series where passion, lies, and revenge collide-perfect for fans of Simone Elkeles and Sara Shepard.

To all the locals in the small beach town of Dream Point, Carter and Lilah seem like the perfect It Couple-but their relationship is about to brutally unravel before everyone’s eyes.

Carter has always been a good guy, and while Lilah has a troubled past, she’s been a loyal girlfriend for the last four years. When smart, sexy Jules enters the picture at a senior-year bash, Carter succumbs to temptation. And when Lilah catches wind of his betrayal, she decides that Jules needs to pay.

By the end of the summer, the line between right and wrong will be blurred beyond recognition. Blood will be shed. Nothing in Dream Point will ever be the same.

This juicy summer read will keep readers turning pages until the shocking, nail-biting finale



That was my reaction when I finished this book. I had to take a couple days before I could write this review, because I was in such deep mourning and shock and pissed off ness and ….oh my goodness…so many feels! I’m sitting here and my mouth is flopping open and closed with unspoken words. I’m being a little bit choppy since I have so much I want to say. But these words can sum up this book. So. Many. Feels.

I was a little nervous when I first started Wicked Games. They’re calling it a sexy thriller. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. After reading it, I’m still not quite sure how that description relates to the book. However, I will say that this was one rollercoaster of a read. I felt so many emotions, my heart rate was probably sky high, and that ending? OH MY GOD, THAT ENDING? guys….THAT ENDING! I’ve never read such an ending. I’ve never had a book leave such a impression on me. I’ve NEVER been so upset over a book that I had dreams about it two night in a row. This book will last with me forever.

Have you ever watched the movie Swimfan? The one with the creepy stalker girl…I think she plays the sister lawyer on Parenthood. If that was a book…this would be it. Wicked Games was so spooky, so dead on, so jumpy…omg at how many times I jumped throughout this book. It scared the living crap out of me.

What I loved about Wicked Games was the characters. I thought everyone in the book was exceptional. It was almost like just reading about real people and a real story that happened. And then at the end of it you have to remind yourself that it’s a book and those things didn’t really happen. There was Carter, and my heart was broken for him and all of the things that he had to go through. There was Jules, the new girl in Carters life who Lilah was targeting, and then there was Lilah, the messed up girl who went psycho and started stalking her ex and his new girlfriend. It’s so hard to put into words how brilliant these characters were because there is so much to say about each and every one of them. If it were up to me, I would break down every single damn scene in this book and tell you all about it. But since I actually want you to read the book, I will refrain.

I think the thing that I loved most about Wicked Games were my feelings toward Lilah. For most of the book, I thought she was a crazy ass psycho girl who needed to be locked up. Then there were times that I felt so sorry for her. I really wish that we had the chance to learn more about her past and what exactly caused that trigger in her to go off. When she’s first introduced in the prologue she seemed like such a normal girl. I guess I loved the message that not everyone is who they appear to be. Obviously, I thought she was nuts, but I think that she was my favorite thing of this whole entire book.

There were two reasons that I knocked Wicked Games from a 5 star to a 4 star. First, I didn’t really care for how quickly Carter got over Lilah. When you’re in a four year relationship those feelings don’t just go poof in the air. I respected that he was trying to distance himself because she was going a little batty, but I wish that there would have been more scenes showing his pain and regret over the situation in private. It just kind of seemed like he was over Lilah like that and moved on with Jules. I’m not saying that couldn’t happen. They are portrayed as teenagers, and…well….enough said there….but I just didn’t like that part.

My second complaint was with the ending. And I have VERY mixed feelings over the ending. At first, I hated the book because of it. Then, I wanted to give it 5 stars because of how brilliant and unexpected the ending is. And then I settled on 4 stars once I had time to come to terms with it. Well….to get over it a little bit more than I was. I have never had such an emotional reaction to a book before. I almost cried over that damn ending. It was just……it was so out of nowhere. Part of me wants to tell you all to read the whole book except for the very last chapter. That very last chapter…those last 3-4 pages….they made me uncontrollably mad and upset. Another part of me wants to tell you to read the whole damn thing and experience what I did. I’m honestly torn. I feel like it must be a great ending if it had me so worked up. But all I can feel is just shock. That’s it. Shock.

My verdict for Wicked Games is that it is absolutely brilliant. Probably one of the best books that I have EVER read. And if you don’t go buy this book right this second, you’re missing out.


Pages: 352

Publication Date: June 10th, 2014

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Rating: [rating: 4]


  1. Omg… The end… I can’t even sleep right now.. Tears are streaming down my face… How can a book have so many feels!!!?? How can the ending do this to me!? I wish I could meet up with the characters… The ending just ended so so… soon!? Ya know?? I need to know what happens… what happens after “the end”

    • RIGHT?! I think the second book might have just came out….or it’s about to come out. I’m really on the fence about reading it, though………This one just had way too many feels. I was crushed for days.

  2. I just read this book and yes I strongly agree with you it literally gives you feels. The worst part is I related to both female characters, which made me constantly read and think of both perspectives quite relatable and understanding. I don’t dislike either of them. They were both innocent and lead on by Carter, it made me grow this strong hatred for him, he was the villian under disguise, oblivious to his voluminous actions.
    For instance, lilah; she had a attraction to him at the start and he made her believe that no girl was ever going to be competition and they were “CARTER AND LILAH FOREVER”. For him to make her believe and brainwash her into believing nothing could destroy their love. Except time goes by and she goes through that much stress, she becomes unwell and has a manic episode. Which is the worst thing in the world, (I for one have been through one and am still trying to cope with friends, ex, family, it’s truly horrendous, I can’t control myself sometimes and say things I don’t mean.) But then lilah comes out and she feels truelly fucking like she’s an outsider and that her worth is gone. Then Carter still stays with her even though he knows he can’t keep it up and that he was falling out of love with her. To have someone who you knew before you had a manic episode love you and then still claim to love you after, you cherish them because they appear to be the ones who would be your “FOREVER” turn his back on you because you just came out of hospital and you went to some stupid party you knew you didn’t want to go to, but did it for Carter to impress him and show him you love him, and accidentally make a fool of herself because her medication had an effect with the alcohol and made her say idiotic things. It was a mistake and she knew it and owned up for it. Then he goes and fucks a girl because he was at a party alone, oh my god she made a mistake and said some words? She’s still trying to recover from hospital, she wasn’t even ready for a party? But he does the dirty on her and lies and secretes it. Then she has to find it all out on her own, still loving the boy she met, the one who snuck in the beach with her. She forgives him. But that girl, no. It is not okay to have sex with a person in a relationship, especially hers and tries to steal him when she is still unwell. I would want to kill her to because she knew he wasn’t single and that Carter was lilahs? But anyway, he does that. He lied to her and continued to stay with her? So she wouldn’t hurt herself? But why was it all okay when he hurt her. He snuck around while he claimed to love lilah, why didn’t he cut it off with either one. Why did he have to go continually behind lilahs back with Jules and claim to love lilah still, until he was satisfied that he had no feelings for her and dump her. Making her try and get her own boyfriend to still love her, she was the same girl, she just needed time to recover. It at least takes a year, to fully recover a manic episode. If she was to much, he should have left. She wasn’t in the right mindset while he was dating her and creeping around. She was on edge, she knew she was acting different, trying to hard for his love and acting the wrong way about it; irony last chapter of the book. (Karma). It looked like she was going through an episode but it was unnoticed. Because they thought she was all recovered and well again. No I believe she wasnt, the stress of losing a loved one that meant everything to her, would have caused another manic exhaustion. Maybe a minor one. Then lilah had to see her own loved one Carter stick up for a girl that ruined their relationship and then after a lot of manic episode screams that clearly shouted she needed to go back to hospital. He left her for a normal girl that could make his days more exotic then stressful, would have punched her in the face, that just because something happened to her, that she had totally no control over had caused this. She would have hated herself, and do a lot of mentally ill things because no one noticed or cared she was off her pills, nor did she have anyone to comfort her. She lost control and no one was there to help her before she you know what at the end of the book.

    Now moving on this is why I don’t mind Jules, she was an innocent girl that saw a Carter look at her with lust and want. If I was her I would think well I’ve always had a crush on him and this is my chance to finally have him. Jules thoughts were probably pure and had no intention on invading anything or hurting Lilah, she probably wasnt thinking of her, she was thinking of how much Carter saw so much beauty in her and why didn’t he before? So she took her opportunity to take a chance to see if she was allowed to have him. If he had no intention to get rid of lilah why would he want her? That’s what I would think in her position. She knew she could have him and it made her belief that she was the one and lilah wasnt. But then Carter doesn’t even bother dumping his girlfriend and that would have made her question if she was good enough. Then later on she had to put up with a lot of shit of Lilah cause she was mentally unstable and wanting Jules to back off, Carter was her man, well that’s what he told Lilah. So jealousy would have come up and then yeah she gets abused and had her life at risk because of Carter’s mistake. Of course any girl would do anything to make it clear to a girl, that had had sex with her lover to back off. But Jules eventually gets Carter and then she goes through a little paranoia with the lilah thing, Tbh I thought a lot about this when I was reading that bit. I felt heartbroken for lilah, that she wasnt good enough and that he would never get rid of Jules if she was like lilah, to much stress and not exotic anymore? But that stung my heart that a girl that can have sex with a guy while his in a complicated relationship with a girl, is worth more then lilah. Lilah and Carter fell in love and she went through stress and Carter didn’t want to handle her or do all the things he did for Jules to keep her happy while she was in a state like lilahs, just not the same stress. It made me think he is going to get what he deserves at the time. So I understand where lilah came from he would rather change over a girl that takes other people boyfriends, rather then the girl who’s been loyal and trustworthy through the whole relationship. She loved him so much, she had to keep him and never let him go. Because she promised “FOREVER” and he forgot the carved promise he made; sidenote not her idea of certainty. But yeah she became unwell because of that. Carter was the villain who made her that way. Then he continued with jules, all the humiliation and the unsafe feeling she had to get, just because Carter couldn’t be faithful and made Jules in the first place feel like she was the most beautiful girl and that he would end it with lilah so they could be together a couple. Nope he took his time to play on both girls, the womanizer. Little did he have a single clue what a lie, betrayal, slyness to lilah could do while she just got out of hospital, also when she didn’t want Carter to go by himself to the party because she thought everyone was hating her and she felt like the “pysco bitch” in the room, Carter was the one who she should have kept eyes on because she was oblivious to his sneaky, sly actions that would be going on without her there. Carter was a bad guy, that was to charming and Fuck boy material under disguise. Lilah should have left him before the party, but there was no signs of his behaviour to end up like a hoe. But anyway Jules the poor girl goes through a slight mental breakdown caused by Carter. His ex girlfriend that he screwed over with her. But she loved him and had to hid her insecurity because I believe she thought he might change his mind because he saw some Lilah in her, bat shit crazy girl that isn’t worth his stress. She wanted to be exotic and a breathe of fresh air for him. But she wasn’t going crazy and all she was doing in noticing that her dilemma was true, but it wasn’t for Carter. She couldn’t even get his to trust her. He should have seen the signs of paranoia and got her out. She didn’t feel safe. But once again time taker Carter leaves it until someone gets hurt once again. Let’s aploud him. Oh well anyway he got what was coming and the ending was bomb

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