We’re Looking for a New Reviewer!


Hi everyone!


We have decided to bring on an additional reviewer for the 2014 year. This is a reviews only position. We’re looking for someone who can commit to about 4-5 reviews a month (if you can do more that’s even better!) Submissions will be open until the second week of January. We’re hoping to have someone start with us by the end of January/beginning of February. Take a look below to see what exactly we’re looking for and what all you need to submit to us.


What We’re Looking For:

  • Someone who can post at least 4-5 reviews a month
  • Must have a personality! Reviews aren’t like writing a book report. We want to be able to see your personality, spunk, and love for books in your reviews!
  • No other commitments to other blogs. While we love the fact that some of you are so invested in the blogging community, we do not want repeat reviews on other blogs or to take up that much of your time.


A Couple Notes:

  • This is an unpaid position. We do not believe that bloggers should get paid for their reviews. Please keep that in mind when applying for this position.
  • Anyone can apply! We are extremely interested in bringing in someone from the UK or Australia. BUT it’s ultimately about bringing in the right person.


Information Needed:

Please submit all of the following information to american (dot) yareaders2 (at) gmail.com


1) Name

2) Location

3) When can you start?

4) Social Links/ Do you blog anywhere else?

5) How many reviews can you commit to a month?

6) What genres do you prefer?

7) Do you read mostly published authors, Indie authors, or a mix?

8) A sample review of a YA book

9) Any questions/comments?