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December 17, 2008 posted by Nikki

Vampire Academy 4

Richelle Mead, author of the Vampire Academy series has just announced that the fourth book in the series now has an official title.

Cue drumroll now…

Blood Promise.

Stay tuned for more Vampire Academy news.

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  • how did i not know this

  • omg! i cant belive i didnt know that. i cant wait!

  • I CAN’T wait for it to come out!!!!

  • omg i hope they find a curwe 4 dimitri in da 4th book cos i really want rose and dimitri 2 b 2gether

  • hey have u guys heard that richelle mead might make a 5th book 4 da vampire academy series. itz gonna b called ‘title TBA’. if u want more info go on

  • uh….. title TBA means that the title is to be announced. and if u check richelles website, sumtime this month shes gonna post the blood promise cover

  • i cant wait when i read the 3rd one i was already jumping up and down i wonder how this one is going to turn out. my favoite was dimitri i hope they can turn him back

  • *4th one

  • He might not be strigoi tho. dimitri could be shadow kissed, right?? rose is part dead, part living

  • eeeeeeeee! I can’t wait for the fourth one. Mead has some serious explaining to do though. SHe can’t just let us haning like that right? And the worse part is is that you don’t know what is going to happen. Will mead kill off Dimitri and make Rose marry Adrian ick, or will Dimitri somehow come back and Rose and Dimitri can live hapily eva afta. ick im so stumped, can’t wait tell 4th!!!

  • I will seriously cry myself to sleep if Dimitri dies, I love him so much well the idea of him. Roza and him are so perfect for eachother and I will cry forever if he dies, or cant be with her. She wouldnt do that though its kinda like killing Harry Potter or Edward and Bella.

  • I so can not wait for it to come out I loved these books> It was better than the House of Night Novels. If you liked Twilight and The house of night novels you will really love these books! I will also cry if Dimitri dies too, Kayla! They should end up together and get to see each other all the time. They are perfect for each other!!! I they do not end up together I will not read the fifth and sixth JK!

  • Hey! im so glad to find fello VA readers, does anyone know when no 4 is coming out?

  • i am the perfect rose i mean my name is even rose o yea dimitri rox but christain is way better go lissa!!!!!!!!:)

  • i mean just rose

  • kayla is totaly right if she kills dimitri its like killing edward bella or even harry potter go twilight breking dawn is my fav go renesme

  • in august!! the agony! dude i can NOT wait masjfop2up984390 that’s why i’m going online searching for freaking spoilers to help me calm down i dont want dimitri to die *___*

  • xD yeah oops the last one “in august!” was a response to bec

  • O MY GOD i just saw the new cover its grate.And it comes out August 25 2009. I cant wait any longer. I can wait for the new twilight but this is just 22222 much. I want 2 know what happens sooo badly. I just cant wait.


  • VAMPIRE ACADEMY: I’ve just read the first three books, they caught me and brought me into them so well that, i couldn’t put them down. I am thrilled to be hearing/reading that there is definitely a new one on the way.

    TWILIGHT SAGA: I’ve heard much speculation about the second movie, new moon, and I know that as many things may change, the cast is still it’s basic structure, of which I’m glad, there will be a new director and I’m sure this will only enhance other aspects that were not as focused in the first movie, twilight. But least we forget that it is not anything but our passion for the Twilight saga that is making us pull together to get ours views across to those making it possible for those that do not read these amazing collection of books to find a new a thrilling way to understand why we ourselves find it so thrilling/enchanting/fascinating and downright gorgeous to read.

    I hope that wasn’t too long, I do love to go off on a tangent…..hehe.

  • louise you r a moron no offense you think you know all about twilight but you dont i mean come on

  • ok louise maybe not i guess no 1 goes on here anymore! y! :(

  • :) :) :)

  • :)

  • ZOMG I want Adrian and Rose to be together!! I used to like Dimitri, but my feelings for him had trvled at the end of the second book :/ Sorry, its just… Adrian is so dang sexy 😀 And Rose NEEDS to sooooo go to Adrian D:

  • OOMMGGGG VAAALLLL YOU READ THE HOUSE OF NIGHT SERIES? MEEE TOO!! is there like a 5th book though? I dont get it! OH and like Bella, so sorry, and Edward need to go die…. *smashes a rock in there faces _*

  • yeah there is. i’ve found it on a website called it’s called hunted. hope you find it. it is really good.

  • mishi no he does not that is so mean

  • glad 2 see you back on here louise

  • WOW! i really love this books! The action in these books is vivid and easy to picture. Unlike in books such as Twilight you couldn’t expect it. In the Twilight the books, they just can’t end without a fight, but in these books its comes naturally. the only let down for me was in Shadow Kissed. Knowing Dimitri became a Strigori depresses me. After finishing the book I spent hours unable to change my face from the blank stare plastered to it. but I’m really excited that Blood Promise came out!

  • no bea twilight is way better well its the same and my friend alice thinks so 2 and just farted and so did i and p u does it smell

  • mmmmmmmhhhhhhmmmmmm rose is right louise is a moron gosh and mishi i should smash a rock in your face goSH TWILIGHT RULES IN YOUR FACE MISHI BLA BLA BLA

  • FRED ROX GO LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS HIS REAL NAME

  • when i said we farted really only alice did ha she made me say i did lol

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  • Rose you said it!!!!! lol we are bffl!!!!! ow ow!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :))

  • :)) :)) hope this works

  • DARN NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • welcome anytime :) so…. we dont talk about vampire acadmey on here anymore lol lmao

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  • I love this book. I am hyperventilating with excitment. :):):)
    If dimitri is really strigoi and can’t be changed i reckon she will end up with adrian. But i hope dimitri is okay.
    Only really good writers make me cry but i cried in the last 2! i didn’t even cry in new moon (partly cuz i hate edward) but omg i was crying for so long in this book

  • WHOOHOHOHO i seriously can’t wait one more minute till Blood Promise comes out!! She posted the cover and its Awesome!! check it out on her website!!!!

  • lol alice my sista nobody talks about vampire acadmey on here anymore right alice!!!!!!!!!! P) thats a pirete

  • you sead itttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P) ♥

  • lol yup

  • yo yo

  • i agree with whoever said about if you liked the house of night and twilight you will kove this. i just can’t set the books down i keep re-reading and re-reading and it doesn’t even get boring. even with the first chapter of blood promise on richelle meads website. IT JUST CAME OUT OMG!!! i am getting it this weekened i hope everything will be okay between roza and dimitri! if one of them dies i seriously might cry!!! i was never this involved in a book before! wrote alot but hey i saying how i truly feel so whatev! see ya!

  • Mishi the fifth book in the house of night series is hunted! and OMG! that book is so awesome you so have to read it! i mean they can’t just stop in the ending of untamed like that i mean everyone will wannna know how da book will end so yeah!

  • lol haha ha ha your so funny lol

  • omg i just went shopping and i jurt got the last book and it is like sooooooo sweeeeeeeet lol i think it cane our REALLY early where i live

  • I love the idea of Rose and Adrian together! I liked Dimitri but I dont anymore, my feelings about them dropped dramatically. I LOVE Adrien Lol they are soooo cute together! Id prefer her and Christian to be together. Sayannara Dimitri, youve been replaced!

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