Trial by Fae (Dragon’s Gift: The Dark Fae #1) by Linsey Hall


My fated mate is a powerful Fae king.
He must never realize who I am.

I lead a humble life slaughtering monsters. As long as no one learns that I’m descended from a line of forbidden Dragon Bloods, I can keep my job and my life.

But when a fiercely sexy Fae king realizes I’m his fated mate, I’ve got problems. Especially since A), he hates me and B), he learns my secret. It puts my whole life at risk. I want to kill my mate.

The stars align when my job sends me to the Fae Court as an undercover agent to investigate him. Did the king kill hundreds?

Even when I’m in disguise, he only has eyes only for me. He senses that I’m his mate, and our attraction is irresistible. Despite our mistrust, we can’t stay apart. But when he realizes what I’m up to, there will be hell to pay. That is, if I survive.


My Review:


I’ve been struggling for a good book, lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been out of reading for so long and don’t know how to properly search or if I’ve really read a million freaking books already. Goodreads hasn’t been my friend. I go to the explore or section to view all the lists, and it shows me Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, and Mortal Instruments. I mean, really, didn’t everyone already read those like 10 years ago? So, I did something I never do when it comes to choosing a book. I went on the Amazon Kindle store, based it off the cover, and read a couple really good reviews. Seriously, this may seem like no big deal to you, but I usually put a LOT of effort into choosing the book or series that I’m going to read.

Trial by Fae instantly hooked me. I was a little skeptical, because I’m usually not the biggest fan of Fae books. Being honest, though, this one really doesn’t start out too Fae like. The main character, Mari,  is a dragon blood (super secret) and a demon slayer. One night after demon slaying, a mysterious person shows up at her door, asking for her to create a spell for them. During the process of creating such spell, the person (the Fae King) realizes that she is both a Dragon Blood and his Fated Mate. Both the Fae King and Mari are completely resistant to the thought of a Fated Mate. However, there’s a bigger problem. The Fae King has figured out that Mari is a Dragon Blood and now Mari is set to kill him so that nobody else finds out.

Skip a little bit ahead so that I don’t give even more away there. The Demon Council has hired Mari and her sister, Aeri, to travel to the Fae realm to stop some big bad evil that they are afraid is going to wipe out the Fae kingdom and move its way to Earth. While there, Mari has to compete in a sort of competition in order to win a prize that will grant her a wish of her choice. During these games, Mari finds out secrets about the big bad eveil that lurking through the Fae Kingdom. She also finds herself getting closer and closer with the Fae King.

Focusing on Mari, I though she was a very strong, female character. She was fierce, independent, loyal, powerful, and still showed emotion when needed. When it came to her relationship with the Fae King, I wish there would have been a little more development and scenes between them. While they had scenes of just the two of them throughout the book. They never really had any OMG scenes between them. There was nothing that really made my heart start pounding at a rapid pace or my heart break into a million pieces. Maybe that’s a good thing? I’m not the biggest insta-love person in general. We’ll see how it goes in the next book.

One thing that was really unique about this book was the magic aspect of it. Again, I’m not usually a big fan of Fae books. I’ve never really taken to it. But something about the Dragon Blood aspect of the book was new and unique. I liked reading about a magic that I hadn’t read about before. I also gained the impression that there’s much more to Mari’s powers than we’ve seen, so far. I’m very excited!

Real quick, let’s talk about the competition. This is where I thought that it lacked a little bit. In order to help out the Fae realm, Mari competes in a competition to win a prize that will grant  a wish of her choice. Super cool concept, right?! The competition starts out really awesome! What confused me was that there were only 2 trials in the competition. It literally took up this really small chunk of the book. It also felt like a rip off of the Hunger Games. I wish that there has been way more to the competition – taking up the entire book and including way more trials – and I wish that it has been just a little bit more unique, designed more toward this book.

The ending of the book was good, but it felt rushed. One thing that confused me was that, after basically no scenes between Mari and the King, they were suddenly all about each other. Yes, there’s a really cool cliff hanger at the end, but I just got really confused about how that happened with basically no build up. However, it’s not enough to take me away from the second book, so I’m interested to see what will happen.


Overall, I really like it. I’m  excited to read more from Mari’s story! I would definitely recommend this one to paranormal fans, as well as those who really love a good Fae story!


Rating: [rating: 3.5]