Top Ten Series that I’ve Meant to Read but Haven’t Gotten Around To.



Hi everyone! I have this week’s Top Ten Tuesday for you all. This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and today’s topic is Top Ten Series that I’ve Meant to Read but Haven’t Gotten Around To. I modified today’s topic a little bit. It was originally supposed to be the top ten books that have been on my TBR pile, before I started blogging, but haven’t gotten around to. Let’s be real, though. I’ve been blogging 6 years now. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY TBR PILE LOOKED LIKE BACK THEN! So, I’m modifying it to feature books that I’ve really meant to get around to, but haven’t. And I’m pretty sure that I added all of these AFTER I started blogging, hence the modification. I’m super excited to start all of these, though!!! BRING ON ALL THE BOOKS!

1 Eragon – I think the reason why I haven’t read this book is because I HATED the movie. Back when the movie came out, I really wasn’t that big into reading. And the movie sucked. I’ve heard the series is really good, though!


2 Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Okay. The reason why I haven’t started this book is because my mom started it and didn’t like it. It was really weird for me to watch her get half way through it and then set it down. I probably had such reservations because I know this book is SO POPULAR. I really do need to read it.


3 The Raven Boys – Again, I didn’t like the Shiver series. I’m sensing a theme here. I really do want to read this series.


4 The Grisha series – Okay, I really just haven’t had any time for this series. I’ve heard SUCH GOOD THINGS!


5 Graceling – What’s really funny about this one is that I actually owned the book for several years without reading the book. I’ve been on a huge fantasy kick lately, though, and need to read it!


6 The Study series – I did start this one a lonnnnnnng time ago, but I didn’t finish it. I’m actually pretty sure that I started this series either before I start blogging or right at the beginning of my blogging career. Back then, I was just getting into the groove of reading & didn’t love it as much as I do now. So, it makes sense that I just randomly stopped. I do have this one on hold at the library, though, so that I can restart it!


7 The Young Elites series – I’m really not sure what this one is about, but I’ve seen it on several YA Fantasy lists! I need to check into it more!

young elites

8 Snow Like Ashes – I started this one & was really enjoying it! What happened is that I had started working full time and only read like 3 books in an entire year. I need to go back and restart this one.

snow like ashes

9 Falling Kingdoms – Before you start in on me, I do have this one on hold at the library!!!! I KNOW I NEED TO READ IT!

falling kingdoms

10 Red Queen – Yet another one that I have on hold at the library. Again, I’ve heard some really good things about this book!

Red Queen