Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read



Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today I get to pick from previous topics that I want to do again or may have missed. That’s perfect since I’ve missed almost all of them! So today, I am going to do the Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read.You all are going to be pretty unimpressed with me when you read my list. There are a LOT of popular authors that I haven’t had the chance to read yet /=

118700851. John Green

I hear you loud and clear. HOW DARE I NOT HAVE READ ANYTHING BY JOHN GREEN YET! Yes, yes. go ahead and yell at me. I deserve it! If it’s any consolation at all, I DO intend to read TFIOS soon! I DO! I even promise that I’ll try to read it before I see the movie! I think this is just one of those cases where this author is SO popular (not to mention that it’s contemporary) that I’ve just been avoiding it for all I’m worth. But I PROMISE that I’m going to try and get to this one soon!





112357122. Marissa Meyer

You all are going to hate me, but I have NO desire to read these books. I’m not really sure what it is. Maybe it’s another of those cases where it’s just way too popular for my tastes? Trust me, I know that doesn’t make any sense. But I haven’t read this series….and I don’t see myself reading it anytime soon.






84901123. Laini Taylor

Now…in my defense…I DO own this book. It is currently in my house. Granted, I’ve owned it for over a year and still have not read it…but I DO own it! I will eventually read it. I promise.







51524784. Laurie Halse Anderson

This is another one of those cases where I have no desire to read anything by this author. Not saying that I won’t….but her books just look way too depressing for my personal taste.







389805. Meg Cabot

I’ve received a lot of crap for not reading anything by Meg Cabot. I’m just not interested, though. I’m sure the books are good, but they just look a little too cheesy for my personal taste.







25361346. Michael Grant

I REALLY want to read this series, but it’s a really long series. This is an author that I’m going to try out when I have the time to binge the entire series at once. .







66441177. Julie Kagawa

This is a series that I have been dying to read. I honestly can’t believe I haven’t read it yet. It is my mission to read it this year!







92756588. Marie Lu

I know this is pretty stereotypical of me, but I don’t like the covers for this series. Every time I go to pick up this series, I always draw back due to the covers. I also haven’t been in a huge dystopian type of mood. Hopefully I can get past it, because I’ve heard these are great books!






85736429. Jodi Meadows

Again, I hear you loud and clear. How have I NOT read the Newsoul series by Jodi Meadows? I do want to try and get to it this year. Hopefully that happens.







631560210. Rachel Vincent

Before you hate me for life, I DO own like the first 6 books in the Soul Screamers series. I’ve heard that they’re absolutely amazing. I must read them soon!


Can anyone say that they have read every single author on this list? If so, you rock! Hopefully I can get through some of them this year. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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