This or That & Character Interview with Lauren Oliver


2936493This or That with Lauren Oliver

Chocolate or Vanilla? CHOCOLATE!
Cats or Dogs? Both! And tiny pigs.
The Vampire Diaries or The Walking Dead? Vampire Diaries.
Summer or Winter? Is that a question?? Summer! Bikinis! Boating!
Disneyland or Disneyworld? Disneyworld. (We’re taking my dad for his 65th birthday. His request.)
Coffee or Tea? Coffee. I’m drinking some right now.
Beautiful Creatures Movie or The Mortal Instruments Movie? I’d have to wait and see them!
Character Interview:
                                                with Lena
What can we expect from you in Requiem?
We’re just trying to carve out a space for ourselves. It’s getting harder and harder to find a place where we’re safe from attack. But we’ll keep looking–and fighting.
Will you be going back to the Wilds or will you be staying in the City?
We’ll mostly be in the Wilds, heading to a camp of Invalids gathered outside of Waterbury. It’s supposed to be the start of the Order.
And what of the resistance? Can we have a hint of your plans?9593913
I can’t say. We have to keep it hush-hush. Besides, no one tells me anything.
You have two hunky guys to choose from, Alex and Julian. How are you going to make that choice?
Oh…um. Wow. That’s such an awkward question! I don’t really feel like I’m choosing. Alex is furious at me and Julian…well, Julian is great and understanding and amazing and…not Alex.
The last time we seen Alex, he seemed to be…..incredibly angry at you. Do you know why? How are you going to deal with it?
I know he thinks I betrayed him. I thought he was dead. It almost killed me. I couldn’t keep believing.
And what of Hana? Do you think that you girls will ever reunite?
Do you mind if I pass on this question? It’s–it’s just been really hard. I miss her. She was my best friend, and I’m not sure whether I’ll ever see her again.
My final question for you. If things go your way, what type of world would you like to see?
I just want freedom–to choose what we want. To live what we want. To love who we want. That’s the dream, right?