The War on Destiny – J. Sciancalepore


“Like any typical teen, Jenny has questions about life, fate and destiny. Such as: Why are hideous creatures trying to kill her? Is her father actually a c-list god? Is she really the ruler of a mythical realm – and the prophesied destroyer of its enemies? And finally, how will all of this impact her love life? From the honky tonk shores of Lake George, NY to a fortress at the edge of an alternate universe, Jenny and her two best friends will face the terrors of fantastic creatures, dark magyks, hovering mothers and a clueless guidance counselor.”

Some people firmly believe that their lives are a predetermined series of events pulled together by fate to create our destiny.

Some people firmly do not.

And for those in between what happens when destiny calls and you’re not sure if you should answer it? What if destiny got the wrong number? That’s the kind of problem Jenny Martinson is facing.

Jenny had been minding her own business, out on a date, when suddenly two teenie tiny, 3 inch tall warriors show up and declare that she is in grave danger. When her date drops to the ground apparently under attack by an opposing army of small creatures known as Gars, she knows not only is this bizarre, but it’s serious.

As she is led away by the two warriors, accompanied by her two best friends (who had the nerve to spy on her date), she’s shrunken down and transported to the kingdom of Ra. She soon learns that she’s supposed to be the prophesized Queen of Ra – or is she? With a war against the Gars looming, Jenny is forced into the fray, but is it really her destiny anyway? Maybe someone got it wrong? And why is she having dreams about Justin Timberlake?

Initially I wasn’t too sure what kind of book this was going to be. With a tagline like “A hero will rise. Eventually” I couldn’t tell if it was intentionally trying to be funny or if it was going to be more serious, but soon enough you catch on that sarcasm and humor are the main attractions in this story. Jenny herself being the main source of it. Though I love sarcasm sometimes I felt it was a bit much, but still enjoyable.

Looking past the humor though the story also touches on more meaningful topics such as the length people will go to for power, the value of loyalty and whether or not our lives really are ruled by destiny.

One thing I wasn’t really a fan of were the frequent pop culture references. In every single chapter there was a reference to celebrity or a movie and it was just getting a bit annoying after a while. Though I generally thought the story’s concept was original, that thought was kind of contradicted since quite often a character would say ‘Oh! Just like in Lord of the Rings” which made it seems like everything was a mish mash of events in other stories, at least that’s what the characters were telling us.

Justin Timberlake’s appreance was definitely… interesting, yet so, so random. I understood the metaphor but still, his timing was completely unexpected. Every time he spoke, Justin’s voice came out making it for very comical reading. I’m not sure if that was the intention. Ironically enough I was wearing a Justin Timberlake concert t shirt at the time, go figure. JT is omnipresent.

The big battle scene was a highlight which is where the sense of adventure really came through. I found the Ki-kis (a species of shape shifting hawks) really fascinating and would love to have seen more about them.

If you love an adventure with a decent helping of sarcasm this book could be for you. It was probably a bit too random and celebrity name drop heavy for my taste but I’m sure it’ll be to some peoples liking.

Pages: 361
Publication Date: June 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace/Self published
Challenge: n/a
Rating: [rating:2.5]

Teaser Quote: “And the very fact she was being hunted by the Gar is heartening in its own way. They, too, believe she is the one.”
“The one,” breathed Torin with a wistful smile.
Of course, Gallien thought to himself, it also meant she was in grave peril.”