The Vampire Academy Movie Review: The one in which I walked out, SADLY disappointed



Oh goodness…..what can I say about this movie. Besides the fact that it was beyond horrifying. When the trailer for Vampire Academy first came out, I swore that I wouldn’t watch it. It looked awful. I mean seriously? WHO created those trailers and thought “Yes, this looks like a GREAT movie!?” Yeah, right. There was NOTHING great about it!

So, I swore up and down that I was not going to watch this movie. That is until the movie released and my Twitter feed was swamped in comments saying how great this movie was. People did blog posts saying how surprised they were. There were even several comments that if you disliked the trailer, you were going to LOVE the movie. The movie was just SO awesome; it stuck SO true to the books.

Yeah…..if you’ve read that anywhere, I’m here to tell you that that is the biggest line of bull.


This movie was AWFUL. No…it was worse than awful. It was just pathetic. Did the directors even READ this series? Like………did they honestly think that this sad excuse for a movie was a good representation of the books? If they did, let me be the first to say that they were wrong. And I know that Richelle Mead is the author of the books,  but even her comments about how great this movie is stun me. There is nothing great about this movie. It is just bad.

I guess I should start out with what I liked about the movie. And there’s really only one thing.


I thought that Rose was awesome. She’s not exactly what I pictured in my head….but I thought she was a great representation of Rose. She made me laugh more than once; she had the classic snarky quality that IS Rose. I really liked her. My mom, on the other hand, HATED Rose. Totally not what she pictured in her head. She hated how tiny and small they made Rose. So, I guess opinions can differ.


What I didn’t like:

Yeah…this list is a LOT bigger.

1. Dimitri

Uhm…EW! The guy who plays Dimitri is UGLY! Like….seriously ugly. When he first appeared in the movie, I looked over at my mom and whispered, “Damn….Dimitri is hideous! Ew!” He didn’t work for me at all. Not to mention that he had absolutely no chemistry with Rose.

2. The Mean Girls Vibe

I don’t even know WHY they were portraying this movie as the new “Mean Girls.” First of all….Mean Girls is a horrifying show. So bad. It did not work at all for this movie. Super cheesy. Beyond cheesy, actually. It came across as a comedy. The books aren’t supposed to be funny, people.

3. The Text and talking TO the audience

At the beginning of the movie, Rose describes the different types of species in the VA world, and they make the words appear on the screen. I learned how to do that type of stuff in like the 6th grade. It was unprofessional and stupid. It looked like a little kid did it.

I also didn’t like how Rose would stop and talk. She was talking to Lissa in her head, but it really made it seem like she was stopping to describe events to the audience. Sure, that makes sense if you haven’t read the books. I guess those people need to know what exactly is going on. I was a little offended, though. I’m not so stupid that I need the main actress to stop every few minutes and describe things to me.

4. Lissa

I hate to say it, but I didn’t like Lissa. She was really weird and overplayed her role. My mom liked her…I didn’t. Whatever.

5. The whole thing.

We left. I didn’t stay for the whole movie. There was probably close to around 35 minutes left of the movie when I walked out. I could have stayed and watched the whole movie, but my mom just asked if we could leave. Keep in mind that she’s read all of the VA series, too. This movie was so bad that two loyal fans of the series walked out before the movie was even over.


Yeah….this movie was shit. Don’t go watch it

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