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October 4, 2009 posted by Nikki

The Ultimate Vampire & Werewolf Giveaway

Love vampires and werewolfs? Then you’re going to dig this…

In celebration of Halloween, we’ve got three awesome prize packs to give away. Each pack contains a copy of Vampires by Joules Taylor and Werewolves by Jon Izzard. Never heard of these books before? No problem… we’ve got the low down for you.

Vampires – Joules Taylor – Dangerous yet seductive, the vampire plays with our heart as he preys with our soul, commanding respect and inspiring complete devotion.

For anyone touched by the vampire’s flight through recent movies, TV shows and novels, here is a feast of vampire stories and lore. Charting the development of the vampire from prince of pure evil to poignant anti-hero, the VAMPIRE HANDBOOK, is a comprehensive guide to the vampire’s nocturnal realm, exploring the dark mysteries of his eternal allure, irresistible charm and vulnerability.

Werewolves – Jon Izzard – From ancient legend to pop-culture icon, from monster to antihero, here is a complete look at werewolves.

Fans of the complex beasts will howl with pleasure at this passionate handbook incorporating legend, lore, trivia and art. Author Jon Izzard stalks both the fiction and the facts: transformations, inner rage, extra-human strength, silver bullets, mysterious curses, modern cures and more.  With werewolves now haunting movie screens and literature the way they have haunted our nightmares for millennia, readers won’t wait for the full moon to devour this fascinating volume.

Note that these are not fictional works, but we figured yaReaders of the supernatural and paranormal would dig them all the same. We’re drawing this one on October 31, 2009. If you want the chance to win, leave your name in the comments field below. Two of the prize packs are being offered to North American readers only, with the third being offered to the rest of the world. Please note that this was decided by the supplier, not yaReads. This means that when you enter, you need to leave your country of origin with your name. Any entrants that fail to do this will be removed from the pool.

Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Good luck!

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  • wolves!!! count me in :)
    wishimg myself some luck hehe

  • Sieni ‘Janee’ Elia

    P.S. Pick Me!

  • here I come again…
    *Niza* Eunice, from México :)

  • Jennifer Deaton
    Texas, USA

  • Dana Khalil
    Sydney Australia

  • Alanna, Scotland. :]

  • ooh looks good!!
    I’m from Australia!!!

  • sounds scary
    NC, USA

  • Kelsey Sutton

  • kayla
    Hawaii USA


  • Yolanda from Australia! :)

    Have a nice day.

  • OH, please count me in! :)
    I’m from Canada.

  • Cassandra

    United States.

  • i am soooo in !!
    betty r
    alabama usa



    Pennsylvania, United States

  • Erin White

    California, USA

    woot! :) Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  • Awesome contest.
    Rebecca Abey
    New Zealand

  • This is so very amazing.

    Erika Inez

  • Enter me please! I’m from the US.

    I go by Paradox online, but would give out my real name if I won.

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  • I’d love to play please!

    I’m from Singapore.


  • Count me in!

    Mary from Canada

    xmaryd (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Hey, shout out from the US.
    Like a commenter mentioned above, will totally give my real name if I win!

  • I would love to win.




  • Stephanie Grant

  • Count me in!!
    I’m Kenia Rojo from Tooele, Utah.

  • I want in, too!

    Marian Pinera

  • Carly Facciani

    Dayton, Tennessee USA!

  • These sound great! Count me in. :0)

    Dawn M.
    Oklahoma, USA

  • count me in please

  • Jessica Tung
    United States

  • Whoo hoo! I’ve been looking at these books at work and plotting when to buy!!

  • Meghan
    Pennsylvania, USA!!!!!!!!

  • I just love these types of books. count me in.

    Holiday, Florida

  • Ohh, these book sound cool. Please enter me! Thanks!


  • Rafael, from Germany :)

  • OMG! [:
    Rebekah Jakola, Virginia USA

  • They sound awesome, please count me in.

    Lucille, from France.

  • Shawna L

    Thanks for this neat chance to win Happy Halloween to everyone!!!
    USA town:Idaho

  • Im in for both!!!!!

    Alabama, USA

  • Please pick me i need a good book to read

    Pennsylvania, USA

  • MD, USA
    I hope I win

  • Hawaii, United States of America

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