The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1


For those that have been living under a rock, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the fourth movie in the Twilight Saga. This chapter opens with Bella and Edward taking their vows and walking down the isle. Viewers are invited to join Bella and Edward on their honeymoon where they enjoy each other’s company as a married-forever-and-eternity couple. While vacationing on a tropical island off the coast of Brazil, Bella and Edward finally give themselves over to each other – with catastrophic consequences. There’s a vampire baby growing inside of her, and it’s killing her from the inside out.

We’re sure that almost everyone on the planet knows the general gist of the storyline by now, so as far as plot summary goes, we think what we’ve provided you is sufficient enough.

I just got home from watching the film a second time and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you. Most everyone who follows our site, or posts on the forum, knows that I was less than pleased with how the novel played out. There were just so many things I disliked about the storyline, the way the characters changed (especially Bella), and frankly, injecting a baby into the Bella and Edward fairytale just irritated me. I read it only once, and haven’t been able to bring myself to read it again.

I’ve also been a pretty big critic of the films thus far, and I’ve been very vocal on the issue.  With the exception of Eclipse (which I think passed by the very skin of its teeth), the Twilight Saga film franchise has been a huge disappointment, to say the least.

Until now.

Because of the intense dislike I developed for the book, I went into this movie wanting to hate it so badly.

I couldn’t.

From the very first scene, I was reeled in by its brilliance. Firstly, it seems that the actors have finally encompassed the characters that we all fell in love with in the novels. For the first time on screen, Bella and Edward were Bella and Edward. Robert Pattinson owned the role of Edward in this film. I don’t think I could have asked for a better performance from anyone. And Kristen…. Well lord knows I haven’t been a very big supporter of her as Bella but I think its finally time I ate my words. Kristen Stewart took Bella to the exact right place. Gone were the two emo kids that sulked their way around Forks. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s performances as Bella and Edward in this movie embody my very definition of perfection.

Here’s what I loved the most:


  1. The speeches at the wedding. I don’t think Anna Kendrik could do a better job playing Jessica if she tried. And Charlie? We should all be so lucky to have a father like that…


  1. The honeymoon, more specifically the parts where Bella is trying to seduce Edward. There was something really cute and intimate about those moments that made me smile. A lot.


  1. The chess game. I love that they integrated that in.


  1. The use of all the music they’d used in previous Twilight films. Especially the use of Flightless Bird at the wedding. The moment that song started I was instantly transported back to the pergola scene at the prom in Twilight. I was reminded (as I’m sure was the intention) of just how far Bella and Edward have come from the early stages of their relationship.


  1. The birth scene/the death of Bella. The desperation Edward and Jacob felt at losing the one person in the world they loved the most was conveyed so well. I was very worried that they’d completely ruin this scene. I was (thankfully) wrong.


Here’s what I didn’t love so much:


  1. Stephenie Meyer appearing at the wedding. I know, I know. I get it and I understand why she was there, but I just thought it was a little corny.

That’s it. I loved and adored absolutely everything else.

I am dying to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. I ask almost everyone I come into contact with if they’ve seen the film, just so I can talk about it. I’m definitely on a Breaking Dawn high right now, and I think making us wait another twelve months for the last film is just plain torture.

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Breaking Dawn Part 1

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