The One Where I Review the Divergent Movie and the Veronica Mars Movie.


Hopefully you all caught the Friends reference there. If not, man, I’m getting old.



downloadI’ll admit that this review is taking me a lot longer than it should have. I mean, I did watch it last Saturday. You can see how on it I’ve been lately. Well, when I first got into the theater, I was nervous. I wasn’t nervous that the movie was going to suck. It actually looked pretty good. I wasn’t really nervous about anything, actually. No, I was nervous because no one was in the flipping theater. Not one person. Ok, I exaggerated a bit. There were maybe 5-6 (myself and my mom included) in the whole entire theater. I felt like a tiny little ant. So, yeah, it’s safe to say that my nerves were a bit rattled. Did the movie not get the publicity it needed? Did the movie suck and I just didn’t hear about it? Was I wasting my time with a movie that wasn’t even going to be picked up for the sequel? I’ll admit, a part of me wanted to hightail it out of there just in case.

Fortunately, people did come to the theater. A lot of people. At the very last freaking second! I’m totally being serious here, EVERYONE crowded into the theater with about 5 minutes to spare? Did they just not think they had to show up even a little bit early? I was a little bit astonished since I had already been there a whopping 30+ minutes. I guess the jokes on me.

Ok…now for the movie. If you’ve been on social media this last week or so you’ve heard the “OMG THIS MOVIE IS SO AMAZING!” from pretty much everyone who can type. And, you know what, a part of me agrees. A big part. It did take me a little while to actually get into the movie, though. I thoughts the beginning half was a little choppy and too dedicated to perfecting every scene. I’m not saying that there weren’t major difference in the movie, but I felt like everything was going scene to scene to scene. I was just waiting for the director to yell “Cut!” and move on to the next part of the book.

By the time the second half of the movie started, I was blown away. The acting, the scenery, all of it was just so amazing. What I loved most about this movie, besides Tris, was how accurate all the settings were. Everything was exactly how I pictured it in my head when I read the book, and I loved it!

I’ll be the first to admit that I originally did not want to watch this movie because of the horrific casting choices. Shailene Woodley? Seriously? I mean, come on, did any of you actually watch The Secret Life of an American Teenager and actually LIKE it? The acting in that TV show was absolutely hideous, and Shailene? Ew. But now it’s time for me to eat my own words, even as much as I don’t want to admit that. She….WAS PERFECT! She WAS Tris! They couldn’t have made a better casting choice. And Four? Ok, now I don’t find Theo James overly attractive like the rest of you, but I loved Four’s character! And he actually made me laugh! Does anyone else remember Four being funny?

Overall, I loved Divergent. I’m super excited that Insurgent got picked up. Way to go die hard Divergent fans for spending your hard earned money on a good cause! I CAN’T WAIT! If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you do so! Veronica Mars fans, be prepared to get mad at me for not going to watch the V Mars movie on opening weekend. I’m sorry, but it was necessary for me to re-watch all 3 seasons. And I did so in less than 3 weeks. I pretty much had no life.

Have you not watched V Mars? Shame on you! There’s your next homework assignment. This series….oh my gosh. Best. Series. Ever. And the movie? AWESOME! I literally just watched it last night with the mother. In order to do this review justice, I’m going to start at season 1.

Season 1 Review:

Season 1 is, in my opinion, the best of the entire series (including the movie.) There’s just so much going on and the things that happen are so shocking that it’s beyond addictive. What happened of the ending of this season is just so shocking. I never would have guessed that!

Season 2 Review:

Season 2 of V Mars is my second favorite season. Do you see a pattern here? I got a little peeved off when they started getting rid of some of the main characters. I mean, seriously, was that really necessary? Two of my favorites left, never to return again! It was also a little more predictable than Season 1, but no less good. Want to know how good this season is? Last Sunday I watched 12 episodes in a row. I would have watched more, but I really needed to sleep.

Season 3 Review:

It’s during season 3 of V Mars that you can really tell that they’re starting to lose their funding and struggling to continue running. It’s still good, but not nearly as good. There’s also some new characters that are just a bit…odd. And Team Piz? Not a fan. By the way, Piz was UGLY in the movie! What happened to him? Any who, season 3 is definitely the word of the series (including the movie) but still really enjoyable. There were also a few too many mysteries going on. Season 1 and 2 focused on one main thing from the very get-go. Season 3 jumped through about 3 mysteries. Also, I must say, I’m really glad that this is my first time watching through all of season 3. I can’t even imagine how angry I would be if I didn’t have the movie right after it.

The Movie:

The movie started off a little shaky, I can’t lie. It seemed more of a reunion than anything else, and it was also really hard to adjust to the characters being older. As the movie progressed, though, it was just like watching the TV show: amazing. I loved it. I loved it. I loved it. BRING ME MORE VERONICA MARS! Seriously, if anyone has news on a second movie you need to let me know ASAP! They definitely set it up for one. I was a little peeved with what they did to some of my characters towards the end, but I still loved it. Go watch it! (after you watch the series, of course.)


Anyone else watch either of these movies? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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