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It’s been a long time since you have heard from me. I’m still around helping out with the forum and bookclub, but I’m making a special event out of this yaFlicks review. Why? Because it’s the review of the latest Chronicles of Narnia flick, the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It’s the third film instalment of C.S. Lewis’ seven? books, and I’m here to give my thoughts on the film. (And I promise I won’t gush too much over Ben Barnes!)

The film opens with wartime Cambridge, where Edmund and Lucy Penvensie are staying with their cousin Eustace, while their Peter and Susan are in America with their parents. You get the sense that it has been quite a while since the last adventure to Narnia. Before long however, they are drawn back to Narnia through a painting that looks much like a Narnian ship. This time, Eustace is dragged with them.

Cue the first look at a now older Caspian and his crew who are sailing the very ship that was seen in the painting. The visual design on the ship was stunning, and it made it even more special that I got to see that ship in person. (For those who don’t know, I live in Queensland, Australia, which is where the ship was built for outdoor exterior locations – I have pictures to prove it!) That was one of the things that I was worried about, was how much of the design would change between the previous two films and this one. Needless to say, the design was a magnificent and visually stunning feast. The costumes were authentic (to Narnian standards) and the visual effects superb.

Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley have also matured and that can be seen in their acting. It has improved since the first two instalments. Newcomer Will Poulter as Eustace was brilliant, being every bit annoying as the character needed to be to develop to who he was at the end. Ben Barnes was as brilliant as ever. Was interesting to note that this time round he used his natural British accent rather than the Spanish influence accent seen in the previous instalment. (And every second on-screen reminded me why I think he would be a perfect Dimitri Belikov!)

For those that have read the book, the movie follows very much in its episodic nature, with one mini-adventure after the next. It was very much a quest to find the goal, which in this case was Aslan’s Country. It was worth the 112 minutes with it being one of the most enjoyable films I have seen this year. A film full of light-hearted fun, with a captivating story and brilliant imagery that made the time fly past. I recommend that everyone see this, if not for the actors alone.

Length: 112 minutes
Format:  3D (where available) and 2D
Year: 2010

Christina’s Thouhts: Hey guys, thought I’d hijack Katie’s post and include  my two cents as well.

Even though I have read all the Narnia books I stopped expecting the movies to be like the books when they cast Ben Barnes as Caspian (when he’s meant to be a blonde little boy), not that I’m complaining.

So, keeping an open mind to the storyline, I really enjoyed Voyage of the Dawn Treader, much more than the second film and the visuals were truly amazing. Since it was filmed in Australia, I felt a bit of patriotic pride for the beautiful locations.The acting was great (Eustace was a highlight), the storyline didn’t stray too far from the book, though naturally, some things were condensed and left out. I found the sword fighting to be a bit boring but mostly because that’s just not my thing. I’m also glad Ben Barnes (Caspian) got rid off the Spanishy accent, MUCH better with the English.

Would I have enjoyed it as much if he wasn’t in it? Possibly not, but in saying that……..Ben Barnes in 3D, hell yes! For some of us, that’s as close to the real thing as we’re gonna get.

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