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January 8, 2009 posted by Nikki

Taylor Lautner Signs Back on!

Twilight fans will be pleased to know that Stephenie Meyer has announced on her website that the director of New Moon (the second installment in the Twilight Saga films), Chris Weitz, has officially announced that Taylor Lautner is signing back on for New Moon. Here at yaReads, we couldn’t be happier.

The replacement of director Catherine Hardwicke also brought with it talks about replacing Taylor (who plays Jacob Black) with another actor that is older and ‘bigger’. In the New Moon novel Jacob goes through many physical changes that leave him resembling a 20 something year old rather than an adolescent boy. Summit were reportedly worried that Taylor would not be able to live up to such expectations. We’re happy to report that Taylor is being given a chance to prove them wrong!

Congratulations Taylor, and may you do us proud!

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  • :(
    oh well, I guess I was the only one who didn´t like him as Jacob…
    At least I hope he let his hair grow a little and get rid of that stupid wig. I know Jacob is suposed to have short hair in New Moon, but that´s after he becoming a werewolve, isn´t? So the first 30 minutes of the movie he have to be with long hair so PLEASE no wigs…

  • The wig WAS ridiculous, i’m with you on that.

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