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DNF: Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel
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August 8, 2013 posted by Nichole

DNF: Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel

12795973Callie LeRoux lives in Slow Run, Kansas, helping her mother run their small hotel and trying not to think about the father she’s never met. Lately all of her energy is spent battling the constant storms plaguing the Dust Bowl and their effects on her health. Callie is left alone when her mother goes missing in a dust storm. Her only hope comes from a mysterious man offering a few clues about her destiny and the path she must take to find her parents in “the golden hills of the west”: California. 

Along the way she meets Jack, a young hobo boy who is happy to keep her company—there are dangerous, desperate people at every turn. And there’s also an otherworldly threat to Callie. Warring fae factions, attached to the creative communities of American society, are very much aware of the role this half-mortal, half-fae teenage girl plays in their fate.


I tried so hard to get into this book…you have no idea. I made it over 100 pages and then I just had to stop because it was so damn weird! It’s about this girl named Callie who lives in Kansas, where it just happens that dust storms are pretty common. Dust has been piling up in Callie’s throat for over a year now, and it’s very hard for her to breathe. One night a dust storm hits and Callie’s mom goes missing and some random guy shows up and gives Callie 3 wishes. From there, Callie learns that she is part fey and has all of these creatures out to capture her and bring her back to the Seelie King.

My biggest problem with Dust Girl was that it was super cheesy. Sarah Zettel usually writes for a younger audience and it’s totally obvious in this book. I’m honestly a little confused WHY this book is considered YA. I don’t think it is. I would consider it MG..but…to each their own, I guess. About the time that half human/half bug creatures showed up was about the time that I realized that this book was not going to do it for me.

Another problem that I had with Dust Girl was that I hated both of the main characters. Callie was very young, naïve, and…really just sort of bland. When Jack came in the picture it got even worse, because I could not stand him. He was immature, rude, only cared about himself, and was just totally unlikable. There was no romance in the book from what I read. I’m not sure if that changes later on. I hope not because the characters seemed super young and immature to me.

What I did like about Dust Girl was that it strayed away from an all white characters. The main character, Callie, is half black. That’s not something I’ve seen in the YA genre before, and I think that’s really going to appeal to a lot of people. There are also Indians and black people who make appearances in this book. I loved that. I loved that Sarah Zettel didn’t need to have an all white cast in her book. I definitely want to see that branch out more in YA books, and I really think that the variety of culture will be a big hit in this book.

In the end, Dust Girl was not for me. I didn’t love the characters, the plot, and I found it very cheesy. I feel that Dust Girl is going to be a big hit for younger teenagers and for people who love to read about fairies. I don’t….and I never have. In fact, I can’t think of one book about fairies that I loved. I loved The Mortal Instruments, but fairies were not the main characters. They are in this book, and I found that that bothered me. If this book sounds like you might like, go ahead and pick it up!

Pages: 304

Publication Date: June 26th, 2012

Publisher:  Random House Books for Young Readers

Source: Finished copy provided by publisher

Rating: N/A due to DNF


Teaser Quote: “Bullets sound like hornets when they pass too close to your head. After a while, the world closes down. You can’t hear much, you can’t see much, just the way ahead, the next slat, the next open gate. All you know is running; the only place that’s real is away.” 

With a Kiss by Stephanie Fowers Excerpt
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April 1, 2013 posted by Nichole

With a Kiss by Stephanie Fowers Excerpt




There are seven rules of the faery kingdom that Halley Starr must never break:

1. No trespassing sacred faery territory

2. Don’t ever say thank you

3. Using a faery’s given name is a no-no

4. Never break a promise to a faery

5. Faery music is forbidden

6. Resist all faery food

7. And never, never fall in love with a faery


But Halley is cursed. Yeah. No joke. She can barely survive Omak High with that shard of ice in her heart. How could she possibly be a proper godmother and stop Rumpelstiltskin from taking the heir of the faery kingdom? And let’s be honest, there is no way she’ll go with Goldilocks (some hot faery guy) who won’t bother telling Halley his name or that she looks like she’s talking to herself when he’s around. Not a chance.

And really, who can blame her?

If Halley wants her heart back again, she can’t worry about the rules…

With a Kiss is 0.99$ for a limited time on Amazon. Go get your copy!

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Stop the clock from striking twelve

Who is Bridgette anyway?

1. Loser of Omak High

2. Girl who rubs her fingers raw working fast food

3. Victim of the evil stepmother who runs the group home

4. Not-so-proud owner of a hearth where fire-starting goblins live

5. Asylum wannabe with occasional schizophrenic episodes

Not even Bridgette knows. Not that she can do anything about it. Besides, her godmother is supposed to save her, not the other way around! But Halley Starr is a little busy fighting Rumpelstiltskin flunkies and his beanstalk, so her godmother sends some rude faery guy to help Bridgette instead. It’s up to him to make sure she gets that true love’s kiss that will undo the banishment curse, except he seriously knows nothing about love or faery hunters, red riding hood, spindles…or high school!

Excuse me?

Even if he did, how is Bridgette supposed to find true love if everyone she loves disappears?

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Will it be happily ever after or the end?

Daphne’s sister and stepsister are in big BIG trouble!


1. It’s the third and final day

2. Rumpelstiltskin plans to suck their powers dry

3. The queen wants them dead

4. The wolves switched sides

5. The world is about to end

6. And did they seriously expect to keep this all from Daphne?

Oh yeah, A LOT of trouble! Daphne Starr pricks her finger on a spindle and it awakens the power that was always within her. That’s a big time no no! Now Rumpelstiltskin and some evil queen are after her. Even more annoying, the biggest player at Omak High is a shapeshifter and he goes beast on her, dragging her into a beanstalk and getting them stuck in a time-warp. He won’t stop asking her to marry him to get to her powers. I mean, give up already! Sure, it’s cool when she scores matching boots with the weirdo cat, and some cute faery guy accidentally tags along for the ride, but…

Enough is enough already!

Halley and Bridgette had better get her out of this—especially since she only has until the battery runs out of her cell phone before she loses…to a beast.

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The clatter woke my shadow from her catnap and she sat up on my bed, her formerly perfect hair askew. Oh sure, she could sleep!

“Get away from the door!” Hobs warned. I turned to see it ripping from its hinges. Misty fingers traveled through the cracks. “Start singing!” His voice cracked. “Keep it bad!” I ran for my radio, singing at the top of my lungs. Maybe I could give the Banshees something better than my insubstantial voice. I clicked the radio onto our only rock station. “Yes, good, good,” Hobs said. “Find the worst song you can!”

“We don’t have that many stations here!” I argued.

“Find one about a truck or a dog or something! Something country. Faster!”

I traveled furiously through the channels, found a song about a star crossed-lover, and turned it up loud. The Banshees tried to out-wail it with their chants and I pumped the volume up all the way, trying not to snap the knob off in my panic. The Banshees pounded against the door, but I could tell they were losing their strength in the face of the competition. Babs’ lower lip jutted out. I stroked her soft bangs away from her face, trying to comfort her. I covered her ears. “Is this why faeries love music?” I shouted. “It keeps the Banshees away?”

“Banshees are faeries!” Hobs shouted through the din.

“They don’t look like faeries!”

“They’re cursed to roam the earth. They were naughty. They were the maidservants of Queen Ratis when the treasures were lost.”

I put my fingers to my lips with a shrill shriek. “Don’t say her name!”

He gave me an impatient look. “Ratis is not the hag! Don’t worry. She was the keeper of the treasures. And besides, it’s what we call her—nobody knows her real name. Even if I knew it, I would never . . .” The door warped in front of us and I yelped, dragging Babs toward the bathroom. “Oh, no you don’t . . .” Hobs tugged us both back. “Don’t let them corner you. They tear down walls—you can’t.”

“Why aren’t they tearing down this wall then?”

“Would you want to be in here?” he cried. Well, no! Hobs breathed in deeply, pacing the room around us.



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Behind Green Glass – Amanda Von Hoffmann
Book Reviews
February 14, 2010 posted by Katie

Behind Green Glass – Amanda Von Hoffmann

Isolde is a shy and artistic sixteen-year old who moves into a house rumored to be haunted. When she discovers a shard of green glass, a new world opens for her. Through the glass she sees Lyric, who mistakenly believes he is a ghost, and other ethereally beautiful creatures.

As their mystery unfolds, Isolde learns they are not ghosts, but The Forgotten Ones, fairies cast out of their realm, labelled imperfect for their physical and mental differences. Isolde’s friendship with Lyric and The Forgotten Ones teaches her that sometimes our imperfections can also be our greatest strengths.

Isolde Rackham isn’t like other kids her age. For one, she is home schooled, automatically different to anyone in the small town of Thornville. Two, she just moved to Thornville with her slightly reclusive mother who is also her teacher. As if this wasn’t enough the house that Isolde and her mother moved into is supposedly haunted by a girl who committed suicide some 50-years before Isolde got there. So you might be able to understand Isolde hesitation to just walk around town, yet she can’t avoid going into town forever.

On her first trip in she runs into a guy called Matt. Well, not so much run into but Matt’s friends couldn’t leave her alone. So beings the relationship with Matt. At first, it’s a hesitant one, with both of them not really knowing how to act around the other, especially when they are so different to each other. But as time goes by, Isolde finds that she is trusting Matt more and more. Almost enough to tell him her secret – that was if, he wouldn’t think her completely insane for it. After all, how many 16-year-olds do you know that can see fairies?

It started when Isolde found a piece of green glass hidden in the draws of her new home. Then came the fingerprint on the painting – a fingerprint Isolde didn’t put there. And by chance, Isolde glances through the glass and in that moment, Isolde’s life as she knew it was changed forever.

For through the glass she saw a figure, human in shape yet graceful beyond anything a human could achieve. Isolde’s first thought must be that she is seeing ghosts. Yet ghosts aren’t meant to exist. As she gains courage and begins to have conversation with the mysterious figure, Isolde learns that his name is Lyric and that he isn’t the only one out there. Along with Lyric and his family, Isolde embarks on an adventure to discover the true meaning of who they are, why they are out there, seemingly the only ones of their kind. And not everyone is ready for that information to be uncovered…

Behind Green Glass is debut novel from Amanda von Hoffman and is a light and easy read with an engaging and captivating story. I found that reading from Isolde’s point of view to be quite easy and engaging, a skill that not all authors have. The story provided something different in the YA genre – fairies. Apart from Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series, you don’t often see many fairy tales in the young adult section, and with Behind Green Glass, von Hoffman has made a notable contribution to this category. The characters I found intriguing and would have liked to know more about – especially Isolde and her mother’s friendly neighbor Joe Albright.

A genuinely easy to read and engaging story – I enjoyed!

Pages: 184

Publication Date: May 2010 (pre-order now)

Rating:: ★★★★☆

Teaser quote: Perched in the maple outdoors she saw a figure, human in shape, animal-like in posture. A smooth expanse of bare muscled chest, light tangled hair, glowing irises. The glass slipped from her fingers…