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August 5, 2009 posted by Stephanie

Stephenie Meyer Faces Possible Plagiarism Charges.

Stephenie Meyer is rumored to be accused of plagiarism charges, concerning the latest book of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. Jordan Scott, author of book The Nocturne, claims that Stephenie Meyer took many plot lines from her book.

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  • Its funny how this author waits until Twilight Series is getting all this fanatism and money to file a lawsuit. And I hate all this fake hype Twilight is getting as much as anybody, but really she is claiming the fact that Edward called Bella love as an alligation. I mean if that is true she should sue every romance novelist in the country. But she chooses now and Stephanie Meyer who is making all this money now. This is more than a little shady. Just my opinion.

  • Is everyone so individual and different that we can’t share even a storyline?
    Pathetic, I tell you.
    I mean, where is the love?

  • Well i love the Stephenie’s saga and when i read it i started loving vampires so i started to read much more vampire books… one day i bought THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and when i finished the book i realized that TWILIGHT was a copy of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES… the love-triangle, the good vampire who doesn’t wanna drink human blood, the solitaire girl, the lost village, the werewolves, the engagement before finish high school… everything was so similar
    I think that Stephenie read TVD when she was young and then wrote sth so similar to that serie.

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