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October 5, 2009 posted by Nikki

Spirit Bound Cover Unleashed

The cover art for the fifth Vampire Academy novel, Spirit Bound, has been unleashed. Take a look:

What do we think yaReaders?

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  • I posted this on my blog too.

    I think it’s nice. It’s not awesome and it’s very similar to the previous books. It doesn’t really “say” anything about the book.

  • I don’t like it isn’t that on every cover in the series?? But I do like the D. model. That was a good choice.

  • yeah it is simple but all the book covers are simple and you most definately can’t judge a book by it cover so why does it matter?

  • Umm is that Rose and Dimitri? Cuz i always thought so but i wasnt sure…

  • That looks like Lissa and Adrian to me. Though I wouldn’t put money on it or anything :) Isn’t Dimitri supposed to have longer hair and a lighter shade than Rose’s and Rose’s hair is mentioned in one of the books as looking almost black.

  • i think it’s Adrian and Avery but i’m probably wrong seeing as though i can’t bear to read blood promise.

    • It’s Rose and Adrian because in this book they start dating and at the end dimitri wont even talk to Rose so why would they be kissing

  • i love it!!!!!!!! the cover discribes her love for dimitri!!!!! sexest man alive i would say!!!! well in my head at lest. the cover couldnt be any better. waiting for it to come out does any one know when that might be?

  • just wondering to the person above me that commented why cant you read blood promise it one of the best out of the series i think

  • well u can’t really tell who it is the people woh design the covers really don’t look into the description of the charatters plus we all have our own perceptios of what we think they would look like so u just can’t really judge a book by it’s cover just yea

  • it looks good, but i have to agree with angel, dimitri’s hair is supposed to be in a pony tail and rose’s hair is supposed to be near black. but otherwise they match my interpretation. and just a comment to samantha above, leran to spell!! to Richelle Mead, i think twilight has some competition, as much as i love that series too. p.s. why may?? that is so far away…

  • It is most certainly NOT Avery and Adrian or Lissa and Adrian.
    I simply adore Adrian, ever since he was introduced in Frostbite I have adored him. You can just tell that he is totally in love with Rose, and that his intentions for her are real. I have to admit, in Blood Promise when she staked Dimitri and went back and her and Adrian were flirting about dating and him writing her a “proposition” I was like, “Yay! Adrian and Rose!” But then they had to make Dimitri not dead… Anyways, my thoughts on the cover are this. That guy can be either Dimitri OR Adrian but you have to think of it like this. Rose was on the first cover, and the fourth, she is obviously on this one too. The third book was Lissa and Dimitri and the second was a Strigoi and Mia I was thinking (not sure on that though), so it IS possible that this too is Dimitri BUTTTTTTT Adrian has not been shown on a cover yet, and he is one of the main characters. You guys are all saying Adrian is paler and stuff, but if you think about it, Dimitri is about 10x paler than Adrian right now because he is Strigoi so, yea, it could be either of them. (But I truly hope its Adrian because I just love him <3)

    • You have right, on the first cover is Rose. On the second is the same girl as on the first on. Look carefully! The eyes, the eyebrows , the hair… Is the same one. And the same one is on Spirit Bound too. The other girl must be Lissa. Like Rose, she appears on three books. Looking carefully once more you can see the same facial features on the girl from covers of third, fourth and sixth books. I think on the last one is Lissa because of what she becomes (I don’t what to spoil the surprise for those who haven’t read it yet). Fort this book…well, I really have no idea who is the guy. He may be Dimitri, because Rose was always thinking at him, or he may be Adrian because they were a couple. Personally, I think is Dimitri because he has black hair, and that jacket looks like a duster.

  • i think frostbite is the best so far but im only at the beginin of blood the shadow kissed cover dimitri had kind of short hair.o thibk its adrian and rose cause lissa has blondish brown hair thats dark hair that cant be lissa

  • Umm… If it was Adrian he would be super white because hes a vampire. Vampires don’t get tans.

  • My friend and I were arguing about it today, and we have come to our decision. We have made the conclusion that it is Rose (official) and Adrian. I thought it was Adrian, and she thought it was Dimitri. Here’s why we think it’s Adrian… even as a Strigoi, Dimitri had long “shoulder-length brown hair that refused to all stay tied behind his head”. The hair of the man in this picture is cropped, like Adrians. His is described as cropped and messy. We cannot be sure, but that’s what we think.

  • Spirit Bound comes out on May 18, 2010. Just and FYI.

  • I am so excited for spirit bound. Yay. And I think It’s Rose and Dimitri on the front cover. Cropped hair of course

  • ummm….. guys? sorry to say that Lissa has BLOND hair and roses hair looks black SOMETIMES! i think that on the cover is Rose and Dimitri becuase while everyone is saying that it cant be Dimitri cuase of his hair, you cant see his hair!!! Only the top!!! and when ppl said that it cant be Dimitri cause his hair never wants to stay in a ponytail, that to is also sometimes! No offense to anyone! i was just saying what i think!!! You can believe whatever you want! Dimitri and Rose forever!!! i really hope rose can save Dimitri and turn him back into a dhamphir!!!

  • well i love it and im bursting with joy and can not stand to wait!!

    i think the cover is brilliant, it looks to me like its how rose longs for dimitri

    but it cant be them because they are described totally different

  • Well I don’t like it. To me it looks just a little too much like those porn books you see towards the dingier ends of the book store. Not that I’m not looking forward to this next book. As for who it is I’m thinking Lissa and Christian. I almost cried when they broke up, not in the same way as when Dimitri died, but you get my point. Personally I want Dimitri to stay Strigoi. He’s so much cooler. But I’m just a fan of the bad guys. Go EVIL!!!!

  • maybe its rose and dimitri.
    maybe, lissa managed to heal dimitri and turn him back into a dhampir!

    it could be adrian though, because if i remember correctly, rose mentioned that adrian was dark for a moroi… maybe im imagining it.

    also, on richelle meads website, in the FAQ section, theres a question about whos on the front, and for spirit bound it says ‘Rose and ????’

    maybe rose died her hair and cut it too? or just curled it. ha

  • after blood promise when rose kills strigo demitri is demitri dead forever???????????? god i hope not!

  • Hi! My comment is a little late but I have to comment. Firts: The Cover Designers don’t look through the character physical qualities, so they can be different from the character. Second: Mead’s website says that she is Rose, then clearly she isn’t Lissa. Third: Because of the first, the guy could be Dimitri or Adrian. Fourth: Personally, I want him to be Dimitri.

    PS. Team Dimitri!!!!

  • Guys? Im sorry, i really didnt mean to sound hatefull or mean, just putting my opoinon! I really hope its rose and Dimitri and that Dimitri gets turned back into a dhamphir. I love dimitri and rose, but in Blood Promise, i really didnt like him, he was mean and not the way he was before!!! Well, duh, i guess thats what turning strigoi means!!! But i also hope that Adrian falls in love with someone to, cause i love him to, just not as much as Dimka!!!!

  • ahhh cant wait!

  • my comment is late to but i think it is dimitri on the cover because rose is in LOVE with dimitri and with adrian she isnt. sorry. nothing against adrian but i just luuuurve dimka….even though hes tones older than me…al well!!! also doesnt anyone realise that this is book five…we will have to wait for BOOK SIX!!!! ARGHHHH

  • oh and ps. i REALY dont like the girl on the cover…shes not how i imagined rose..infact i dont like any of the guys on the other covers either…theyre weird

  • i think the people on the cover r rose and adrain


  • cool i want to read it now!

  • If It isn’t Rose and Dimitri,they describe D with long hair in the book,he didn’t have it on Shadow kissed cover,with Lissa and D.I think its Adrian and rose,there’s no way its lissa and adrian,shes with CHRISTIAN,read the books and I know you’ll like it (:

  • I think its Rose and Adrian because Dimitri has longer hair, and SPOILER: Dimitri and Rose dont have much of a relationship in this book. But Adrian and Rose do. I hate to say it, but its what I think.

  • I don’t have an idea who’s on the cover but I think it is Adrian and Rose though the hair is too light to be Rose. The book is amazing I just finished reading it! There is so much suspense and the twist at the end is OMG!!! I do not want to spoil anything and I won’t but it’s very hard! All I’m going to say is that it is an excellent book one of the best for me I can’t wait until December 14 for the last book

  • I dont have a clue who it is but I’m pretty sure it’s not Adrian because he isn’t meant to have a beard/stubble. Also, he is meant to be pale and BLOND hair. This is wrecking my vision of Adrian!!! It probably is Dimitri although that could be unlikely too for all the reasons everyone has mentioned.
    As for it being Lissa and Cristian, no-way!!!!!
    nooooo, I hope Cristian doesn’t look like this. this guy looks to old to be Christian, who is 17/18 I think? And it’s just so random to have those two on the cover, especially now that I’ve read the book.
    But, yeah, that’s my opinion =D….

  • adrian and rose for sure! just finished spirit bound and they end up getting together remember!

  • I think it’s Adrian and rose too:) I loved the chemistry they have in this book:)) rose and Dimitri have some moments but it’s totally more rose and Adrian in this book:)

  • I loved spirit bound it was the best book ever. I love the VA series and i never want Richelle to stop writing. they will never get old for me.

  • tht is defintley rose and dimitri not adrian

  • i think it’s dimitri and lissa… doesnt make sense but rose’s hair is almost bLACK!cant wait for last sacrifice

  • I’m pretty sure its adrian and rose, as *spoiler alert* he kissed her after graduation while she was wearing a green halter dress. Also, that is definitely Rose, Richelle says it on her website.

  • I’m pretty sure it’s Rose (seeing how that’s pretty much what Rose looks like on all the other covers….plus she’s the main character) I think the guy kinda looked like Dimitri on old Shadow Kiss cover…..but I’m not sure…

  • obviously the girl in the book is Rose but the guy isnt Dimitri…. thoughi soo wish it was him!!!! It’s Adrian… when he was getting ready to bite her… if they were kissing then she wouldnt be tilted away from him and he seems to be at a further distance form her face…

  • i think its adrian and rose

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