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December 11, 2008 posted by Nikki

Speak up about “Speak”

2009 marks the 10th Anniversary of Laurie Halse Anderson’s novel Speak–a book that truly changed the face of Young Adult fiction. In celebration of this event, Penguin Young Readers Group is proud to be hosting a “Speak Up About Speak” campaign and is inviting members of the young adult literary community to share their thoughts on the novel and the important role it played in shaping YA literature.

Share a memory. Tell a story. Reveal the impact SPEAK had on you, your students, your colleagues, your friends. We invite you to “Speak Up About SPEAK”–take a moment on a break between sessions to be taped by Penguin’s video crew, stationed just outside Salon E. They’ll be there all day Monday, the first day of the workshop, no appointment necessary, just swing on by.

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  • Speak! in the book Melinda stops speaking one because of what happened to her the year before. but i think why she won’t tell anyone is because she believes no one will listern. When i found out what happened to her i was so close to crying and i never do that with any book. Then when her friend started dating the gut that did that to her I was terrified. But the thing I really loved about her was that even though things were tough, she was tougher. i wish i could be as strong as her, if anything like that happened to me, I would want hide in a corner and die, and she did but she didn’t. Melinda is definitley someone you want as a role model.
    This would definitely be the best book I have ever read, and i have read alot of books lol.

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