So Many Good Books…


So I’ve been reading a lot lately but thats nothing new. I read all the time, as much as I can. Lately, however, I’ve been inundated with an abundance of awesome books. I’ve been giving out five and four star ratings left, right and centre. Its good to see that the quality of books available to young adult readers is improving. I remember not too long ago, I’d standing in front of the YA shelf and scour its contents for an hour, reading blurbs and then placing the book back on the shelf. I’d pick up book after book after book and often I’d walk away empty handed. I’m having the opposite problem these days. I have to limit myself to one genre, or one section of the shelf because I end up walking out with an arm full of books (and let me say that my bank account does not appreciate that at all)

Kids seem to be reading more these days, don’t you think? We live in a technological age and so many people thought books were on the way out. It seems, though, that reading is back in vogue. Whenever I walk down the street these days, I almost always see a teenage girl with her nose buried in one of the Twilight books as she walks. I used to see the odd kid doing this with Harry Potter, but the madness seems to be much more widespread with the Twilight saga.

Do you think Twilight and Harry Potter are responsible for the newfound interest in reading amongst kids? I have my opinions, but I don’t have the answer. If they are responsible, I sure hope that these kids decide to broaden their reading horizons and check out all the other great titles that are popping up lately…

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions.


Nikki xoxo