Shadowed Summer beckons me!


Ive had Saundra Mitchell’s book Shadowed Summer in my review pile for a few weeks now and I’m simply busrting to read it. But then I got supremely busy with University assignments, student teaching rounds, and working for the magazine I write for. It seems my poor old reviewing duties have taken a back seat. Goddammit, I promised myself that wouldn’t happen.I’m going to make it a priority to read at least two books this week. I’m half way through Envy by Anna Godbersen and then i’m tackling Shadowed Summer.

Other books in my review pile that I’m simply busting to read are:

Eyes Like Stars – Lisa Mantchev

A Map of the Known World – Lisa Ann Sandell

Gah, there are so many more as well. I promise I’ll get them read and reviewed soon ladies, I promise!!

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