School Bans Looking for Alaska by John Green


Sumner school district in Tennessee has banned Looking for Alaska by John Green. Apparantly they had a problem with the two page sex scene that is included in the book. Sumner is not the first district to ban Looking for Alaska from their reading list.

This is what a parent had to say on the matter:

“Kids at this age are impressionable. Sometimes it’s a monkey see, monkey do,” said parent Kathy Clough, who has a freshman and a senior at White House High School, where the book had been assigned reading. “I’m going to trust that my school board made the right choice. … If they feel like this book is a little too graphic, I’m all for it.”

What do you guys think about book censorship? I, for one, am completely against it. I think that anybody should be able to read whatever they want to read. Reading is a form of intelligence, and I am just impressed when I see kids actually wanting to read.

Now, sometimes you’ll see warnings in my reviews. For example, I warned teachers and parents about mental abuse in one of the books I read. Why? Because I think that it’s good for parents to know these things so that they can discuss them with their children. I wouldn’t want my kid to read about mental abuse and gain the impression that it was alright simply because she loved the characters. As for teachers, I don’t want them getting in trouble because they ordered a book I reviewed. One thing I would never say, though, is not to let a child read a certain book.

Below I am going to link where I found this article. Take a look at it and come back and tell me your opinion. Whether you agree or disagree, I want to know your answers and hear your reasonings. Please keep in mind, though, that everyone has their own opinions and that there is no need to attack others.

You can find the article here.

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