Revolution 19: Character Interview with Farryn


Character Interview with Farryn



How long have you been creating technology to work against therobots?

Ever since I made it out of reeducation, where I saw my mother die and my father give up.


What are your feelings toward the robots?

They killed my mother. Don’t really have to say much more, right? Although the techie in me has to admit that they’re amazing machines…I’d love to get my hands on a sphere bot, or a Petey, or a Lecturer, to reverse engineer it…


There are some that would consider you a traitor for fighting against the robots. What would you say to them?

I don’t care what the damned true believers think. They can go rust themselves.


I have to ask, what are your feelings toward Cass?

She makes me want to keep trying, to not give up like my Dad.


What about her drew you in?

She’s a survivor, like me, except twice as tough as I’ll ever be. (Not that I’ll ever admit that to her.)


What can we expect from you in the second book?

I hope to stay alive, and to keep Cass alive, and to help figure out a proper way to fight.


Will we see your relationship with Cass progress?

Yes, but with some serious growing pains.

If you could say one last thing to your mother, what would it be?


Wow, you’re not pulling your punches, are you? Okay, if you’re really going to make me go there…I’d say I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I was just a little boy.