Reading Party Rules and Guidelines


For those planning on participating in the reading party this coming weekend, here’s a head’s up regarding the guidelines you’ll be expected to follow for those 48 hours:

1. Each member must read three new books – that is, three books they have never read before – before they can move onto books that they have read previously in the past. For those who read fewer than three books over the course of the weekend, said books must all be previously unread.

2. Picture books do not count as a book in this instance.

3. Comic books do not count as a book in this instance.

4. Short stories do not count as a book in this instance except where compiled into an anthology. For example, Prom Nights From Hell would be accepted, but an individual story from that book would not.

5. Fanfiction does not count a book in this instance, even if it is written by an established author.

6. Graphic novels are accepted.

7. Audiobooks are accepted.

8. ebooks are accepted.

9. All reading party related discussion must remain within the confines of the reading party forum. This ensures all members and staff can access discussions easily.

10. If you breach the rules in any way, yaReads reserves the right to remove you from the party forum and all associated activity and contests.